Ted Bauman and The Bauman Letter

Ted Bauman works with Banyan Hill Publishing as an editor. He is a famous person with an attractive and colorful resume. He presently focuses on asset protection as well as low-risk investment strategies. He talks boldly of the years he spent at the McDonald as well as working at a gas station while still a young adult. According to him, the two jobs made him understand what it is like to be a person in a working-class setting. He goes ahead to stay that the jobs allowed him appreciate what people go through to make ends meet by physically working hard and being under harsh bosses and supervisors. These are the jobs that gave him the experience as well as made him appreciate the fact that treating people well must be about paying attention to their welfare right from the bottom to top.

Ted Bauman was born in Washington D.C. He received his post-graduate degree from the Cape Town University in economics and history. He traveled throughout the Latin America as well as the Caribbean while he was working with Habitat for Humanity. Ted Bauman helped develop Slum Dwellers International, an organization that has helped more than 14 million individuals in 35 nations.

Ted has regret in life. He claims that he failed to use his time well in his career. He goes ahead to say that he would have done more if only he knew what he knows now. Over time he has come to lean that it is essential to put aside the most productive portion of the day to handle what is in front of you.

Various publications and prominent journals in the world have published about Ted Bauman, and he has done considerable study as well as writing for the government of South Africa, United Nations as well as other nonprofit agencies in Europe. The Bauman Letter is one of the three bogs that he edits at Banyan. Recently, he came up with approaches for disaster-proofing valuables. Ted Bauman also has come up with recommendations of keeping storage of assets far away from financial institutions. One of the recommendations includes having a lockbox or home safe.


Mike Bagguley Recently promoted to COO of Barclays

In 2015, Barclays promoted Mike Bagguley to Chief Operating Officer (COO) of its investment Bank. He was charged restructuring the business as quickly as possible. Prior to his promotion, Mike was head of the macro marketing business of the company. Mr. Bagguley graduated from the University of Warick with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in 1988. Mike would report directly to CEO Tom King.

Barclays is looking at reducing the size of its bank in order to cut cost and increase profits. Tom King also tasked Mike Bagguley with realigning infrastructure functions, coordinating projects and joining the executive committee. Although the company made changes in the previous year to improve profitability that yielded positive results, more improvements still needed to be made. Mike Bagguley was instrumental in the restructuring of the company’s macro business amid a changing environment that reduced profits.

Barclays and other major banks changed their focus to equities and advisories as trade profits fell due to stricter regulations. Mike joined the company in 2001 and has held a variety of roles and worked in many locations around he world. Justin Bull was the previous COO of the company and it took over six months for the company to fill his position.

The company had plans to cut over 7,000 jobs in order to streamline the company and achieve its ultimate goals. This would be a reduction of approximately a quarter of he companies workforce. The original plan to cut jobs and restructure the company was started in 2014. Mike Bagguley was the best choice to help turn the company around according to Tom King. His proven track record, experience and time with the company made him the ideal choice. Mike will have his hands full trying to turn around the company, but he is up to the challenge. I visited the crunchbase profile of Mike Bagguley to find out information about him.


Stream Energy

The homeless population in Dallas, Texas is up a bit according to recent reports, and many of those who are homeless choose to remain on the streets rather than seek temporary housing in shelters. The weather in Dallas is pretty warm year round, but winters can bring more than a few brutally cold days and nights. Temperatures in Dallas easily get into the hundreds in summer, and the heat index remains there way after summer is over. Many homeless fall victim to weather-related illnesses and often death from heat or extreme cold. The state works hard to combat homelessness, but with devastating storms and limited resources, it is a difficult battle. There is a Texas-based company who makes it part of its mission to help fight and win the battle of homelessness in Texas and across the nation.

Stream Energy is a direct-sales energy company that takes on homelessness first hand by providing resources to the homeless population in Dallas. Stream Energy works with other agencies like The Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity to provide housing and school supplies those in need.

