It is a commonly known fact that more than half of all American investors currently invest in stock markets. Yet for many other countries, this is not the case quite yet. When it comes to South American countries, such as Chile and Columbia, some boast impressive 30% or greater percentages of their populations that are invested into the markets.

A surprising and sometimes little known fact about one in South America’s largest nations, Brazil, is that only 20% of the population is currently in the markets! Yet there is one educational, subscriber-based group in Brazil that is aiming to increase these statistics. See Related Link for additional information.

Empiricus group, a Brazilian investment group that is currently 350,000 members strong, is able to spread investment education across their country and across the world. Empiricus specialize in providing valuable market information through their newsletters.

The company is the result of a relationship with American “The Agora”, as well as some prominent Brazilian businessman include Felipe Miranda, Rodolfo Amstalden and Caio Mesquita.

In a 2018 Empiricus survey, it was found that about half of all respondents kept their money in savings while another 35% invested their money. Yet, after working with Empiricus, it was found that the numbers dramatically shifted toward 15% savings and 60% investments in the markets. This just goes to show the effectiveness of Empiricus and the accuracy of their newsletter. Visit This Page to learn more.

Without the trust in the reliability of their newsletters, such numbers would not have shifted as they did. Stock markets present excellent opportunities for those who know how to harness their power, and Empiricus is one such Brazilian group that is helping people to jump into the markets and change their financial lives forever.


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