Maarten De Jeu’s Passion for Creating Change

One of the perks to having the amount of influence that Maarten De Jeu has available at his disposal at any time throughout the day is that you need not be afraid of what the future has to present for you. So long as you are able to continuously pursue the things that interest you, you will be able to dominate the world around you. Unfortunately, as Maarten De Jeu sees it, the issue is not necessarily that too many young people lack the passion to be successful, or even that they necessarily lack the knowledge to be successful; in most cases, they simply do not have the tools that are required.

While there is not any amount of resources that are necessary to pursue something you are interested in, it can certainly aid the process when you have funding to do whatever you would like with your life, and because of this, Maarten De Jeu has tried to give young scientists around the country this funding that they have so desperately needed for such a long period of time. While he has not totally been aware of all the many decades where people have suffered because they did not have the tools at their disposal to chase after their dreams, he knows that this is an issue in the modern world, and he is doing everything he can to fight against it.

This is more than almost any other businessman within his field could claim, and he even manages to pursue this interest while running a business investment firm. Anyone who is aware with the way business firms operate knows that this is an incredibly impressive feat, as his job within that regard alone comes with a plethora of work he needs to finish on a daily basis. Because of this, he realizes that his time in the day is not infinite, and he has to invest it wisely.

That being said, since he has been a part of the conscious effort to connect young scientists with the tools they need to succeed for so long, he has gotten several insights into the way the whole ordeal is operated. This has allowed Maarten De Jeu to generate a full and complete picture on the industries of science and business, and because of this, it would seem as though he has amassed quite a useful bank of information moving forward. While this was not his primary goal in the pursuit of his dreams, he is certainly fond of the fact that he has been able to influence so many lives simply through the developments he has made not only in the science museum industry but within business advisory as well. Learn more:

Maarten De Jeu Is A Strong Advocate For The Community Education Projects Put On By The Museum Of Science And Industry In Chicago:

Financial industry professional Maarten de Jeu is a businessman and entrepreneur who is most well-known for his role in founding the organization the SVM Business Advisory. He is based out of Chicago, Illinois. His current job title with SVM Business Advisory is as a Managing Partner. Maarten de Je is also an individual who is dedicated to philanthropy and community service and takes great pride in involving himself in programs that help young people. A big part of this is supporting important educational programs. Maarten de Jeu has formerly served in the capacity of Co-Chair for the Science Spins program which is put on by Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry. This program teaches the museum’s visitors about the fascinating history behind the bicycle.


The Museum of Science and Industry is the Western Hemisphere’s biggest institution of its type in size and scope. As a part of the museum’s consistent endeavours to give back to the community, it uses what is known as the Farrell Fellows Internship to help encourage teenagers from the Chicago region to engage in the area of science. Having dedicated individuals like Maarten de Jeu involved with this program is a critical part of its overall success.


It is during the summer that the Museum of Science and Industry puts on the Farrell Fellows Internship program. The program goes on over five weeks during the summer. It consists of different types of science-based classwork that teaches teenagers from the Chicago are about topics such as leadership, science, and the ability to speak publicly. One of the great benefits of the Farrell Fellows Internship is the fact that it allows its students an opportunity to give back to their communities by presenting activities with a science theme at the end of the program. These activities are done in an interactive manner.


One of these programs that took place in 2014 showed audience members the science behind the bubble. Farrell Fellows Internship participants were able to visit seventeen libraries across the Chicago region in order to put their program on. As a part of this, the teenagers were able to engage with younger children, helping them to make carnival tents out of newspaper.


The Career Of Maarten de Jeu: Follow Maarten De Jeu on Twitter

SVM Business Advisory first opened its doors in 2012 when it was founded by Maarten de Jeu. He has distinguished himself as a strategic advisor for the business community since obtaining his MBA from Oxford. Since that time he has become a respected businessman who has found great success on an international level in the financial services sector. Maarten de Jeu has also garnered significant success investing in commercial real estate as well. Learn more:

Marc Beer Named New Chairman of LumeN XT

The company LumeNXT Incorporated has named its newest member of the organization. Recently, it named longtime executive Marc Beer as its new Chairman of the Board. Beer will be joining a privately held company that focuses on developing specialized surgical illumination products. The products are used to perform minimally invasive surgeries. Once joining LumeN XT, Marc will bring his expertise and over two decades of experience in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical device technology to LumeN XT.


Shortly after being named as the new chairman of LumeN XT, Marc Beer said that he is very proud to be working with a group of surgeons and engineers who are dedicated to using surgical illumination technology in order to perform surgery that is minimally invasive. He also said that he believes in the importance of the technology and products provided by LumeN XT as it will help enhance the effectiveness of minimally invasive surgical procedures.


