Ashley Lightspeed: Bringing Ideas To Life

Ashley Lightspeed is still very early in her career, yet she has been able to rack up some very impressive accomplishments along the way. When she was young she always enjoyed to be able to sit at the drafting table with her dad and sketch new ideas for building things. Being an architect was always her dream. She attended Duke University and quickly found a job with Bain & Company.

She learned how to help shape actionable business intelligence. From there she decided to go to Stanford Business School and then linked up with Lightspeed Venture Capital. Her time at Thumbtack introduced her to many more opportunities that her colleagues knew about. They introduced her to various start up companies who were looking for someone who could help to grow and expand their businesses. Even though she does not do consulting work anymore she still loves to work on growth strategy and help getting companies off the ground in cost effective and long sustainable growth.  See more on twitter for more information.

Ashley Lightspeed learned in her early years that the best way to approach ideas was to create prototypes. These are not physical prototypes, but ones that she could picture in her mind and apply to the ideas that she had in her mind. Ashley has the ability to keep things flexible so when challenges do arise they can be handled with swiftly. As an entrepreneur she has learned this to be of upmost importance as well. The upcoming trend that excites her the most is that of The Boomer generation getting older and reaching retirement. She is excited to see this massive shift and the new innovations that could be taking place in products and services. She believes that there is a lot of opportunity up and coming that could potentially drive the world further.

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Entrepreneur Luke Lazarus Explains Why Business Plans Are So Crucial

For the past several years, Luke Lazarus has been a business consultant who helps startup entrepreneurs. He had started and sold four successful startups himself so he decided to share his knowledge and business skills with other entrepreneurs.

He made so much money from his entrepreneurial activities that he decided making more wouldn’t ever again be his motivation. He wants to help small business owners so that they can have the same success in the business world that he has had. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | Dougsandler  and Luke Lazarus | Medium

The large majority of new businesses fail. Most fail in the first year and just one out of five survive five years. These are pretty grim odds. Luke Lazarus stacks the odds in his client’s favor. He gives his clients access to his business strategies including how to cut through the clutter of competing products and services.

Luke Lazarus helps his clients in many ways. The first thing he does is create a business plan. He says that a business plan that tells a story is critical. The business plan and the story of a company are essentially the same. Once successfully crafted a good business plan can be shared with all stakeholders including investors, employees, and customers.

Most new ventures fail because they don’t take the time to create a business plan with a story, he says. He creates a thoughtful business plan for all of the companies he consults for.

Luke Lazarus started his first venture after graduating from college. He built companies into ones that were attractive to larger companies in their industry. He sold each of his companies for a large profit. All four of his companies were started and sold before was even 35 years old.

Entrepreneurs across Australia have hired Luke Lazarus as a business consultant. His specialty is helping small businesses that are on the brink of failure.

He is direct with these business owners, letting them know where they need to improve in regards to business practices, operations, marketing, and other areas. He says that sugar-coating things isn’t productive and it’s better for him to spell out to his clients where they need to make improvements.

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The Fantastic Story of Under Armour CEO, Kevin Plank

Founder, CEO and the chairman of the Board of directors at Under Armour, Kevin Plank, has always had a mission of making people better. He is a former University Student at Maryland and football player. As a Maryland football player, he was not allowed to hold a job. He, therefore, decided to create a rose delivery company, Cupid’s Valentine, targeting his classmates. During his first four years of business, he generated 17,000 dollars, which was enough to kick start his all-time idea-creating a better kind of T-shirt.

He came up with this idea in 1995 when he was a special teams’ captain. The innovative T-shirt was one that would keep athletes fresh, dry, and light by wicking sweat. Kevin Plank was getting disappointed with the way he had to change his cotton T-shirt over and over again after getting soaked with sweat.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Maryland in 19996, he started his business. First, he set a target of finding the best fabric for his T-shirt to turn his dream of redefining how athletes dress into a reality. What began as a tight T-shirt led to the launch of a better performance Under Armour (NYSE: UA).

