Clément Perrette Professes the Value of Social Philanthropy

Social media can do both good and bad things. Let’s amend that statement. The people who use social media do positive or negative things. The platform itself provides a way to broadcast someone’s message, and, with the right message, a person can help others in many ways. Clément Perrette, the well-known business person, discussed some ways social media helps others. One positive way involves spreading the message of conservation. The environment continually finds itself dealing with threats, some preventable. Perrette notes that social media could get essential facts about conservation to the public.

Conservation isn’t the only cause social media could promote. Virtually any philanthropic cause might receive a light shined on it thanks to social media campaigns. Clement Perrette Barclays does prefer the “rapid” messaging of social media.

That is, spreading news or opinion by way of social media doesn’t require costs or efforts that delay anything. While you could shoot a video and promote it, you also have the option of sharing another entity’s video. Sharing any content may be done immediately, which speeds up the ability to get a message out. Social media eliminates the need to call people on the phone or send out mailings. You can still do these things, of course, but social media provides a faster alternative.

Perrette, himself, invests time and effort into raising awareness about ocean conservation. Perrette puts great enthusiasm into the cause. Recently, he worked on a book about saying the seas. The “Call of the Blue” projects extends beyond book publishing and includes a film project. Social media assisted with raising awareness about the project. Book sales improved and, most importantly, the message found in the work spread.

“Ocean Souls” is the upcoming film project, and it should prove as visually stunning as the book. Look for mentions of it on social media soon.

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