Oren Frank And His Wife Are Helping Millions With Talkspace

Oren Frank is the CEO of one of the world’s leading online therapy platforms, Talkspace, which he also cofounded. Mental illness is a worldwide crisis, and Oren Frank aims to make Talkspace’s services accessible to people around the world with its mobile platform. Talkspace was created out of personal experience, and a realization that it could potentially help billions of people.

Frank has led Talkspace to a high level of success. The platform has help millions of people by matching them with professional therapists. Many of the people getting help with Talkspace had no means of obtaining the help they needed before. The mobile app puts therapy in your pocket, making it more accessible than ever before. Almost everyone owns a smart phone today, and with our constant connection to the internet, help is never far away.

Frank believes that modern technology can improve society in many aspects, and he showcases this belief in the way he uses modern technology to improve societies mental health. He and his wife Roni Frank created Talkspace in 2012 hoping to bring mental health services to everybody. The two realized the benefits of therapy in their early marriage, which helped to inspire the platforms creation.

Before cofounding Talkspace with his wife, Frank had established himself as senior marketing executive with McCann Erickson WorldWide. He became well known for being progressive and implementing creative strategies. He quickly became one of the top marketers across the world. He has often said that Talkspace is his redemption for the years he worked in marketing.

After couples therapy helped to save their marriage, Frank realized the global need for accessible therapy. Mrs. Frank changed her career path, leaving behind software development for a degree in psychology.

Now, Talkspace is growing in its influence, helping connect people in need with professionals who can help them.

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The Ups and Downs of Marc Beer’s Career

It hasn’t always been easy for Marc Beer to make it big in his career but that’s never stopped him before. The 58-year-old businessman and entrepreneur recently sat down for a chat to discuss how he maintains his success and where he would like to go in the future of his career. Back in the early ’80s, he started college as a freshman at Miami University where he discovered his love of business. After receiving his BS degree four years later, he began his post-academic career as a member of the sales department at a company called Abbott. This is a role he would serve in for six years before moving on to Biostar to become their corporate officer in Boulder.

After working for them for two years, he accepted an offer from a company called Genzyme to serve as their new VP of Global Marketing, a job he held for four years before starting his own company. Founded in May of 2000 and headquartered in Cambridge, the primary mission of the company is to analyze blood stem cells from the umbilical cords of new mothers in an effort to research and synthesize potential new cures for various conditions and illnesses. The company employed a significant amount of people and went public in 2005 but shortly thereafter, they decided to sell the company and made a substantial profit off the sale. Around this time, his wife tragically died of a pulmonary embolism and he stepped up to raise their three kids.

He would transport them to school, ensure they had a healthy lunch and help them with whatever they needed but it wasn’t long before his daughter told him he needed to go back to the business world and continue helping people as much as he could. As such, he soon collaborated with fellow colleagues to become the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Renovia, a company dedicated to developing and mass-producing various medical products for patients suffering from different diseases and conditions. The Boston-based company has already become a massive success as their first product recently became approved by the FDA and one of their grant proposals was accepted which gave them an extra $32 million in funding for their research and development team.  Learn more: https://blogwebpedia.com/marc-beer-entrepreneurial-spirit-biotech.html


He has given advice to the next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs, telling them to try and be as
philanthropic as possible, be willing to make compromises to help the company succeed and always
learn from their past errors. One of the diseases they’re attempting to uncover a treatment for,
pelvic floor disorders happen to affect over a quarter of the female population nationwide and he
is dedicated to giving back to the community at large.

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Parents Beware-American Addiction Centers Shows How Readily Available Substances are on College Campuses

Every parent is concerned about their child’s use of drugs and alcohol. American Addiction Centers advises that college students tend to be excessive substance abusers. The concern is more that an effect on the student’s education, this behavior can lead to full out addiction.

While drugs and alcohol are prevalent in college and university settings, the staff at American Addiction Centers advises parents to be aware of the signs of addiction. Take notice if a child or loved one show a change in appearance or is experiencing mood swings. Read more: American Addiction Centers Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers Reviews | Rehabs

Lying, excessive sleep patterns and paranoid behavior are also tell tale signs that a person is an addict. By staying vigilant and aware of these behaviors, parents and friends can spot those who may be struggling with addiction and provide a means to help the addict recover in a safer and more rapid way.

The alumni coordinator at Recovery First Treatment Center, Missy Pollack, is in her fifth year of recovery of her own addiction battle. She knows first hand how open the drug and alcohol scene is in colleges. All substances are available to college students anywhere; from sporting events to dorm rooms.

In Missy’s cases, she was first introduced to her substance while studying for exams in the library. Ms. Pollack is also all to familiar with the enticing nature of trying a drug for the first time. She attests that she was hooked at once and wishes someone in her life had noticed her struggler sooner; as the assistance would have saved her years of hurt and anguish.