Stream Energy supports local charitable organizations through their foundation Stream Cares. Their team of associates go out into the Dallas communities and hand out water, book bags, school supplies, hygiene kits to residents. The Stream Energy team also puts on hard hats and safety gear to help build housing for displaced residents.

Statistics have shown that when families have homes to raise their children, the high school graduation rates are much higher and there is an increase in higher education enrollment. Stream Energy works hard to ensure that families have the opportunity to restart their lives after homelessness. Homelessness can occur without notice from a devastating natural disaster or a sudden layoff from a company or industry closing. Stream Energy places people not profits at the heart of their energy business, and their efforts to rebuild Texas communities is an example to be followed.


Sought After Sahm Adrangi

Since 2009, Sahm Adrangi has been the Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management. He founded the group aorund ten years ago with less than $1 million and now it now handles $150 million. In less than a decade, Sahm Adrangi has proven himself motivated to work hard and come out on top.

Sahm Adrangi shares information concerning stocks by publishing the research that has been done by the group that he leads. Some of the firm’s research involves correcting misguided concepts on other business ventures including “over-hyped shorts” and “under followed long” stocks. He announces most of this information using social media platforms.

In 2010 and 2011, Sahm Andrangi became highly noticed by revealing Chinese companies that were phony. Several of the companies even became accountable for their erroneous actions. Securities and Exchange Commission had to be involved of what he brought to light.

He has become more in tune with focusing his efforts in biotechnology, mining and telecommunication areas. As his proficiency and judgement are becoming more like a highly tuned skill, he is able to study specific companies and give out research that supports them or opposes them in some way.

Besides research, he has become very active in investing in others like the Lindsay Corporation in 2013. Sahm Adrangi wanted to amend and enhance the company in different scopes. In 2014, he replaced the directors of the Morgan Hotel Group with his own people through a stand-in.

He received a Bachelor’s in Economics at Yale University but Deutsche Bank is where he got his feet wet in the finance business arena. Sahm Adrangi also worked for Chanin Captial Partners as an adviser. Following all of this, he was working at Longacre Management which oversees billions of dollar in hedge funds.

Sahm Adrangi is a sought after public speaker for numerous and various conferences all over. He has been in plenty of broadcasting interviews like the New York Times, Businessweek, CNBC and Bloomberg.



Fortress Investment Group Reaps the Benefits of its Acquisition by SoftBank

A lot of people have been wondering what has made Fortress Investment Group the kind of industry leader that it is; well, their solution is here today. Fortress Group has been a project of real leadership and adherence to the core principles that the company has set in its strategic plan. This has enabled the firm to keep moving even during the difficult moments of economic crisis that have led to the collapse of many other investment firms. The leadership of the firm have been quite strong and supportive of its junior staff and hence creating a very conducive environment for innovation and subsequent growth of the firm.

Among the principles and competencies that have been fundamental to the growth of Fortress Investment Group is its ability to manage mergers and acquisitions competently. This was unique expertise that was introduced to the company by Peter Briger when he joined the company in 2002 from Goldman Sachs. Peter made all the personnel in Fortress Group learn the essential art of establishing and maintaining strong and professional relationships with stakeholders of big organizations in the investment and even other industries. Lucky enough, the strategy has been so fruitful for Fortress that it has been able to engage in high profile business deals with other organizations, which involve mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships.

One of the companies that were successfully acquired by was the Intrawest. This was a Canadian company which was the largest ski resort operator in the whole of North America. Other companies that were acquired in the period were RailAmerica and AIG’s American General Financial Services. However, the latter would the change its name to be called Springleaf Financial Services. One thing worth noting is that while Springleaf was under the management of Fortress Investment Group, its value increased rapidly to over $3.5 billion, which was more than 27 times the value of its original purchase price.

Later in 2017, an international company that specializes in technology and telecommunications, SoftBank Group, purchased Fortress Investment Group in a cash-based transaction that cost them $3.3 billion. This was a very bold move by Fortress Group because they are going to enjoy the advantage of indulging in new economic markets.

Randal Nardone Is A Successful Billionaire Who Helped To Startup Fortress Investment Group LLC.

