Kevin Plank Is Advocating For College Athletes

Professional sports are known for paying their players a lot of money, especially if you are a star player. This may be true for the professionals, but it’s not the case when it comes to college sports no matter how popular the player may be. Kevin Plank, the Chief Executive Officer of one of the largest sports apparel companies in the world, is one of the many people working to get these rules changes to be fairer to these student-athletes. While the school that they are playing for are allowed to accept sponsorship deals that can benefit the players by providing new uniforms or facilities, the students that are not allowed to see a single cent of the money the team receives. The business leader believes that these students should be able to accept sponsorship deals so they can be compensated for all of the work that they put into their games.

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Kevin Plank of Under Armour is not the only one who believes that the NCAA should change its guidelines. There are many people that they should be able to make sponsorship deals on an individual level instead of them just being limited to the school or team. Under Armour has worked with many professional athletes when it comes to sponsorship deals and he wants to be able to make these mutually beneficial deals with student-athletes who have proven themselves on the field as well. With college sports making so much money, Kevin Plank says that the student-athletes that are driving all of these profits should be able to get something in return.

One of the reasons why Kevin Plank is so interested in advocating for student-athletes to be able to have sponsorship deals is because he played football in college himself. Also, Under Armour works with athletes at different levels when designing their products. They are already sponsoring schools like UCLA with a $280 million deal that lasts for fifteen years and it just seems natural that they would be able to cultivate partnerships with student-athletes on an individual level. He has stated that not being able to do so is hypocritical.

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