If there is someone in your life that you believe may be suffering from any addiction of some sort, please reach out to them. Services offered can be provided on an inpatient or outpatient basis, depending on the nature and circumstance of the specific situation at hand. American Addiction Center provides treatment services for all types of substance abuse.

With facilities throughout the United States, help is never far from reach. Your connection may make the all the difference between the addict having a lifetime addiction or having a life. Please do not hesitate to contact American Addiction Center with any questions or for any assistance they may be able to offer.

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A Decade Of Flavors and Fun, EOS Releases 35 More Flavors!

Celebrating your first decade in the beauty industry is a huge accomplishment. Celebrating this 10 year anniversary and maintaining a spot at the top of the product popularity chart is even more worthy of a celebration. EOS (evolution of smooth) lip balm is doing just that this year. If you haven’t heard of EOS lip balm you probably have been living under a rock for the past decade. They are the round balls of balm that are found coast to coast at nearly every beauty counter in cosmetic specialty shops and even your corner drugstore.

The 10 year celebration isn’t targeted just towards EOS lip balm; but rather EOS lip balm is extending their celebration to their customers. A whopping 35 new products are being released by EOS from now through to October. Yes, you heard that right; 35 products. How is that even possible considering that is basically double the products that they already offer. These new flavors and bright colored balm balls are going to become coveted make up accessories quickly.

The flavors getting released are going to become new fan favorites. EOS is embracing fall and releasing a toasted marshmallow, honey apple and strawberry peach as well as a lot of other tasty fruity and dessert inspired flavors.

EOS Lip Balm Reviewed by Earth to Jessica – https://www.earthtojessica.com/eos-lip-balm-review/

USHEALTH Advisors: Healthier Alternatives Featuring Pizza


A topic USHEALTH Advisors has focused on is how eating can be fun. It seems that a busy schedule is one factor that makes it hard to feed a nutritious meal to families. Stanford University recently did a study that discovered that focusing on diet and exercises simultaneously comes with the most benefits. The exercises that someone does seem to change according to health goals. In nutrition, the whole family could engage in preparing for a meal. That also has parents put the habits in healthy eating in children’s early years. There are some simple methods USHEALTH Advisors has that one can have healthy and great tasting food incorporated into their lives.

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USHEALTH Advisors claimed a food that is assumed to be one of the most popular in the U.S is Pizza. Pizza is thought by many medical experts to be very unhealthy because of the number of refined carbohydrates located in the crust. What that means is a majority of nutrients and vitamins are taken out from the flour making the dough. Also, it seems that when you make pizza at home, you can still have the same craving without unhealthy aspects.

Healthy Pizza

The USHEALTH Group Living Good Health blog recommended a pizza that takes away a lot of the concerns found in a traditional pizza. In this pizza, you include a combination of white and whole wheat flour. Also,ir calls for canned tomatoes to serve as sauce. That is done to rid of excess sugar, and you can also add more vegetables to make it a “nutrient-packed meal.” You should also be careful with how much cheese you put on the pizza. Also, you could sub it with cheese that is lower in fat or vegan. Finally, leftovers can be frozen and then later defrosted.

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American Addiction Centers: Don’t Turn Down Help

For a lot of people that are battling addiction, they don’t seek out help. Instead, they simply try to just deal with it on their own. That is not going to help them out. When it comes to addiction, it takes a whole army to defeat it. They need the right people in their corner that will give it to them straight.

They need the right mix of tough love along with patience. It is going to be a long road ahead, but in the end, it is a journey they will be happy they went on because they are living their best life.

Many people are unaware that places like the AAC (American Addiction Centers) even exist in the first place. It is because they haven’t done their research or homework on it. It is also because they never really thought they had an issue in the first place. They assumed they were doing fine.

They thought, “I might have a drink once in a while. Who doesn’t? What’s the big deal?” The big deal is that people are drinking at an alarming rate. They are out of control with their drinking. They don’t know how to just have a beer or two and call it a day.

According to a survey by the AAC, “14% of people believed they were fine to drive after 5-6 beers, and 10% after 5-6 glasses of wine.” It goes to show the addicts have not really done their homework on this subject. They didn’t fully realize their body weight and how much they were putting into their body. Read more: American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase and American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor

They might feel fine at the moment, but it is a whole different animal when they are behind the wheel. What is even more frustrating for their friends and family is the fact that ride-sharing apps are out there to give them a ride home.

Instead, they are choosing to get behind the wheel of a car while blackout drunk and take that chance. Why take that chance? According to those that work at the AAC, it is the first sign that something is severely wrong and the addiction is quite strong.

Sometimes they don’t realize how bad it truly is until someone gives them the numbers and the facts. As the AAC has said, “If we can save even one life by encouraging someone to seek help before something devastating happens, then we are making an impact.” They have even said they treat patients with alcohol more than any other substance.

Because it is their number one problem, they are going out of their way to give it the care, attention, and detail it needs in order to help their patients.

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