Randal Nardone is the co-founder and Principal of Fortress Investment Group LLC. He has been a member of the Board of Directors for the company for over a decade and has been serving as a member of its Management Committee for two decades. From late 2011 until July of 2013, he acted as the company’s Chief Executive Officer and then took on the role full-time in August of 2013. Randal Nardone studied at the University of Connecticut where he earned his undergraduate degree in science. He went on to study at Boston University School of Law and earned his Juris Doctor there.

Randal Nardone was singled out by Forbes magazine as one of the “World’s Billionaires,” and listed his net value at $1.8 billion in 2007. He became a billionaire during the early part of 2007 after Fortress Investment Group launched its Initial Public Offering. Nardone also stis as the President of Ncs 1 LLC. and as the President and Chairmon of Springleaf Financial Holdings, LLC. He helped to co-found Fortress Investment Fund IV, L.P. as well as Fortress Investment Fund V and is Secretary and Vice President of Newcastle Investment Holdings LLC.

Before working with Fortress Investment Group, LLC., Randal Nardone served UBS as a Managing Director and also served BlackRock Financial Management as a Principal. Earlier on, he also served the law firm Thacher Proffitt & Wood as Partner. Today, he works to build upon the legacy of Fortress Investment Group, which is now a company that manages more than $43 billion in assets for more than 1,750 investors. The company focuses on hedge funds, permanent capital vehicles, and private equity and uses a strong risk-adjusted returns strategy that brings profit over the long run. Fortress now has more than 900 employees and is located in New York.

Randal Nardone has been a consistent guiding force for Fortress Investment Group and keeps it focused on capital markets, operations management, corporate acquisitions and mergers, asset-based investment opportunities, and researching into specific institutions and companies in specific industries. Looking into the future of Fortress Investment Group, Nardone expects profit and continued success. Fortress Three Top Executives Split $44 Million Bonuses In 2015

Jacob Gottlieb

Dr. Jacob Gottlieb is a financial pundit and experienced investor. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in economics after attending Brown University, earning his CFA charter in 2001 from the Association for Investment Management and Research. He had also pursued a short career in the medical field, graduating from New York University Medical School with an M.D., before working at St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York City as an intern. After completing his medical internship, Jacob Gottlieb made the decision to fully pursue a financial career and abandoned his medical ventures. His career started at a young age, with his parents inspiring him to pursue his goals in medicine and finances.


He was born in Brooklyn, New York. His mother was a pediatrician, and his father a professor of economics. They had immigrated to the United States in the 60s and had seen quite some success in their professional lives after doing so. At a young age, Jacob Gottlieb showed an interest in finances as well as medicine and put great effort toward learning about them. While in 7th grade, he even won a contest involving the selection of successful stocks. His father expressed pride in that accomplishment, being impressed by Jacob’s talent for finances and stocks. So, soon after the contest, with his father’s guidance, Jacob Gottlieb had his first investment trading account opened.


During his prosperous career, Jacob Gottlieb has worked with quite a few companies within the financial sector. Gottlieb currently works as a Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer for Visium Asset Management, LLC, which he established himself in 2005. Before he founded Visium Asset Management, he helped to found Balyasny Asset Management, L.P.; worked internationally via the English firm, Merlin Financial, taking on the role of investment portfolio manager; and gained much of his initial experience in professional finances working for Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. as a buy-side analyst. He’s moved forward quickly in his professional career and excelled in every organization with which he has worked. His reputation as a reliable, experienced, and skilled financial pundit is widespread, and for good reason.


In addition to his financial ventures, and his medical work, Gottlieb has also shown a marked interest in charitable organizations, contributing heavily to a number of prominent charitable organizations based in and around New York. Among these organizations is Covenant House, which dedicates itself to providing second chances to youths who have found themselves homeless and abandoned.



