Angela Koch: The Woman Leading The U.S Money Reserve

The U.S Reserve is currently home to one of the only female C.E.Os in the entire precious metals industry in America, and has gained a prominent reputation as a result of this. Angela Koch is the woman that stands at the top and is someone who has created big waves of development at the company.

She is the one who is responsible for the development of the company as a whole and is the person who overlooks every aspect of the operations that the U.S Money Reserve carries out. She is also responsible for setting the culture that is present at the company.

Over the years, the U.S Money Reserve has played a prominent role in the financial growth that people have experienced.

The company stands as one of the biggest buyers and sellers of government-issued gold and silver bonds and have managed to offer these services to thousands of customers who have come to them. The work done by this institution is nothing short of impressive, especially because of how much they have helped people have a more stable financial backing. Read more: US Money Reserve | BBB and US Money Reserve Reviews | Glassdoor

One of the reasons why the company has emerged as such a prominent name in this industry is because of the strong relationship that they have with their customers. The company believes in giving the best advice to customers who are on the lookout for ways in which they can invest their money well so that they reap the biggest benefits from it.

Koch has played a large role in the development of the ethics and culture that govern the manner in which the U.S Money Reserve operates. She has helped her employees realize their full potential and has helped them see that the biggest improvement that they can make is to themselves.

She believes that helping her employees develop themselves is incredibly important and states that this is something that companies should always try to achieve. She holds the opinion that the employees should be trained in a manner that lets them one day become leaders within the company itself.

Being one of the few female women within this industry has put an immense amount of pressure on Koch. The pressure on a woman within this industry is far more than that of males, even though it is something that entails the same amount of work for both genders.

In spite of this pressure, Koch has managed to stand tall and doesn’t back down from the challenges that come her way. She has been a brilliant leader to the company and the people working within the company. By implementing her strong business sense and staunch values, she has enabled the overall growth of the company as a whole.

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James River Capital and Paul Saunders: Sound Ways to Fund Your Business

Businesses face hard times especially when on their early stages. The major problem entrepreneurs face today is raising funds for their businesses. It is not easy for an investor to throw in funds to get you started with your business idea. Paul Saunders, James River Capital Corp. Founder, and CEO have extensive experience in starting up businesses and helping them to grow. This article focuses on his thoughts on how entrepreneurs can finance their businesses.
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Who is Paul Saunders? He is an accomplished businessman and entrepreneur in the finance sector. He holds a B.A. from the University of Virginia along with an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago. Saunders has held many prestigious leadership roles at different firms including KP Futures Management Corp and Kidder, Peabody, and Co. Away from his business endeavors, Paul Saunders is a staunch supporter of philanthropic activities. He launched the Sounders Family Foundation alongside his wife.


In 1995, James River Capital Corp. came into existence. The firm started off quickly to become an independent investment firm giving competitors a run for their money. The Virginia-based firm focuses on numerous asset classes such as corporate credit and equity strategies.


When it comes to means of funding a business, bootstrapping should be the first option to come in mind. It is the simplest method of getting financing but it may not fund your business entirely. Nevertheless, it demonstrates to investors that you have put in some leverage and you’re serious about it. If borrowing from your friends or relatives does not sound good for you, you can try crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a rare way to mobilize for funds from a large group of people. For crowdfunding to be successful, you need to perform campaigns and give the people small incentives such as T-shirts.


Business loans is another way to go to get your business started and going. You can get loans from banks or Small Business Administration. You might get low-interest loans through banks, although you will go through a lengthy process. You can also opt for SBA loans which are easy to qualify for. If you’re not comfortable with interest rates associated with business loans, you can go for local loans. Paul Saunders would tell you to visit your Chamber of Commerce to get guidance on how to get local funding.


Angel investors find business ideas which are promising and fund them. They can part with up to $10,000 to support your business idea. Angel investors can also give you a networking chance with other investors. Closely related to angel investors are venture capitalists. Venture capitalists invest in promising business ideas with the hope of receiving 3-10 times their investments within a short period of time. You can also trade equity with funding. 

