Profile of Biotechnology Entrepreneur Marc Beer

Marc Beer is an entrepreneur and former executive in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Beer completed a business degree from Miami University and then went on to become a marketing professional. After years of a successful career in marketing, Beer became an executive where he would spend his time promoting the products and services of a pharmaceutical company. After many years as an executive, Marc decided to become an entrepreneur by starting up his own company. 


Beer founded a company called ViaCell after working as an executive in the pharmaceutical industry. ViaCell provides treatments for a variety of health conditions by using stem cells. The company would take stem cells from umbilical cords and develop the treatments. ViaCell became a highly profitable company and within seven years, Marc was able to sell it for a substantial amount of money. 


After selling ViaCell, Marc Beer started up his second company. His next company was Renovia which specialized in treating pelvic floor disorders. The company has developed non-surgical treatments for women who are looking to address conditions that include urinary incontinence. Over the past few years, Renovia has been in the beginning stages of its development. As a result, it is a few more years away from becoming a profitable enterprise. Marc believes that Renovia will likely emerge as one of the most innovative companies in the healthcare industry in the future. 


While he has been a successful entrepreneur and executive for many years, Marc Beer credits much of his success to the people around him. Beer has said that working with a talented and driven group of professionals has allowed him to achieve his goals. Marc has also mentioned that with the right group of professionals, any business can succeed. During the last couple of decades, Marc has been able to work with people who are experts in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. With their expertise and efforts, Marc has been able to build successful businesses that have made a positive impact on society. Learn more:


Over the years Marc Beer has looked to use his success as a way to give back to his community. During the past several years, Marc has made contributions to educational institutions and entities such as the Miami University Business Advisory Council. He has also served as a member of advisory committees and research and advisory councils as universities that include Notre Dame. Along with helping educational institutions, Marc Beer has also provided his assistance to cancer foundations and the Mass Life Science Board for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Biotechnology Innovation Organization. 


As a successful entrepreneur and executive for the past few decades, Marc Beer has established some keys to his success. One of the keys to success that Marc has adopted has been creating a financial plan that is realistic and practical. This helps him better manage the finances of his business as well as for himself. Marc has also been willing to make sacrifices and focus on success in business. Beer looks to continue his success by remaining logical as well as learning from past failures. Lastly, Marc has made it a priority to give back to his community in order to help others achieve their goals and live a better life.

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Maarten De Jeu Just Provided A List Of Important Points For Consideration:

As the founder and guiding presence behind the SVM Business Advisory, Maarten de Jeu can use his powerful mix of skills that include a deep knowledge of the international business sector, extensive skills on the technical front, and many years of experience at the highest levels of the business world. His company SVM Business Advisory allows Maarten de Jeu to excel as one of the top strategic advisors to the international business sector today. He has an extensive background of prior professional postings as well as an elite level of education that concluded during his time at the University of Oxford.


Wrapping up his Executive MBA from Oxford was a major accomplishment in the life of Maarten de Jeu but several of his past work experiences stand out as well in terms of their impact on his success as a professional. During the time that he was with TVDK Management Consultants, he gained valuable experience in international business strategy and did such an outstanding job in his analyst role that he rapidly climbed up the company’s leadership structure. Maarten de Jeu then went on an enjoyed a profitable time at Aviva. During this time, he was instrumental in helping the firm build its markets in North America, Asia, and Europe. 2008 saw Maarten de Jeu promoted to the role of Director of Strategy and Corporate Development with Aviva. He has retained this knowledge and experience and utilized it in his 2012 creation of his company the SVM Business Advisory. Learn more:


These days, Maarten de Jeu is spending his time proudly leading his SVM Business Advisory and providing services such as corporate development and strategy in international business to the corporate world. He has become one of the industry’s most successful individuals and a credit to his profession. Top business figures from all over the earth proudly turn to Maarten de Jeu for his expert opinions because he has proven his worth and his knowledge over and over. 


Maarten de Jeu is known for providing deep insights into today’s business world and he knows a lot about what companies need to do to succeed in the international sector. He recently presented some primary tips that he recommends for those who are engaging in efforts of corporate development. 


A major point that Maarten de Jeu wants business professionals to consider is the key role that innovation plays in corporate development. Just as innovation is a key part of business in the larger sense, it is a major part of the efforts that take place in corporate development. Innovating in corporate development often goes hand in hand with the concept of thinking differently. The ability to see things in a different light can have a major impact when working toward corporate development. This is a prime way to get clued into areas that others might not have considered before. Thinking in this manner is a great way to add value to a company. This is just one of the strong examples provided buy Maarten de Jeu when it comes to what corporate development professionals can do to succeed in their field.

