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HCR Wealth Advisors

HCR Wealth Advisors is one of those registered investment advisory firms in the United States that has a strong track record and one of the most impressive collections of positive reviews on the internet. The company does not only believe in offering customized financial solutions designed to meet the expectations of each client, but also in developing a long-lasting relationship with the clients. HCR Wealth believes that the success of the company lies in the success that the company’s clients achieve with their finances and over the years has developed wealth-creation and management strategies that work.

HCR Wealth Advisors are known to have mastered the art of designing result-oriented wealth creation plans for the clients that are designed to help each client meet their future financial goals. The process of developing a plan is relatively simple and starts with discussing elaborately what the clients want to achieve with their finances in the future, and what the clients have in mind when it comes to allocation of funds in investment products. The professional experts would assess the current financial situation and scale of the client before developing a customized financial plan that is oriented from time to time as per the market’s movement and volatility.

As HCR Wealth Advisors engage in in-depth market research, they know which investment products are suitable for the clients and can provide the appropriate level of potential returns, and which ones to stay away from. Without in-depth research, getting to such conclusions can be difficult, and it is where most investors make a mistake. If you are confused as well as to which investment products to put your money into or how to develop a financial plan that can help you the results you seek, do not hesitate to consult with the financial professionals at HCR Wealth.

HCR Wealth Advisors knows how important it is for people with limited income to make profitable investments. They work hard to ensure that their clients are matched with suitable investment opportunities. Since investment plans have strict criteria, they make sure that their clients know what they are investing in and what are the different benefits that they will enjoy from it.


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Steve Lesnard Medium Article

Steve Lesnard is a Marketing and Consumer Expert with many experiences in the business world. Recently, he wrote an article for medium.com titled ‘ The Art of Product Marketing in a Digital World.’

Steve Lesnard tells the reader in the article that the best way for a company to succeed in our digital world is to focus on consumer needs. He gives two ways in which a company can focus on this to have a successful marketing campaign for their business.

The first business tip to succeed in the digital world according to Leonard is to Keep your marketing simple so that it is memorable to the consumer. Lesnard then talks about the simple marketing campaign that Apple did to promote the release of the Ipod and how it still rings to consumers to day. The best way to do this is to simplify their marketing is to pick one lane of their product’s benefits and go with it. If a company or a person trying to start a business gives the consumer to many things to remember about the product, they won’t remember any of them and forget about the product in its entirety. For example, everyone knows that Apple’s Ipod does so much more than play music. However, the slogan that they use is ‘10k songs in your pocket’ to symbolize that all your favorite songs can be played on the go. Apple has used this strategy with the other products they have released after this and most of them have been very successful. Another company that has done this type of marketing is the exercise product company Peleton that focused on having in home exercise machines such as home cycling.

The second tip Lesnard gives the readers is to bring their ideas to life to make them seem real to you. The consumer needs to see how this product will benefit them in their personal life. The company Yeti did this is a spectacular way. In an oversaturated market of camping equipment, Yeti decided to show the consumer how all of their products keep your items hot or cold enough for you while camping.

Anyone that is trying to get their business out there in the digital world should follow these business saving tips given by Steve Lesnard.

Find out more about Steve: https://twitter.com/stevelesnard

Sergey Petrossov Introduces A Way To Make Better Use Of Private Jets

Sergey Petrossov

Born in Moscow, Russia and raised in Miami, Florida, Sergey Petrossov became an entrepreneur when he was very young. He started a business in high school and two in college. However, it is JetSmarter, started after he graduated from the University of Florida, that is by far his biggest success.

He created a company that has an app that makes it far easier and affordable to fly across the United State or around the world on a private jet. When he made his first trip by private plane he was shocked to see how hard it was to book a flight. He then found out how underutilized the planes were, including completely empty flights that were flying to another city to pick up passengers.

Sergey Petrossov came up with the idea of making it easier to book flights and then making flying on them a part of the sharing economy. JetSmarter at first connected people wanting to book flights with private plane companies, making it much easier to go through their app than the archaic way this had been done before.

He next started to offer people a way to buy the empty seats on these flights. This can make it much less expensive to fly somewhere whether you’re doing so for a business trip or to take a vacation or go see a concert. Sergey Petrossov says it is like Uber in that the more of your friends you can fit in one those cars the less expensive the trip is for everyone individually.

While it’s still more expensive to fly privately than commercially, he thinks his company will be able to get the cost of a seat down enough that it will be competitive with business-class or first-class commercial jet seats. That’s a few years off, though, but he has big plans for the expansion of JetSmarter.

