Interview with attorney Jeremy L. Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney with his own practice named Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC that focuses on working with clients and businesses on the fields of executive compensation and corporate governance. Jeremy Goldstein is a partner of his own law firm and prior was working in New York at a firm there. Over his career, he has been involved in some of the biggest deals between prominent businesses that includes AT&T, Genzyme, Goldman Sachs, and many others. The lawyer is on the board of many organizations and committees relating to law. He also writes about the issues that can arise when it comes to executive compensation and corporate governance.


Jeremy Goldstein has been recognized by others in Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers for Business as a top lawyer for his specialty in executive compensation. Legal 500 also ranked him on their list of top attorneys. Jeremy Goldstein also looks to give back to the community and make a difference as he is on the board of the Fountain House, an organization dedicated to helping individuals suffering from mental illnesses. In addition, he is on the board of the Advisory Board at NYU Journal of Law and Business. The lawyer is a graduate of New York University School of Law, the University of Chicago, and Cornell University. Goldstein obtained his bachelors from Cornell University with a masters from the University of Chicago and doctorate from NYU.


The interview with Inspirery starts off with the attorney crediting his success to forming a trusting relationship with all his clients as compared to other lawyers who have a cut and dry approach. He gets to know his clients by going to social events and while on the job. He states that he is multifaceted and that he earns his money from doing multiple duties such as consulting and working for various companies. He recounts that all of this helped him in creating his own business in the long run. Goldstein does not see money as a true sign of success as he mentions that planning for the future is equally as important. The attorney reflects that he had doubt on the journey, which he believes is normal but that he trusted himself and saw each opportunity as a way to improve. He remembers that his first client came from referral and that unfortunately many starting out don’t realize how great that can be. The lawyer believes that marketing can be an effective tool for acquiring business but to stay away from any negative attention as it can have an impact on anyone’s career. He lists that his perspective is his greatest strength and that he loves working with the Fountain House Organization helping others. He shares that when recruiting new individuals that he looks for experience over personality and recommends the novel called “Made to Stick” that has helped him a lot in his career.


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Jeremy Goldstein Guide to Successful Compensation for Employees

Jeremy Goldstein is an expert in advising committees on compensation especially for executives of a company during mergers and acquisitions,CEO management teams and corporate governance. He is a graduate of Cornell University where he received a bachelor degree in Arts and History. Jeremy did his masters in Arts in Chicago university. He also did a Juris law from the University of New York School of Law. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Chambers and Partners

He has previously worked in various firm including Shearman and sterling LLC,WachtellLipton and later began Jeremy Goldstein, a company which deals mainly with compensation. Jeremy has been part of the substantial transaction such as the negotiations to acquire Goodrich by united technology among others.

Jeremy who is also the chairman of merger and acquisition subcommittee advises employers on options that are bought by employed as away of compensation. Jeremy sites the disadvantages of options as losing value should the share price fall making it worthless. Learn more about Jeremiah Goldstein: and

The other drawback is that the employees know this and don’t accept it as a way of compensation and the financial advantage may be less than the costs of the options.

Jeremy advises that in spite of the disadvantages employers can use the knockout strategy which has the same characteristic as a standard option, but the employees lose the options if they fall below a certain price. In case of a volatile stock the employers employ the knock out mechanism, and this could reduce the accounting cost of the options.

The knock out clauses will result in lower compensation for the executives enabling the company proxy to show earnings more accurately. The strategy allows employees to earn where the stock price of a firm goes up. Before deciding to take up the knock out strategy involve the auditors and ensure that the company takes time between one knock out a strategy to another. Connect with Jeremy on LinkedIn

Jeremy Goldstein Approach on How Clients Should be Treated in the Legal Industry

Jeremy L. Goldstein is a very active lawyer who is known for his high level of professionalism and expertise in his niche. He is the managing partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC which is a boutique law firm that is usually dedicated to advising compensation committees, management teams, CEOs, and also Corporations in matters to do with corporate governance and even executive compensation.


Mr. Jeremy Goldstein before founding his firm happened to have been a partner at one of the New Yorks largest boutique firm. He has over a decade of hands-on experience in the industry and has worked with great motivation as well as professionalism towards ensuring that he succeeds in life.


Jeremy Goldstein has witnessed some of the most significant corporate transactions for many companies. They range from mergers and acquisitions, huge compensations and sensitive operations. He has aimed to ensure transparency and also accuracy in what the companies undertake and has been on the frontline pushing their agendas. He was involved when IBM was acquiring Truven Health Analytics when Express Script acquired Evicore, Goodrich/United Technologies, Merck/Schering Plough Corporation, Goldman Sachs/Kinder Morgan Inc, Alltel Corporation/Verizon and so many other significant transactions that have been of great value to these companies. He happens to possess the knowledge behind all these transactions and has been known for his uniqueness and also expertise in executing these matters. His purpose in life is to achieve high goals.


Jeremy Goldstein also shares the Mergers and Acquisition Subcommittee for the famous American Bar Association and is known for his considerable expertise in the job. He helps at providing with major strategic decisions that are aimed at improving the way they operate in the industry, and he is always optimistic about goals achievements. He is also a great writer in matters to do with corporate governance and have also held numerous talks in his career as a lawyer. A very eloquent and fluent on matters executive compensations and even corporate management.


Jeremy Goldstein has managed to build a large client base over the last few years they have been in the business of consultation. Their team of experts in the office ensures that their clients receive the required support. Jeremy has a group of professional practitioners who have been working every day with high professionalism. He has also invested in customer care which has been able to retain some of his major clients for a long time.


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