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Kevin Plank’s Great Entrepreneurship Skills

Kevin Plank is one of the amazing businessmen of his time who can be considered a great person to look at. He is someone who has the right kind of attitude so he can be considered the reason for someone to follow him in every aspect of life. Kevin Plank is the type of person who has gone through a lot of trials and challenges in his life. However, he has not let them destroy his personality but has made him stronger with every beat of the heart. Kevin Plank is the person who has the right kind of attitude towards his business goals, so he has never let someone down. He might be asked certain questions to know how to become a better businessman. So, he is there to answer these questions quite easily. However, he cannot be considered unwise, and he can be considered to be someone who has the right tools and techniques in his life.

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Kevin Plank can be looked upon as someone who has bigger aims and objectives in his life also. So, he is never underestimated in his life, and many people try to learn through his example. However, one should not let him become the reason that many others can try to look through his examples. Nevertheless, others may try to become like him, but they fail to do so due to some reasons. However, Kevin Plank can be considered someone who has the right attitude toward various things in his life. He has never tried to let someone down, and that is why he is someone who is having a difficult time, but he went through it swiftly. Nevertheless, he is someone who is greatly admired by all people, and he has considered someone who should be considered a great role model.

One should always try to follow such people in their life and must not neglect them. It is necessary to look at their lives so that one can try to become like them and must become successful also. So, it is important to know them and try to follow them to become better in their life also like him, but it needs little patience.

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Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western, also known as Joint Ventures, is a family-owned business that started in 1970. Matt Fleeger is the president and CEO, and he states that the primary focus of Gulf Coast Western is to develop and acquire domestic oil and gas reserves located primarily in the Gulf Coast area of the United States. The business is based out of Dallas, and the company has locations in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Colorado.

When Matt Fleeger took over the family business in 2007, he did an asset acquisition of another company and expanded the client base and funding capabilities of his family business. He states that the success of his company derives from open and transparent relationships that have been maintained with accredited partners over the years. These relationships have been built on mutual trust and respect simply by operating with honesty and integrity.

Gulf Coast Western

His company has obtained property rights, access to hundreds of square miles, and 3D seismic data in southwestern Louisiana. With this coverage, the company has 13 producing wells and 140 defined drilling locations. With the help of his affiliates, the company has about 30 million barrels of oil equivalent of total reserve potential. The company has been able to expand further with the help of its associates, and now operates many of the development wells and operators in the producing wells in Louisiana. With this expansion, the company will oversee the production of approximately 800 oil barrels per day. There are plans in the works to increase production potential with the installation of PUD-designated offset wells, and the company plans to open two workover wells.

Gulf Coast Western has acquired a 50 percent working interest and assets with various companies, and this has enabled for further company expansion. This expansion has allowed the company to consider expanding outside of the Gulf Coast region of the United States. The company has more than 1,000 accredited collaborations worldwide because of its partnerships and has conducted business with many of them.


The Benefits of Organo Gold Coffee

Organo Gold coffee is little known due to lack of advertising and having no presence on grocery store shelves. It is mostly known through word of mouth and the efforts of distributors to turn people onto this very unique product.

Organo Gold is not just another coffee grind like any other. This particular coffee is mixed with a herb called Ganoderma Lucidum. This is a herb created from the Ganoderma Mushroom. It is supposed to have positive health effects like keeping bad cholesterol under control. It is said to have antiviral properties.

Distributors do sell this product through Amazon and reviewers there consistently talk about how much healthier Organo Gold coffee makes them feel. Besides crowing about Organo Gold’s positive health benefits distributors have an incentive to push the coffee due to the 50 percent mark-up that they receive on the sale of each bag of coffee. This is called the Domino Effect system. While many distributors struggle to make sales, the best earners can make anywhere from six to seven figures in income.

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Seymour Segnit- An Adopter of Crowdfunding for the MAGFAST Launch


MAGFAST Background

In 2017, Seymour Segnit and his wife, Amy, introduced MAGFAST Family. Prior to the introduction of MAGFAST Family, Segnit created the MAGFAST Wall. More than 250,000 units were sold to 69,896 supporters.

Segnit’s original business closed because it grew too quick with scarce funds. The Seymour’s polled the mailing list of the unsuccessful business to see if they can make a fresh start. Eighty-four percent of the supporters of the original invention said that they can start over. See This Article for additional information.