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“James River Capital: Boosting Your Leadership Approach “

Leadership is a crucial element in the effective management and development of a team. As such, being a leader requires the acquisition of outstanding attributes and expertise necessary for the execution of desirable results. According to James River Capital Corporation, a Virginia-situated investment organization, you need time to nurture your skills and concerted efforts to become an impactful leader. Besides, you need to possess a unique leadership approach to foster your team’s achievement under your management. As such, researchers have performed numerous tests in search of the elements of the appropriate leadership model. Their extensive studies have resulted in the discovery of three primary changes that can alter your leadership structure immensely.

The premier concept entails the component of learning to support your team rather than merely leading it. Jams River Capital illustrated that large company including Facebook had utilized this model in the achievement of success. The shift of roles from managing to supporting your colleagues is an essential component in the change of mentality of your team members. As a leader, you should understand that you foster an excellent relationship your members once you engage with them naturally and understand them instead of leading and giving orders. Through this shift, you will influence the members to work towards achieving the company’s collective goal.

In the latter, support entails embracing the opinion of each team member in different ways including encouraging the expression of their views. Usually, people possess a variety of perspectives regarding a single subject matter. As such it is necessary to ensure that each has presented their point of view in a meeting. As a leader, you can augment a unique strategy to help you achieve this objective. Often, executives throughout the world implement this in their leadership approach through the listing of the meeting’s attendees. Upon the formulation of the list, the leader should ensure that they place a checklist alongside the names of the member. Through this, you will notice the silent members and give them the opportunity to present their ideas regarding the subject at hand. In your pursuit to engage everyone, you should be conscious to ensure that the members still feel comfortable as they present their valuable concepts. Learn more:

You are likely to encourage escalation through the accommodation of the employees’ opinions. Paul Saunders, James River Capital CEO, postulates that a company experiences innovation and collaboration through open communication with its employees. Paul Saunders urges leaders to develop psychological concern, which helps the workers feel safe while presenting their interests to them. Through this, the organization is likely to thrive. Under his management, Paul Saunders has championed for the definition of James River Capital Services. The company focuses on the provision of excellent investment advisory services, commodity merchandising and other related services in the US.


U.S. Money Reserve and Its Latest Historic Partnership With Perth Mint Dedicated To Collectors

There are many fascinating treasures today that any collector would be excited to own. From first edition books to limited edition t-shirts, all these collectibles are the source of joy for the most avid collectors.

In a report from PR Newswire, U.S. Reserve displayed that it wants to be part of the sources of joys for these collectors. For this reason, they released the limited edition U.S. Exclusive Perth Minth Coin Set Collectible that would commemorate the landmark event in history when Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II herself was crowned.

One important thing to know about this unique Perth Mint coin set is that it is made possible and launched by U.S. Money Reserve to remember that momentous day when the Queen used her position to inspire people all over the world, especially United States. US Money Reserve Reports How to Protect Wealth From Increasing Global Risks in Exclusive eBook | PRNewswire and US Money Reserve | Bizjournals

She became a symbol of hope during the war, and when the Queen was crowned in 2 June 1953, she instantly became a symbol of a good memory and a good event amid the tragedies of the war.

We should also include here the fact that the coin is made with pure gold and pure silver, at about 99.99% ratio. The coin is also within the boundaries of law in that it is issued as a legal tender, per mandated by the Australian Currency Act of 1965.

Collectors of coins would also see this complete three-coin package as a fascinating treasure if only because it is a gold proof coin. It can be verified that not only is this coin limited edition, but it contains a 2oz. gold proof seal of approval. U.S. Money Reserve is also the sole distributor of this coin set, and could only be made available in the United States.

You may remember that this is not the first time that the collaboration between U.S. Money Reserve and Perth Mint happened. The two firms were already strong partners in previous coin set productions that rememberred landmarks in history. These events include the 90th Birthday Coin Set of Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Wedding Platinum Coin set back in 2017.

About U.S. Money Reserve

There are now about 400,000 satisfied customers, clients and passionate collectors who acquired the offerings of U.S. Money Reserve.

This makes the company one of the largest and successful trusted distributors of government-approved coins in the United States. It’s a company that also helped many people in making decisions involving the purchase of silver, platinum, and gold.

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