Smita Shah

Smita Shah is currently in paving the way for young women across the globe. She has laid the blueprint for how a woman can become a successful entrepreneur, businesswoman, and licensed professional engineer. Smita Shah founded a company in 1998 called SPANN Tech Inc. Smita Shah is the president and chief executive officer of the company as well. Smita Shah has attended three of the top universities in America including the top engineering university. She attended Northwestern University, Oxford University, and MIT. What is unique about Smita Shah is that she has a very feminine look but she has experience when it comes to construction management and program management. Smita Shah experience outside of engineering and before starting her own company was doing a brief stint as a White House administrative intern. She is an international business leader who believes strongly in entrepreneurship and helping to grow small businesses. 


The field of engineering seems to be a male-dominated field but Smita Shah has put her stamp on the industry and is not afraid to speak her mind to the men around her. She is an advocate for women in the workplace and embraces professional female empowerment. Smita Shah has a unique thought process about the challenges that women face in the workplace in regard to leadership roles. She states that it actually starts with low self-esteem and poor self-image. She states that women do not have a lot of role models who are in powerful business positions so most women don’t equate themselves with being strong, powerful, and successful. The first step to a woman gaining self-esteem or a feeling of self-worth in the business world is that they have to have a self-image shift. This shift will happen when they start to mirror or read books by women who are strong, powerful, successful such as Smita Shah, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degenerate, or Martha Stewart.


Smita Shah knows that the challenges differ for both men and women in business but what challenges that young businesswomen may face they can overcome it with hard work, determination, and confidence. Women should do the research to help with a confidence boost because if they researched they would find out that they are currently over a hundred million female business owners globally. Smita Shah has 10 tips that up-and-coming or current female entrepreneurs should always keep in mind and they believe in yourself, thoroughly examine your ability, exert a strong presence, don’t let anyone else take your credit, focus on your goals, don’t comply with female stereotypes, remember every culture is different, demand respect from others, never mix business with pleasure, and have time management skills. Learn more: https://shiakapos.com/long-before-stem-was-chic-there-was-smita-shah/


Ms. Shah has given female entrepreneurs excellent advice and guidance to achieve their dreams. If they would follow her advice they could definitely accomplish their dreams. There are plenty of successful female entrepreneurs who they can learn from. The role model or mentor does not have to be a millionaire on a millionaire. Your mentor can be the local female business owner of a diner, flower shop, or any other local business in your community. 

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James River Capital and Paul Saunders: Sound Ways to Fund Your Business

Businesses face hard times especially when on their early stages. The major problem entrepreneurs face today is raising funds for their businesses. It is not easy for an investor to throw in funds to get you started with your business idea. Paul Saunders, James River Capital Corp. Founder, and CEO have extensive experience in starting up businesses and helping them to grow. This article focuses on his thoughts on how entrepreneurs can finance their businesses.
Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/james-river-capital


Who is Paul Saunders? He is an accomplished businessman and entrepreneur in the finance sector. He holds a B.A. from the University of Virginia along with an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago. Saunders has held many prestigious leadership roles at different firms including KP Futures Management Corp and Kidder, Peabody, and Co. Away from his business endeavors, Paul Saunders is a staunch supporter of philanthropic activities. He launched the Sounders Family Foundation alongside his wife.


In 1995, James River Capital Corp. came into existence. The firm started off quickly to become an independent investment firm giving competitors a run for their money. The Virginia-based firm focuses on numerous asset classes such as corporate credit and equity strategies.


When it comes to means of funding a business, bootstrapping should be the first option to come in mind. It is the simplest method of getting financing but it may not fund your business entirely. Nevertheless, it demonstrates to investors that you have put in some leverage and you’re serious about it. If borrowing from your friends or relatives does not sound good for you, you can try crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a rare way to mobilize for funds from a large group of people. For crowdfunding to be successful, you need to perform campaigns and give the people small incentives such as T-shirts.


Business loans is another way to go to get your business started and going. You can get loans from banks or Small Business Administration. You might get low-interest loans through banks, although you will go through a lengthy process. You can also opt for SBA loans which are easy to qualify for. If you’re not comfortable with interest rates associated with business loans, you can go for local loans. Paul Saunders would tell you to visit your Chamber of Commerce to get guidance on how to get local funding.


Angel investors find business ideas which are promising and fund them. They can part with up to $10,000 to support your business idea. Angel investors can also give you a networking chance with other investors. Closely related to angel investors are venture capitalists. Venture capitalists invest in promising business ideas with the hope of receiving 3-10 times their investments within a short period of time. You can also trade equity with funding. 

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Marc Beer Became LumeNXT’s Board Of Director Chairman

Marc Beer is a renowned professional when it comes to pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. He is known for his 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, having created multiple successful companies in the past. Just this April, LumiNXT, which is a company that provides illumination products, announced that Marc Beer will be the new Chairman of its Board of Directors. Beer also holds leadership in a company called Renovia.


