Empiricus is a successful financial information company that publishes newsletters to better help the Brazilian population learn how to trade in the stock market.

Currently, there are over 2 million readers of Empiricus’ financial information and 350,000 paid subscribers. Empiricus also owns the website, O Antagonista, in a partnership.

Empiricus is a collaborative company that has three Brazilian owners and a partner business, the Agora. The latter is a United States-based firm that specializes in the use of digital marketing.

Through the Agora partnership, Empiricus has been able to reach beyond the audience of Brazilians who already trade in the stock market to those who have had a bad experience in the market as well as to those who were mostly putting their savings in bank accounts.

The Agora was founded in 1978 and is based in Baltimore, Maryland. The Agora is also in the publishing business and offers an array of newsletters regarding financial information, health and travel. Go Here for more information.

Financial publications offered by the decade old Empiricus include free bulletins that explain about the Brazilian stock market in brief articles as well as monthly subscription services to their paid newsletters.

By analyzing the metrics of their readers, Empiricus has been able to gain a greater subscriber base. They are planning on adding chatbots to allow customers more direct assistance on their website. Their publications are in digital form.

Empiricus fills a void for Brazilians in the middle class who were unable to afford financial publications about the stock market in the past. User metrics data has found that these customers are much more likely to invest in the stock market, now that they receive the Empiricus publications, rather than leaving savings in bank accounts.

There are now a million Brazilians who invest in their stock market, which is an important milestone for the country. In the past, Brazilians were far less likely to invest in their stock market than people from other countries – even compared to citizens from other South American countries. See This Page to learn more.


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