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Making charitable donations is something that everyone aspires to be able to do. That being said, sometimes you might not have the cash or the capital to donate directly to a charity and finding a viable alternative is a must. For those that hold stock, stock donation has benefits for both parties involved. Donating stock is a wonderful way to help cut troublesome stock from your own portfolio while doing good for other people.

Stocks can be donated and counted off on your taxes as a write off for a percentage of what the face value of the stock is worth. Donating stock is a great way to help get rid of stock that might be causing issues with your own portfolio, that might be coming to maturity and may not be gaining money for you, and that may not be making the right investments for you. Donating stock helps to prevent the need to pay large sums of taxes, it is a great way to donate more if you do not have cash on hand for donation and more.

You can donate stock to any charity of your choice, and you can help make a big difference in the overall way that you are donating and in the overall amount that you are going to be able to donate as well. If you are donating stock for instance you would be able to donate stock that amounts to a larger sum than you would be able to if you were donating cash. For those that are looking to donate stock, HCR Wealth Advisors can help you to square away your donations, to find out just what to donate and how much to donate, and how to donate to make the biggest impact and do the most good with the stocks that you are donating. Donation of stocks is a wonderful way to help others and to truly make a difference without making a huge amount of trouble for you.

This article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as investment advice.

JD.Com Using 5G to Run a Beijing Warehouse

JD.com is China’s most popular retailer, and in order to satisfy all those customers they’ve had to embrace technology in all they do. With tech being synonymous with what they do, JD is always looking for the next addition to their logistics infrastructure. That’s why JD announced the opening of a smart logistics park in Beijing where technology runs on 5G.

5G connections allow for greater bandwidth, letting JD.com up the number of industrial IoT machines at this warehouse. In addition to the number of machines, their communication is more reliable, meaning operations there are expected to run more smoothly.

IoT devices will be under constant surveillance by other machines. JD’s smart infrastructure can keep an eye on the warehouse in real time, helping forklifts navigate as they transfer freight and avoid unforeseen obstructions in their way. With a constant 5G connection run by smart machines, rather than relying on human eyes, JD hopes to run a more efficient site. 5G will also assist with deliveries by making smart parking a possibility, making sure that incoming deliveries and outgoing freight can utilize the most convenient parking spots and line up with available docking bays.

While this warehouse is showcasing much of what JD will be using 5G capabilities for in the present, it’s not the only way this technology will be implemented. IoT devices will have a place in more of JD’s logistics operations, especially in a supporting role in their ever-growing supply chains.

JD’s smart logistics park running on 5G is the first of its kind in all of Beijing, according to Chief Architect of Logistics R&D and the head of smart logistics for this location, Wenming Zhe. With 5G, users experience low latency and high connection speeds, and Zhe says this technology will allow for an impressive number of devices to be used at the site in Beijing, allowing goods to go from their to customers faster and more efficiently than before.

In other statements about the Beijing warehouse, JD stated their plans to get IoT devices and 5G connection to more sites, mainly to increase communications between machines at disparate sites.

How Equities First Holdings UK Helped A Company Called Angle

Equities First Holdings has been able to help a company called Angle PLC(Angle) with an equity loan. A loan was issued to the CEO of Angle, Andrew Newland. By 2016 Newland has repaid the loan and Equities First Holdings delivered the stocks used as collateral to Newland. Equities First Holdings looks to help businesses in Europe by planning to deliver over $100 million to businesses. With success in the past, Equities First Holdings will look to repeat it by reaching the goal of a $100 million set by the CEO of the company.

NexBank Announces a Major Deal


After the 2008 crisis that hit the global market, very few financial institutions were able to stand on their feet again. Most of them collapsed, and they needed capital from the government so that they can start their operations again. The consumer lost their trust in most of these institutions. One bank, however, has remained faithful to its customers for several decades.

NexBank Capital is among the most profitable banks in the United States. The main offices of the company are in Dallas. For years, the company has ensured that its customers get high-quality financial services.

Under the leadership of various individuals, the financial institution has closed many deals. Just recently, the leaders publicly announced that they had completed the oversubscription of its private placement to the unsecured notes. When they decided that it was time to reopen the initial offering, NexBank managed to raise more than eighty million dollars.

NexBank Capital is a contemporary bank that hosts a wide array of services. Though it’s considered to be a regional bank, it can still compete with many of today’s national banks.

Today, the total issuances in the financial services firm stand at one hundred and fifty-five million dollars. The executive team says that the notes will mature in the year 2026. Refer to This Article for more information.

It promises its investors that the notes will attract a rate of 5.5% every year. This will take place for the next five years, giving the customers significant profits. NexBank unsecured notes received a BBB rating from the Kroll Bond Rating Agency. Sandler O’Neill Partners LP is the sole placement agent. Let’s dive a bit deeper.

NexBank has taken this route so that it can use all the income generated from the idea to settle some debts in the corporate section. NexBank is in the right hands, and this is the sole reason many customers are confident about the investment. The extra funds raised will help NexBank to fortify their accounts, giving them the chance to increase the earnings of the clients. This is not the first major transaction carried out by the large organization. In recent months, the organization has made several acquisitions to deal with customer demands.


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