Fagali’I Airport, The “Little Miracle” that is the Gateway to Paradise

Fagali’I Airport, it’s a facility that you more than likely have never heard of, and that’s totally understandable, after all, it’s a small airport, on a small island in Samoa, in the South Pacific. For those who live on the islands of the region, the airport is very important. It is the main method of arrival to and from Upolu, the smaller of the two large islands of Samoa. It is the only air travel option on the island, and most of all, it is the major commerce center for off-island trade. Yes, there are a lot of reasons those who call Samoa home would know about the “little airport of miracles”, but truth be told, there really is no reason why anyone outside of the Samoan archipelago should know about Fagali’I Airport. Nonetheless, you should definitely know its name and you should write it down so you can talk to your travel agent about it, because not only is its existence a “miracle” but it is also the gateway to paradise. Read this article about Fagali Airport at Radio New Zealand

Fagali’I Airport started its life as a dirt landing strip used by small planes and helicopters to travel back and forth between Upolu and Savai’i the larger island nearby. As travel between the two islands and others in the chain increased, the airport underwent some improvements, including the changeover to a grass landing strip for more comfortable and safer landings and takeoffs. After a brief period of closure due to controversy in the government, the airport reopened in the early 2000’s with a paved runway and a greatly improved terminal. This was just the beginning of a whirlwind series of expansions improvements and upgrades that would over the next 10 years lead to this being a regional airport that feels like and offers the services of an international hub.

Today Fagali’I is a comfortable and efficient facility that offers a great experience for travelers coming and going from the island, for tourism, business, commerce, and personal reasons. The friendly staff are always warm and welcoming to visitors from far and wide. Five airlines service the airport for inter-island travel, and there is a choice of service for international connections via Pago Pao and America Samoa. There are abundant shopping and dining options nearby, and without a doubt you will appreciate the WiFi, charging stations, and abundant power outlets, not to mention the clean and spacious restroom facilities, after a long flight. The Fagali Airport offers a wide range of transportation options to get you from the facility to the major city of Apia 5 kilometers away. It is from Apia that you make your way across the island for a whole range of activities catering to the desires and interests of everyone.

Come to Upolu and see why it is called “Paradise on Earth” and see why the airport known as the “little miracle” is the gateway to paradise. Visit: https://www.accuweather.com/en/as/fagalii/96799/weather-forecast/2123644