Copa Star Hospital, Hospitality at its Best

Located right in the heart of Rio, hospital Copa Star is known for its hospitality since its inauguration in October 2016. It has been known for attending to the needs of all residents of Rio. They go to this hospital, and none sets out with their needs unmet. Copa Star was founded by Jorge Moll and has since grown under his care. Copa Star Hospital holds various features that make it stand out from other hospitals and these include:

Copa Star’s Architectural Design

Its design could be closely compared to that of a five-star inn, thanks to the concept of Rede D’Or Sao. It has about seven floors and 21,000 square meters. The hospital is also fully refined and made from the finest building materials hence firm and stable. Its structure beholds a striking beauty.


High Level of Technology Exhibited by Hospital Copa Star

Copa Star has a system known as “The Smart Hospitality system,” which allows all patients a particular rank of autonomy. The feeling is not experienced in any other hospital. All inpatients are gifted with an iPad so that a one-on-one conversation between them and the doctor is possible. Technology does not stop at this; the beds are automated and can be made to suit the individual needs of an inpatient. The intern, through the help of this Smart Hospitality technology, can close and open the curtains at their wish. They also adjust the lighting of a room depending on the needs of the patient. It also enhances privacy when examining a patient.

Thorough Staff Training

It is known that to get the best services from a hospital; the staff has to be highly skilled. They are expected to have the know-how needed in handling all patients. Copa Star knows this, and it is highly reflected in their staff. The hospital team having undergone intensive training for two months has full expertise and knowledge when it comes to handling patients. To achieve all this, investments a little over R $400million has been channeled into the project.

Other Significant Innovations

Copa Star has an area set apart and used for the flow of stretchers. This means that the beds and other hospital personnel can freely move around without causing traffic that is often seen in many hospitals. The corridors have sufficient ventilation, and clean air flows through, thanks to the kinetic works of Yutaka Toyota a Japanese painter. Read more at about Copa Star.

Operation Rooms

With the intent of this hospital becoming a top quality center for radiology and cardiology, the operation rooms have been made to encompass resonance imaging and technology. It enables doctors to view their patients’ medical scans before, during and after surgery. Where less extensive surgery is required, there are hybrid rooms that offer the same services and access to the same equipment, hence ensuring such patients get unsurpassed care.

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  1. Right on this case there are top events that means that medical workers are always going to have very good position. To be honest with there are trade offs with making sure that this works well. I feel that it should be all about dealing with such value as it could be case with operations in social care improvement.

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