As the newest chairman of LumiNXT, Marc Beer expressed his happiness after he was trusted the position. Beer also mentioned how working with a group of dedicated surgeons and engineers is something that he is proud of. The company’s products are known for their proprietary technology, which helps surgeons perform their surgeries safely. According to Beer, LumiNXT has a bright future and believes that the company will be more involved when it comes to minimally invasive approaches.


LumeNXT offers surgical lighting which is self-powered and mountable to allow more customization during a procedure. With the company’s advanced technology, it is able to emit light directly in the wound to improve the visualization. However, as one of its important features., LumeNXT products have a technology in them that reduces the generated heat in order to avoid overheating. This way, the products of the company will promote safety and efficiency. Learn more: https://gazetteday.com/2018/10/marc-beer-funding-renovia/


LumeNXT co-founder Paul Rhyme is also positive in Marc Beer’s influence in the company. Rhyme believes that with Beer’s impressive track and high success in handling startups, he will also be able to help LumeNXT in the global commercial rollout. Rhyme is also announced as the new Chief Executive Officer of LumeNXT last April, and Beer has been one of the persons who made expressed their support to Rhyme.


Marc Beer is also currently one of the main driving forces of Renovia, which is a company that he co-founded in 2016 with Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie. The company received a successful Series A financing to support their goals. Renovia aims to develop products which help in the diagnosis and treatment of a condition known as Pelvic Floor Disorders. This affects a lot of women in the world, with a lot of cases left undetected because of no available diagnosis devices available. Renovia now released its first main products out of four. The product is called the Leva, which has been in the market.


As one of the most recognizable names in the industry, Marc Beer handled a lot of companies before. One of his ventures in the last decade is becoming the founding chairman of the Minerva Neurosciences, which is a company that focused on developing a treatment for the central nervous system diseases. Beer is also the former CEO of ViaCell before it was acquired by PerkinElmer in 2007. Follow Marc Beer on Facebook

Maarten De Jeu’s Passion for Creating Change

One of the perks to having the amount of influence that Maarten De Jeu has available at his disposal at any time throughout the day is that you need not be afraid of what the future has to present for you. So long as you are able to continuously pursue the things that interest you, you will be able to dominate the world around you. Unfortunately, as Maarten De Jeu sees it, the issue is not necessarily that too many young people lack the passion to be successful, or even that they necessarily lack the knowledge to be successful; in most cases, they simply do not have the tools that are required.

While there is not any amount of resources that are necessary to pursue something you are interested in, it can certainly aid the process when you have funding to do whatever you would like with your life, and because of this, Maarten De Jeu has tried to give young scientists around the country this funding that they have so desperately needed for such a long period of time. While he has not totally been aware of all the many decades where people have suffered because they did not have the tools at their disposal to chase after their dreams, he knows that this is an issue in the modern world, and he is doing everything he can to fight against it.

This is more than almost any other businessman within his field could claim, and he even manages to pursue this interest while running a business investment firm. Anyone who is aware with the way business firms operate knows that this is an incredibly impressive feat, as his job within that regard alone comes with a plethora of work he needs to finish on a daily basis. Because of this, he realizes that his time in the day is not infinite, and he has to invest it wisely.

That being said, since he has been a part of the conscious effort to connect young scientists with the tools they need to succeed for so long, he has gotten several insights into the way the whole ordeal is operated. This has allowed Maarten De Jeu to generate a full and complete picture on the industries of science and business, and because of this, it would seem as though he has amassed quite a useful bank of information moving forward. While this was not his primary goal in the pursuit of his dreams, he is certainly fond of the fact that he has been able to influence so many lives simply through the developments he has made not only in the science museum industry but within business advisory as well. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maarten-de-jeu-8b72ab

Maarten De Jeu Is A Strong Advocate For The Community Education Projects Put On By The Museum Of Science And Industry In Chicago:

Financial industry professional Maarten de Jeu is a businessman and entrepreneur who is most well-known for his role in founding the organization the SVM Business Advisory. He is based out of Chicago, Illinois. His current job title with SVM Business Advisory is as a Managing Partner. Maarten de Je is also an individual who is dedicated to philanthropy and community service and takes great pride in involving himself in programs that help young people. A big part of this is supporting important educational programs. Maarten de Jeu has formerly served in the capacity of Co-Chair for the Science Spins program which is put on by Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry. This program teaches the museum’s visitors about the fascinating history behind the bicycle.


The Museum of Science and Industry is the Western Hemisphere’s biggest institution of its type in size and scope. As a part of the museum’s consistent endeavours to give back to the community, it uses what is known as the Farrell Fellows Internship to help encourage teenagers from the Chicago region to engage in the area of science. Having dedicated individuals like Maarten de Jeu involved with this program is a critical part of its overall success.


