Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s success at L’Oreal

As a focused investor, the success that L’Oreal has received is because of Dan Bethelmy-Rada skills. At the firm, he will be responsible for the product sector, through making use of advertising and making sure all goes as planned. He is good at planning the reason why he is always ready to raise the number of willing people to do business with the company. For the risks, he will calculate them the right way, and it has been of help to him in getting the right strategies. In every business that he will do, Dan Bethelmy-Rada has learned how he can get a personal experience out of each. As much as he knows the success that L’Oreal has received is because of the executives, he tries to engage the customers more because he knows that without them, the company would not have received the success.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada does that by making use of the products at the company by invoking them. He will come up with strategies that will target the customer’s needs, specifically with the aim that he will make them contented and happy. The value that he shows the clients is the reason why the production and sales have appreciated. Besides, he is good when it comes to engaging with the employees at the company. He believes that the more employees get engaged they will become personal ambassadors of the company. If the employees are motivated, they will offer the company more, and they will care more about achieving the company’s goals.

Also, they will encourage customers to purchase the firm’s products. Among other executives, Dan Bethelmy-Rada will stand out because he is bold and compassionate about the company. If the employees make a mistake he knows of the right way to handle them without bringing them down but will ensure that they learn from the mistake they made. Also, he is friendly to people and to have a better understanding of the market needs he will go to local and international markets. He also uses the markets to create awareness of the products that they offer in the fashion industry he has bought another phase.

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