It has been known that surgeons that use targeted illumination often find out that the technology helps enhance the vision, precision and flexibility whenever an operation is performed. As a result, it is a superior option compared to more traditional surgical techniques and approaches. LumeN XT has the distinct advantage of using advanced illumination that uses heat reduction. This helps improve the surgical precision as well as reducing costs.


The co founder of LumeN XT Paul Rhyne has said that Marc has been able to demonstrate a high level of success with numerous startup companies in the healthcare industry. He has been known to guide companies in a number of different phases or growth. Rhyne also said that Marc Beer has established a lot of experience in starting up companies and guiding them through the process of global growth as well as increasing their profitability.


Prior to joining LumeN XT, Marc Beer has spent the last few years as the founding chairman and chief executive officer of Renovia Incorporated. That company’s mission was to both discover and deliver a line of therapeutic devices. These devices were used to help treat pelvic floor disorders that women experience. Before founding and managing Renovia, Marc was the founder and chairman of another company called Minerva Neurosciences Incorporated. This company was one that provided clinical stage biopharmaceuticals. It developed products to help treat a number of disorders of the central nervous system. The company worked towards developing therapeutic options to psychological conditions such as insomnia, depression and schizophrenia. Learn more:


Throughout his career, Marc Beer has been involved in helping a number of biotechnology and healthcare companies become successful organizations. He was also actively involved in working in the biopharmaceutical field in which he looked to treat diseases and facilitate growth by issuing initial public offerings. Throughout his career, Marc has demonstrated valuable leadership skills that helped many companies reach their full potential.

Organo Gold

Organo Gold takes coffee to another level with their direct marketing campaign. Independent contractors can share the income opportunity with others through networking which results in increased sales and earnings. Enthusiasm, discipline, and hard work are what Organo Gold leaders say takes them to the top of their business. The biggest issue that employees have is their jobs take up so much of their time. People desire more time to spend with family and friends so they can enjoy their lives. Vacations are not long enough, and many people must work on holidays. The direct sales industry provides the freedom to set work hours, vacation time, and days off as the contractor sees fit.

The Organo Gold direct sales model provides income opportunities by offering a premium coffee product that promotes good health. In addition to gourmet coffees, they also have organic teas, lattes, supplements, skin care, and other health drinks to consumers for purchase. The company touts the benefits of the reishi mushroom which has been used in Asian medicines and nutrition for thousands of years. The combination of a highly sought-after healthy beverage and a winning attitude is what brings success to the independent contractor.

Organo Gold offers free online training for new representatives and has a reasonable and affordable low startup cost. New reps can hear success stories from leaders and other reps, glean how-to information from tips shared by veteran salespeople. Coffee, teas, and other healthy drinks are always trending. Coffee bars are on almost every corner in major metropolitan cities. People around the world love caffeinated drinks and the trendier and the healthier they are, the better for their consumers. Organo Gold provides a highly successful income opportunity because the company capitalizes on consumer demand for a premium product and a replicable business model that’s easy to learn and is transferable.

Victoria Doramus is Actively a Good Intended Person

Victoria Doramus is an active philanthropy activist based out of Brooklyn, in the state of New York. Her most recent activity includes having been focused on a few of her many different charitable contributions of time and money. Since the year of two-thousand and sixteen, she has offered her time for several different charitable organizations, inclusive of the Amy Winehouse Establishment, Best Friends Animal Community, Room to Read, and the Women’s Prison Establishment as well.

Victoria Doramus is an expert in recovery and is constantly participating in the Amy Winehouse Establishment. The establishment is a charitable organization that was created in the honor of the award-granted songwriter and singer Amy Winehouse, who had catastrophically died of poisoning by drugs and alcohol at the mere age of twenty-seven in the year of two-thousand and eleven. The establishment’s core is based on three different aims: to educate younger people on the topic of alcohol and drug abuse dangers (also to help those who are already abusing such substances), to help those who are at a more potential risk for creating substance abuse habits, and to help the personal growth of youth that is at risk through music and other good nature-based activities. The establishments main goal has brought in the help of many of those in the musical market. In the year of two-thousand and thirteen, the establishment propelled its Program of Resilience for schools in the UK, which thrives to teach secondary school participants about alcohol and drug abuse and also with coming to terms with erratic emotions through life.

Victoria Doramus is constantly participating with Room to Read also, an establishment that was created with the thought that the world is in need of education for the youth. This empowering and goal-creating thought has become the charity’s underlying motor. This not-for-profit establishment directs the majority of their thoughts on helping to improve literate-based grades and also to pursue the knowledge equality between both genders in the growing society. Room to Read particularly strives in the aspect of promoting literacy abilities in girls and boys to make it a potential for girls to complete school and to learn many valuable life lessons.

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