Segnit invented a complete kit of chargers using magnets to bond to each other. This kit has six chargers, which work individually on their own. The Segnit’s collected $250,000 in 15 seconds.


Segnit’s Strategy for Success

Seymour Segnit received a scholarship to study engineering at Oxford University. He was a former employee at Saatchi & Saatchi and Ogilvy & Mather. Seymour Segnit is a passionate connoisseur of digital marketing. Therefore, the smart use of marketing is an important value for him.

His favorite books are “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and “The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs”. Segnit believes that emotional impact on consumers is a cause of his success. Furthermore, he thinks that feelings have a greater importance than logic when it comes to marketing.

Before Seymour Segnit starts his day, he walks four miles in the morning. Walking helps Segnit stay awake throughout the day. In addition to the U.S., Seymour has conducted meetings with his team in China, Macedonia, Italy, and Serbia. Find Additional Information Here.


MAGFAST Future Outlook

He is hopeful about MAGFAST’s future because MAGFAST’s business model was lucrative within the first couple of years. Even if Segnit raised $600,000 in the first day, he’s always looking for different marketing solutions to stay sustainable.

Seymour Segnit recommends that new business owners dedicate 80 percent of their effort and time in marketing activities, or else they’re not going to succeed.


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Smita Shaw – Engineering The Way to Excellence

Smita Shah, P.E. has problem solved her way to excellence. In case you’re wondering what the P.E. after her name stands for, she is a Professional Engineer. That means she figures out the things that make our world run smoothly and even function at all in some cases.


As a young girl, while everybody was outside playing, she loved to stay inside solving math problems that would give most of us headaches. Now she solves engineering problems from upgrading electrical systems in public buildings to helping design lighting and navigation aids for an airport runway.


Smita Shah is the President, CEO and founder of SPAAN Tech, Inc. Ms. Shah was purposeful in claiming the highly respected position she now holds, not just within her company, but the engineering industry itself. However, Ms. Shah is not one to keep all the success to herself. She is devoted to guiding and mentoring young professionals, particularly women. Ms. Shah has laid out a recipe that is geared towards helping women join her in excelling in what is typically known as male-dominated industries.


Ms. Shah starts with having a good self-image and having confidence in one’s abilities. A person should also be conscious of how they present themselves to others. There are things like posture to take into account, and also the way you dress. There is something to be said for remaining neutral in your attire to ensure attention is paid to your words and not your appearance.


It is important to stay in the moment and not linger over past mistakes. At the same time, be mindful not to get too caught up in long-term goals and risk losing sight of what needs to be accomplished in the present. Learn more:


Ms. Shah also talks about how culture and general mindsets revolving around women can be a hindrance. Women are often expected to be subservient and accommodating. It is important to combat those mindsets with little things like not accepting special treatment as a woman and being called by your title instead of your first name. It’s also important to own your accomplishments and not let the credit fall to someone else. Let it be clear what you are capable of.


Lastly, Ms. Shah advises not to take your work home, and instead delegate and practice good time management. Keeping your personal and professional life separate is integral in allowing yourself time to fully step away and relax.


Not only is Ms. Shah a professional engineer, she is a highly respected keynote speaker who has received several awards. Ms. Shah has been described as someone who refuses to accept mediocrity. From her obvious and intentional success, she has proven this method for excellence.

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HCR Wealth Advisors – Maximize Profits from Investments

HCR Wealth Advisors

HCR Wealth Advisors is one of those registered investment advisory firms in the United States that has a strong track record and one of the most impressive collections of positive reviews on the internet. The company does not only believe in offering customized financial solutions designed to meet the expectations of each client, but also in developing a long-lasting relationship with the clients. HCR Wealth believes that the success of the company lies in the success that the company’s clients achieve with their finances and over the years has developed wealth-creation and management strategies that work.

HCR Wealth Advisors are known to have mastered the art of designing result-oriented wealth creation plans for the clients that are designed to help each client meet their future financial goals. The process of developing a plan is relatively simple and starts with discussing elaborately what the clients want to achieve with their finances in the future, and what the clients have in mind when it comes to allocation of funds in investment products. The professional experts would assess the current financial situation and scale of the client before developing a customized financial plan that is oriented from time to time as per the market’s movement and volatility.

