Organo Gold

Organo Gold takes coffee to another level with their direct marketing campaign. Independent contractors can share the income opportunity with others through networking which results in increased sales and earnings. Enthusiasm, discipline, and hard work are what Organo Gold leaders say takes them to the top of their business. The biggest issue that employees have is their jobs take up so much of their time. People desire more time to spend with family and friends so they can enjoy their lives. Vacations are not long enough, and many people must work on holidays. The direct sales industry provides the freedom to set work hours, vacation time, and days off as the contractor sees fit.

The Organo Gold direct sales model provides income opportunities by offering a premium coffee product that promotes good health. In addition to gourmet coffees, they also have organic teas, lattes, supplements, skin care, and other health drinks to consumers for purchase. The company touts the benefits of the reishi mushroom which has been used in Asian medicines and nutrition for thousands of years. The combination of a highly sought-after healthy beverage and a winning attitude is what brings success to the independent contractor.

Organo Gold offers free online training for new representatives and has a reasonable and affordable low startup cost. New reps can hear success stories from leaders and other reps, glean how-to information from tips shared by veteran salespeople. Coffee, teas, and other healthy drinks are always trending. Coffee bars are on almost every corner in major metropolitan cities. People around the world love caffeinated drinks and the trendier and the healthier they are, the better for their consumers. Organo Gold provides a highly successful income opportunity because the company capitalizes on consumer demand for a premium product and a replicable business model that’s easy to learn and is transferable.

Victoria Doramus is Actively a Good Intended Person

Victoria Doramus is an active philanthropy activist based out of Brooklyn, in the state of New York. Her most recent activity includes having been focused on a few of her many different charitable contributions of time and money. Since the year of two-thousand and sixteen, she has offered her time for several different charitable organizations, inclusive of the Amy Winehouse Establishment, Best Friends Animal Community, Room to Read, and the Women’s Prison Establishment as well.

Victoria Doramus is an expert in recovery and is constantly participating in the Amy Winehouse Establishment. The establishment is a charitable organization that was created in the honor of the award-granted songwriter and singer Amy Winehouse, who had catastrophically died of poisoning by drugs and alcohol at the mere age of twenty-seven in the year of two-thousand and eleven. The establishment’s core is based on three different aims: to educate younger people on the topic of alcohol and drug abuse dangers (also to help those who are already abusing such substances), to help those who are at a more potential risk for creating substance abuse habits, and to help the personal growth of youth that is at risk through music and other good nature-based activities. The establishments main goal has brought in the help of many of those in the musical market. In the year of two-thousand and thirteen, the establishment propelled its Program of Resilience for schools in the UK, which thrives to teach secondary school participants about alcohol and drug abuse and also with coming to terms with erratic emotions through life.

Victoria Doramus is constantly participating with Room to Read also, an establishment that was created with the thought that the world is in need of education for the youth. This empowering and goal-creating thought has become the charity’s underlying motor. This not-for-profit establishment directs the majority of their thoughts on helping to improve literate-based grades and also to pursue the knowledge equality between both genders in the growing society. Room to Read particularly strives in the aspect of promoting literacy abilities in girls and boys to make it a potential for girls to complete school and to learn many valuable life lessons.

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