Desiree Perez Is Making Waves

Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez, Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation has made a name for herself by making Billboard’s Top 100 Power list. Previously she made Billboard’s Women In Music list. The list is comprised of feedback from all aspects of the music industry. She has been in the music industry for over twenty years working alongside Jay-Z and being responsible for many other big artists’ popularity and fame. Throughout the entertainment industry, Desiree Perez has gained respect by the artists she works with and her peers. Her undaunted marketing and negotiating skills, has lead to record-breaking numbers in the music industry with artist tours and multimillion-dollar deals. She has had a hand in all aspects of Roc Nation activities from record pressing to searching out new talent.

She also takes an activist’s role when there is a cause she has compassion for as in 2018 by aiding in the release of Meek Mill from incarceration. Desiree Perez is an obvious powerhouse in the music industry and with all that she has accomplished thus far, only more amazing results can come from her future endeavors.

Doe Deere

Doe Deere is known by the nickname Queen of Unicorns. She owns a cosmetic company by the brand name Lime Crime. She is known for her passion for things to do with makeup. It is her love for anything that is rainbow that has made her cosmetic brand to such a great success. In an interview with Guest of Guest, Doe Deere conveys the fact that any person from any walk of life has the potential to fulfill their dreams.

Doe Deere was born in Russia, and that is also where she grew up. She moved New York, United States while she was at the age of 17. At the moment she lives in Los Angeles. She says she has always been imaginative and ambitious. This fact could explain the reason behind her success. She says her biggest dream as a child was to become a musician and she did so when after moving to New York. It is during her time as a musician she learned about career and marketing. Her career in music is indeed the beginning of her success story. Her success was, however, not in music but in makeup.

Deere started her entrepreneurship while still in Russia at the age of thirteen. She used to sell temporary tattoos.

She lived in New York for fourteen years. She used to be a member of a band while in New York. It is in music that she met her husband, in the band while writing songs for the band and promoting it too.

Deere advises younger women, especially those who are ambitious, to follow their heart. According to her, everyone possesses a unique quality or skill that they alone have in the entire world. It is when one tunes to that unique quality that they begin to blossom and attain their true potential. She advises people to get to know themselves so as to be able to provide the best value.

Her feeling of being different is what made her able to start Lime Crime company. She discovered that that feeling of being alone was shared by many in the world. When the makeup industry was leaning towards natural colors, she went for the bright and unusual ones. That was way back in 2008. This uniqueness in preference made her company profitable as many girls went for the bright colors. Learn more:

Lime Crime company has a mission of bringing a revolution in the makeup industry. The company has become a leader and a favorite in the digital and social space. Lime Crime believes individuals should look the way want according to their moods.


Betsy DeVos and Her Fervent Initiatives

With America being a world power, it continues to produce great leaders. Moreover, women continue to exercise their leadership skills at an unprecedented level. Aside from debunking numerous stereotypes, several women have changed the world for the better. With that being said, Betsy DeVos remains a prominent figure in American politics. Moreover, she serves as a beacon of hope to women across the world. In addition to being a profound businesswoman, DeVos remains an advocate for under-served communities. In addition, she remains a voice for the voiceless. Throughout her youth, she fought for the equal rights of all Americans. Moreover, her message resonates even louder due to her status as the United States Secretary of Education.

To name a few, these include her support for school choice, school voucher programs, charter schools, and so forth. For decades, DeVos has held numerous positions in her party such as being the chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party. Moreover, Betsy has remained a strong ally to the Detroit charter school system. Aside from business and politics, Betsy DeVos remains a committed wife to her husband Dick DeVos. For those unaware, Dick DeVos remains a multi-billionaire and the former CEO of Amway. Check this related article from New York Post.

Due to such success, the company has received numerous accolades and acknowledgments. Moreover, they have appeared in Forbes several times. With that being said, the couple has a net worth valued at $5.4 billion dollars. Aside from an immense amount of wealth, Betsy hails from an educated background. In fact, she remains a proud graduate of Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. While there, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. Also, she remained motivated by her Christian beliefs. Throughout her childhood, DeVos attended church faithfully. With such a big heart, the DeVos family does not have a problem with giving back to under-served communities.

In fact, they rank among the most charitable families in the United States. Moreover, their lifetime charitable donation amount stands at $139 million dollars. In 2015 alone, the couple made $11.5 million dollars worth of donations. In particular, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation remains noteworthy. For those unaware, the foundation launched in 1989. Moreover, the foundation aims to foster leadership skills within the community. Also, they focus on five key principles that include education, community, arts, justice and leadership. In addition, the DeVos Foundation has changed the lives of countless children across the country. To name a few of the places that they donate to, these include hospitals, art organizations, missionary organizations, and so forth. With so many accomplishments, Betsy remains legendary. Visit to know more about their foundation.

How Doe Deere and Lime Crime Revolutionized The Beauty World

Doe Deere, the Russian-born mastermind behind Lime Crime Cosmetics, proves to us that our ambition can take us anywhere. She isn`t afraid to show off her unique style and incorporate it into her passion for makeup. Her story sets the example that, with some determination and a lot of heart, anything is possible.

Firstly, her tale begins in Russia, even from a young age Doe was a bit of a business woman. At age 13 she sold temporary tattoos to her classmates and found a very effective way to do so. She started by showing them off on her own body and soon enough everyone wanted to jump on the band wagon. Her individual fashion sense, and personal experience, has since helped her flourish her career in business to a worldwide level.

By 2008, Doe had been living in New York City as a musician. She had always been a fan of fun and bright colors, however, they were proven difficult for her to find in the world of makeup. She then decided to create her own makeup line, Lime Crime,that featured the array of flashy colors she gravitated towards. To Doe`s surprise, many other women were interested in these vivid colors as well, which made her company profitable.

Not only does Lime Crime offer a look that most other companies don`t, but it has a great message behind it. Doe believes that, “We express ourselves by what we put on our bodies”. Because of this belief, Lime Crime has become a brand that helps women portray how they feel through their makeup.

With their mission being to revolutionize makeup itself, it is not a difficult brand to get behind. Being a pioneer in digitally-native makeup companies, Lime Crime has managed to take the internet by storm. They have created many mainstream must-haves that other brands try to mimic, with each product being vegan and cruelty-free.

In conclusion, Lime Crime has really set a new standard for cosmetics. Doe has been able to turn dream into reality by setting her ideas into motion. Now, almost ten years later, her company has helped inspire women world-wide to express themselves without the fear of being judged.