Neurocore Uses Neurofeedback To Treat Depression

There are oven ten million adults living with depression in the US alone but could neurofeedback be the right technique to help treat this condition? Neurocore certainly seems to think so. In the mid-30’s, Frederick Lemere became one of the first scientists to study the effects of neurofeedback on patients suffering from depression and he documented his astounding results. Over 80 years later, scientists are now using his research to develop the most effective methods of treating depression and they seem to be having much success. Out of the 292 patients they’ve treated thus far, over three-quarters of them reported a significant decrease in the severity of their symptoms while over half of them no longer met the requirements of a depressed person.

Their success has led to them to develop a medication-free depression treatment program which uses neurofeedback to help treat patients. As part of the program, they also use Qeeg technology to monitor the brainwaves of the patients in an effort to hone in on the inherent cause of depression. Additionally, they use a rating scale known as ASEBA which stands for Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment. Many traditional treatment methods for depression can include seeing a therapist, taking medication or some combination thereof. While the exact cause of depression is not known, many scientists suspect it may be caused by hormones and hereditary factors.

Additionally, scientists believe that an increase in alpha activity can often be an indication of someone who is struggling with depression. Neurocore was first founded back in 2004 and has since become one of the world leaders in applied neurosciences. Their services have even been employed by such high-profile sports teams as the Portland Trailblazers. They currently have eight different performance centers in two different states, Michigan and Florida. They use neurofeedback and Qeeg technology to help improve people’s brain functions as well as their mental acuity. They have also recently added something called a brain room to one of its facilities which seeks to improve people’s cardiovascular systems as well as strengthen core mental faculties. So we wish them luck.

Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is one of the old institutions that has been providing care for elderly people and those in need of special care. It mainly operates in the southern coast of England. However, today there are more than 20 facilities that operate under this organization an example being daycare facility. It offers services for both the elderly people and young adults with neurological disabilities and some other forms of cognitive issues. In this regard, there are a variety of job opportunities that one can secure with this company.

Dementia care
It entails taking care of the aging population and making sure that they remain to be active members of the society. A qualified individual can seek for this opportunity since Sussex Healthcare aims at keeping abreast with latest techniques for caring for people with dementia to help them manage their memory loss.

Neurological care
This company has some facilities that take care of patients with neurological and brain injury issues. Careers related to this service include physiotherapists and speech and language therapists. Alongside this two are reflexology and aromatherapy. Specialists in this field can thus seek job opportunity in this organization.

Dental care
Causeway and Black Horse Way dental practices that operate in Horsham have been in operation for more than 30 years. They are the largest dental provider taking care of a wide range of clinical and cosmetic dental treatment. They are renowned for their professionalism in dealing with their patients. Therefore, specialists in dental care can seek employment opportunities in this organization which forms part of the wide Sussex Healthcare company.

Gym Facilities
Sussex Healthcare has a gym which is equipped with numerous stationery designed for individuals with neurological conditions. In this regard, there’s a likelihood that an individual can secure a job as a gym instructor. This is because the company recommends exercises that stabilize individual’s core and maximize persons’ range of motion. Exercises and movements have proved to minimize symptoms of neurological conditions and prevent stiffness.

Residential facilities
Sussex Healthcare has some residential facilities that take care of the old. They include Clemsfold House, Forest Lodge, Kingsmead care centre, Raspkyns care home, Upper mead, Longfield Manor and Horncastle House. All these homes are run by some Residents. This means that it is possible to secure a job to work in this homes as either specialists or even taking care of the gardens.

Depending on the area of specialization there is thus a wide range of job opportunities in Sussex Healthcare organization.

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Compassionate Doctor Certification: Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

If you love to read you have probably already read that Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has officially received a ranking with the top physicians nationwide. This, of course, was something that he would not have been able to do without the assistance of his patients. Patients’ Choice decided that they would announce the 2012 Compassionate Doctor Certification and Dr. Jejurikar was included in the announcement. With him having been recognized by them as a caring doctor, everyone is now able to see how the work that he has done has helped many patients around the U.S.


Whenever another year goes by, there are almost 100 million patients within the U.S. who have decided to recognize their doctors for the work they have done by using sites like Vitals and Patients’ Choice. They do this by sharing their experiences with others on the platforms and rating doctors for their work. If you were wondering about how a doctor could be selected for such an award, all that they do is look at the overall and bedside manner scores in order to determine a winner. Patients are able to rate their overall experience with their doctors using this site, as well as being able to rate their bedside manners.


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has worked hard in his career to help his patients achieve their dreams, and his continues to do so now. So, it comes as no surprise that he felt honored when he realized what his patients had done in order to help him get the recognition that he deserves. With the amount of success that this doctor has had in life, it is easy to see how so many patients have been able to put their trust into the hands of this doctor, and it is also to see how they would have rated him so highly.


Copa Star Hospital, Hospitality at its Best

Located right in the heart of Rio, hospital Copa Star is known for its hospitality since its inauguration in October 2016. It has been known for attending to the needs of all residents of Rio. They go to this hospital, and none sets out with their needs unmet. Copa Star was founded by Jorge Moll and has since grown under his care. Copa Star Hospital holds various features that make it stand out from other hospitals and these include:

Copa Star’s Architectural Design

Its design could be closely compared to that of a five-star inn, thanks to the concept of Rede D’Or Sao. It has about seven floors and 21,000 square meters. The hospital is also fully refined and made from the finest building materials hence firm and stable. Its structure beholds a striking beauty.


High Level of Technology Exhibited by Hospital Copa Star

Copa Star has a system known as “The Smart Hospitality system,” which allows all patients a particular rank of autonomy. The feeling is not experienced in any other hospital. All inpatients are gifted with an iPad so that a one-on-one conversation between them and the doctor is possible. Technology does not stop at this; the beds are automated and can be made to suit the individual needs of an inpatient. The intern, through the help of this Smart Hospitality technology, can close and open the curtains at their wish. They also adjust the lighting of a room depending on the needs of the patient. It also enhances privacy when examining a patient.

Thorough Staff Training

It is known that to get the best services from a hospital; the staff has to be highly skilled. They are expected to have the know-how needed in handling all patients. Copa Star knows this, and it is highly reflected in their staff. The hospital team having undergone intensive training for two months has full expertise and knowledge when it comes to handling patients. To achieve all this, investments a little over R $400million has been channeled into the project.

Other Significant Innovations

Copa Star has an area set apart and used for the flow of stretchers. This means that the beds and other hospital personnel can freely move around without causing traffic that is often seen in many hospitals. The corridors have sufficient ventilation, and clean air flows through, thanks to the kinetic works of Yutaka Toyota a Japanese painter. Read more at about Copa Star.

Operation Rooms

With the intent of this hospital becoming a top quality center for radiology and cardiology, the operation rooms have been made to encompass resonance imaging and technology. It enables doctors to view their patients’ medical scans before, during and after surgery. Where less extensive surgery is required, there are hybrid rooms that offer the same services and access to the same equipment, hence ensuring such patients get unsurpassed care.