Covenant House

Covenant House has been in operation for over four decades. They are an organization dedicated to America’s forgotten youths and aim to reduce the homelessness rate of young boys and girls by as much as possible. It doesn’t matter how those youths have ended up out on the street, whether by simple misfortune, birth into poverty, escape from trafficking or exploitation, removal from foster care, or escape from an abusive family. Covenant House has helped to save over 1 million youths throughout its decades of operation and currently works to help more than 80 thousand more each and every year. They accomplish this due to generous contributions from volunteers and individuals such as Jacob Gottlieb.


Ricardo Tosto Is An Experienced Business Lawyer

Do you need expert assistance with your business legal concern? Want to be sure you’re dealing with a law firm or lawyer who is well versed in business or corporate law? Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho helps clients to resolve their legal matters effectively.

Ricardo Tosto is a leading business litigation attorney in Brazil. If you are on the lookout for a competent lawyer that caters to clients in Brazil, then check out Mr Ricardo Tosto right away. Ricardo Tosto takes the time to address his clients’ cases appropriately and protect their rights.

Legal advisor might not be an obvious aspect or component of your new enterprise, but many corporations and institutions have started to retain a lawyer. Whether you’re an etablished business owner or a startup, you definitely need a lawyer. It is not advisable to skimp on this service. Exorbitant legal costs of litigation or fees for violations can have a devastating impact on your business or organization.

In Brazil, many businesses and organizations choose Ricardo Tosto to handle their legal issues for them. Ricardo Tosto is a top rated attorney and has been rendering high quality legal solutions to a wide variety of clients. Ricardo Tosto is well known for working hard on behalf of his clients and striving to get them favorable results

Usually people turn to lawyer when faced with a lawsuit or other legal situation. Running a business or managing an organization is different. It is extremely important to make sure that your company or organization satisfies the rules and regulations laid out by the the local and federal offices or regulatory boards.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a business law expert and powerful litigator. His law firm that focuses on delivering high caliber legal solutions in complex cases. His client base ranges from multinational companies to entrepreneurs and high-profile individuals.

Ricardo Tosto works closely with clients and has been practising for more than 22 years, using a straightforward approach to resolving legal cases. Ricardo Tosto aims to get the best possible resolution on his client’s case.

The Sky is the Limit for Madison Street Capital

When it comes to financial advice, very few companies can live up to Madison Street Capital reputation. Some of the services that the company is known to specialize in include helping organizations acquire credit and at the same time help these institutions go through complex transactions. Another service offered by the Madison Street Capital is helping big and small organizations make shrewd decisions especially the ones that are related to investment decisions. Since its establishment in the year 2001, Madison Street Capital has maintained its offices in Chicago, Illinois. Other major services that the company is known to specialize in include merger consulting services as well as company valuation services.


To ensure that they serve their customers with the utmost urgency, Madison Street Capital has maintained several social media accounts. Madison Street Capital uses these accounts to answer questions from customers and address their complaints. At the same time, the company uses these profiles to remind their customers the services they offer. Finally, they use these profiles to update clients’ and consumers about their latest products. All said and done; these accounts can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Madison Street Capital has also maintained profiles on Snap Chat, LinkedIn and Tumblr.


Three years ago, the firm made an announcement that it had worked hand in hand with a company called Vital Care. This company operates from Chicago, Illinois. With Madison Street Capital, they helped their client with securing credit from a suitable lender. The deal also involved finding a commercial loan provider to Vital Care. A statement released by the chief executive officer of Vital Care expressed the pleasure that this company experienced when working with Madison Street Capital. When it comes to awards and recognitions, Madison Street Capital has become accustomed to them. Two years ago, their co-founder Antony Marsala was honored with an award from the National Association of Certified Valuators. This is an award that focuses on young professionals in the finance industry. He was honored for his involvement in mergers and acquisition deals as well as valuation deals.


Just one year ago, Madison Street Capital was honored with an award from M&A Advisor Awards for their involvement in financing, acquisition and restructuring deals. They were selected for the category of deals below 100 million. Finally, Madison Street Capital won another award called Turnaround Award recognizing their financial prowess. ARES Security Corporation is another institution that has worked with Madison Street Capital in the recent past.