Hope with a Beautiful Voice by Latin Singer Norka Luque

Norka Luque debuted her singing career in dance clubs at South Beach a few months after arriving in Miami. Luque’s music has a blend of reggae and Mediterranean beat; it captures the heart of dance clubs in South Beach. Her magical and beautiful voice has seen her develop a devoted following. Word has spread about her that she has everything it takes to become the next Latino star. Emilio Estefan got word about Norka Luque and headed to produce a song with her. Upon hearing her sing, Emilio offered her a producing contract that transformed Luque’s life. Estefan is the produce behind Rick Martin, Gloria Estefan, and Marc Anthony’s music. His wife Gloria has played a huge role in developing Norka’s career. While their voices are entirely different, they have the same desire to entertain.


Norka Luque was born in a stable family that advanced her musical journey from a very young age. Norka took piano many voice lessons when still attending school. After graduating from high school, she went to France in a bid pursue her undergraduate studies. She received a degree in fashion, culinary arts, and marketing. She also experienced a thrust in her musical career when she landed a job with a famous band, Bad Moon Rising. Luque received quite an attention and had many fans in France. However, she decided to go back to Miami where she could sing Latino music. She decided to pursue music after attending Ricky Martin’s concert. The song sung by Martin was the best of its kind; she knew that Miami was the best place for her.


Norka Luque later released a single titled Milagro that instantly became a success. Norka claimed that she sang that song so as the express her feelings. She wanted to give the hope to inspire others that could be facing crisis in their lives. Because of the experiences she underwent in her life, Norka wants to tell her fans that they should not lose hope and continually work hard so as to achieve their dreams.


She finds musicians such as Jay-Z, Queen, George Michael, Ricky Martin and Beyoncé highly talented and deserving of her attention. She enjoys other pass times such as art, food, and sports.