As HCR Wealth Advisors engage in in-depth market research, they know which investment products are suitable for the clients and can provide the appropriate level of potential returns, and which ones to stay away from. Without in-depth research, getting to such conclusions can be difficult, and it is where most investors make a mistake. If you are confused as well as to which investment products to put your money into or how to develop a financial plan that can help you the results you seek, do not hesitate to consult with the financial professionals at HCR Wealth.

HCR Wealth Advisors knows how important it is for people with limited income to make profitable investments. They work hard to ensure that their clients are matched with suitable investment opportunities. Since investment plans have strict criteria, they make sure that their clients know what they are investing in and what are the different benefits that they will enjoy from it.


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Steve Lesnard Medium Article

Steve Lesnard is a Marketing and Consumer Expert with many experiences in the business world. Recently, he wrote an article for titled ‘ The Art of Product Marketing in a Digital World.’

Steve Lesnard tells the reader in the article that the best way for a company to succeed in our digital world is to focus on consumer needs. He gives two ways in which a company can focus on this to have a successful marketing campaign for their business.

The first business tip to succeed in the digital world according to Leonard is to Keep your marketing simple so that it is memorable to the consumer. Lesnard then talks about the simple marketing campaign that Apple did to promote the release of the Ipod and how it still rings to consumers to day. The best way to do this is to simplify their marketing is to pick one lane of their product’s benefits and go with it. If a company or a person trying to start a business gives the consumer to many things to remember about the product, they won’t remember any of them and forget about the product in its entirety. For example, everyone knows that Apple’s Ipod does so much more than play music. However, the slogan that they use is ‘10k songs in your pocket’ to symbolize that all your favorite songs can be played on the go. Apple has used this strategy with the other products they have released after this and most of them have been very successful. Another company that has done this type of marketing is the exercise product company Peleton that focused on having in home exercise machines such as home cycling.

The second tip Lesnard gives the readers is to bring their ideas to life to make them seem real to you. The consumer needs to see how this product will benefit them in their personal life. The company Yeti did this is a spectacular way. In an oversaturated market of camping equipment, Yeti decided to show the consumer how all of their products keep your items hot or cold enough for you while camping.

Anyone that is trying to get their business out there in the digital world should follow these business saving tips given by Steve Lesnard.

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Maarten De Jeu Will Advise You on International Investment

Maarten de Jeu stands among the global renowned strategic business investors that have made tremendous strides in the business arena. He has helped many investors through his company, SVM Business Advisory that he started in 2012. His remarkable career in commercial real estate ventures, financial and international business services stand on a strong academic foundation. Maarten boasts of an MBA from Oxford University that saw him emerge the first in his class. The multilingual expert has extensive expertise in industrial operations, technical knowledge, and an unmatched understanding of international investments. The combination of academic excellence and exposure in the field makes him one of the best advisors globally.

After spending some time working for global businesses in Asia, Europe, and North America, Maarten de Jeu acquired the impetus he needed to face the industry privately. His prowess in advising Fortune 100 companies on matters touching insurance and financial services has won him a reputation from numerous clients over the years. The Ultra High Net Worth investors that seek his professional advice have played a critical role in building his trust with all his clients.

Maarten de Jeu has managed to win the hearts of many clients through his professional decision-making skills. Besides, his capability to communicate in different languages has enabled him to interact with diverse personalities from various disciplines. Maarten honed his business skills working for Aviva the international strategy manager. His experience in executing the company’s London office overseeing the company’s London Office played a critical role in sharpening his skills. Additionally, he got a chance to serve top-rated clients, including Sara Lee and ABN AMRO working with TDVK consultants. Other companies that benefited from his service at the consultancy firm included Heinz and ING.

Besides SVM Advisory firm, Maarten de Jeu invested in a technology startup in Europe. He started SpeakUp® which specialized with the firms trading at the London stock exchange. His firm offered solutions to compliance and ethics to the mentioned firms across Europe. Maarten’s exposure to the international business scene backed by his academic skills provides the cornerstone of his success in international business advisory services. Besides, Maarten offers credible advice to an investor planning to extend their businesses outside America. Although SVM operates in Chicago, he has the expertise to provide information covering other corners of the world. Learn more:

Maarten De Jeu warns the investor intending to invest internationally to get ready with enough capital because it’s an expensive affair. He also talks of a professional business plan for guidance. According to de Jeu, many American investors don’t have a business plan, a big mistake in the international business scene. Additionally, he advises them to familiarize themselves with importation guidelines, the market, as well as the culture of the new country. Maarten continues to embrace international business.

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