It is during the summer that the Museum of Science and Industry puts on the Farrell Fellows Internship program. The program goes on over five weeks during the summer. It consists of different types of science-based classwork that teaches teenagers from the Chicago are about topics such as leadership, science, and the ability to speak publicly. One of the great benefits of the Farrell Fellows Internship is the fact that it allows its students an opportunity to give back to their communities by presenting activities with a science theme at the end of the program. These activities are done in an interactive manner.


One of these programs that took place in 2014 showed audience members the science behind the bubble. Farrell Fellows Internship participants were able to visit seventeen libraries across the Chicago region in order to put their program on. As a part of this, the teenagers were able to engage with younger children, helping them to make carnival tents out of newspaper.


The Career Of Maarten de Jeu: Follow Maarten De Jeu on Twitter

SVM Business Advisory first opened its doors in 2012 when it was founded by Maarten de Jeu. He has distinguished himself as a strategic advisor for the business community since obtaining his MBA from Oxford. Since that time he has become a respected businessman who has found great success on an international level in the financial services sector. Maarten de Jeu has also garnered significant success investing in commercial real estate as well. Learn more: https://about.me/maartendejeu

Marc Beer Named New Chairman of LumeN XT

The company LumeNXT Incorporated has named its newest member of the organization. Recently, it named longtime executive Marc Beer as its new Chairman of the Board. Beer will be joining a privately held company that focuses on developing specialized surgical illumination products. The products are used to perform minimally invasive surgeries. Once joining LumeN XT, Marc will bring his expertise and over two decades of experience in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical device technology to LumeN XT.


Shortly after being named as the new chairman of LumeN XT, Marc Beer said that he is very proud to be working with a group of surgeons and engineers who are dedicated to using surgical illumination technology in order to perform surgery that is minimally invasive. He also said that he believes in the importance of the technology and products provided by LumeN XT as it will help enhance the effectiveness of minimally invasive surgical procedures.


It has been known that surgeons that use targeted illumination often find out that the technology helps enhance the vision, precision and flexibility whenever an operation is performed. As a result, it is a superior option compared to more traditional surgical techniques and approaches. LumeN XT has the distinct advantage of using advanced illumination that uses heat reduction. This helps improve the surgical precision as well as reducing costs.


The co founder of LumeN XT Paul Rhyne has said that Marc has been able to demonstrate a high level of success with numerous startup companies in the healthcare industry. He has been known to guide companies in a number of different phases or growth. Rhyne also said that Marc Beer has established a lot of experience in starting up companies and guiding them through the process of global growth as well as increasing their profitability.


Prior to joining LumeN XT, Marc Beer has spent the last few years as the founding chairman and chief executive officer of Renovia Incorporated. That company’s mission was to both discover and deliver a line of therapeutic devices. These devices were used to help treat pelvic floor disorders that women experience. Before founding and managing Renovia, Marc was the founder and chairman of another company called Minerva Neurosciences Incorporated. This company was one that provided clinical stage biopharmaceuticals. It developed products to help treat a number of disorders of the central nervous system. The company worked towards developing therapeutic options to psychological conditions such as insomnia, depression and schizophrenia. Learn more: http://professionaltales.com/the-voice-of-marc-beer-how-to-be-a-good-leader/


Throughout his career, Marc Beer has been involved in helping a number of biotechnology and healthcare companies become successful organizations. He was also actively involved in working in the biopharmaceutical field in which he looked to treat diseases and facilitate growth by issuing initial public offerings. Throughout his career, Marc has demonstrated valuable leadership skills that helped many companies reach their full potential.

Organo Gold

Organo Gold takes coffee to another level with their direct marketing campaign. Independent contractors can share the income opportunity with others through networking which results in increased sales and earnings. Enthusiasm, discipline, and hard work are what Organo Gold leaders say takes them to the top of their business. The biggest issue that employees have is their jobs take up so much of their time. People desire more time to spend with family and friends so they can enjoy their lives. Vacations are not long enough, and many people must work on holidays. The direct sales industry provides the freedom to set work hours, vacation time, and days off as the contractor sees fit.

The Organo Gold direct sales model provides income opportunities by offering a premium coffee product that promotes good health. In addition to gourmet coffees, they also have organic teas, lattes, supplements, skin care, and other health drinks to consumers for purchase. The company touts the benefits of the reishi mushroom which has been used in Asian medicines and nutrition for thousands of years. The combination of a highly sought-after healthy beverage and a winning attitude is what brings success to the independent contractor.

Organo Gold offers free online training for new representatives and has a reasonable and affordable low startup cost. New reps can hear success stories from leaders and other reps, glean how-to information from tips shared by veteran salespeople. Coffee, teas, and other healthy drinks are always trending. Coffee bars are on almost every corner in major metropolitan cities. People around the world love caffeinated drinks and the trendier and the healthier they are, the better for their consumers. Organo Gold provides a highly successful income opportunity because the company capitalizes on consumer demand for a premium product and a replicable business model that’s easy to learn and is transferable.