He started small, and he spread the word about Under Armour, reaching out to his former school mates and holding conferences. Right now he oversees Under Armour Company with 11,000 workers. Besides, his family owns the Plank Industries-a privately-held investment company with diversified holdings.

Philanthropist activities

Kevin Plank cares about the welfare of other people. His mission has always been to make others better. It’s for this reason that Plank pledged to set aside $25 million to support the construction of an academic and athletics complex. As a result, the project will bring together two of his favorite passions, athletics, and entrepreneurship.

Equities First Holdings And Their Feature In Chronicle Week

Chronicle Week has a good feature on Equities First Holdings that highlights how this company has had a vision for reaching the whole world with lending services. The company has done a very good job of making sure that the customer has options that will be easy for them to pay off. Customers get better rates and terms through this company because they keep risk down and offer nice collateral.

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Getting to Know the Professional Michael Nierenberg

With a lot of investment professionals out there, it has never been easier to use the services of Michael Nierenberg because of all of the work he has done. You can find out more about Michael Nierenberg by visiting his many social media accounts. You will enjoy being able to make use of Michael Nierenberg and the services that he offers to those interested. He has been working within the field for many years, so you can feel comfortable using his expertise services that he is offering.

Not only has Michael Nierenberg worked with a range of banks and other investment corporations, but he is the owner of New Residential Investment Corp and has worked there for many years. You can find Michael Nierenberg on his social media sites as well as Wiki pages where you can get a full profile bio of the type of work that he has done in the past.

You will enjoy being able to use a successful professional who has years of experience in the field and who is able to provide different work opportunities for those who may be interested in this type of choice. Make sure to consider the benefits of choosing Michael Nierenberg for yourself. Click here.

Toyo Setal: The EPC Portal Benefits And Project With Petrobras

Last 2012, the Japanese company TOYO acquired 50% of the Setal Oil and Gas (SOG) holdings. Both Toyo and SOG started working together in projects in the same year, with shared responsibilities and joint management. This was the creation of Toyo Setal, a company which now offers its services in the different sectors of the Brazilian market, particularly in the Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning, or EPC. Both SOG and TOYO already collaborated in the past, which brings success to both companies before forming Toyo Setal.

Toyo Setal has been answering the demands of its market since its inception. It’s main operations revolve around oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, infrastructure, and energy. It both handles off-shore and local projects and answer the needs of its clients with complete and integrated solutions per contract. The company is also an agent of innovation, which is a must to answer the needs of its clients. One of its most innovative products is the EPC portal, which is a software created to bring benefits to its projects.

The EPC portal is an information management solutions which make system-wide information sharing available in just one platform. Its purpose is to make the dissemination of information around an enterprise easier and time-efficient. With this software, there is greater productivity and integration of information around the company system because it reduces revisions and saves time. The software is also compatible with ISO 15.926, a standard governing data sharing between computer systems. With the effectiveness and the benefits of the EPC Portal, it was awarded the “Innovations in Engineering Project Integration” award during the AVEVA World Summit 2014 event.

Another project that Toyo Setal had worked on is the R1.2 billion Hydrogen Plant Construction project back in 2013 that took place in Rio de Janeiro. Petrobras was the one who granted the construction to Toyo Setal and was expected to be completed in mid-2016. This project is going to be a part of the Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex or Comperj. With this complex, Petrobras is expected the complex to be able to generate 165,000 barrels per day together with their Japanese hydrogen plant.

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Eric Lefkofsky: The Man Behind Tempus

The co-founder and CEO of Tempus, Eric Paul Lefkofsky attended the Bloomberg summit in New York and talked to Max Chafkin about the changes in the health sector and some of his business ideas. He is a tech investor and entrepreneur having co-founded data companies, e-commerce, transportation and business services companies. Tempus’ aim is to connect molecular data with structured clinical data and study how patients react to their cancer drugs.

Tempus is also working with people suffering from diabetes and depression and will venture in other medical situations soon. According to Lefkofsky, large tech companies can impact Tempus positively through structuring and analysing data collected by the Tempus staff. An average of 250 hospital systems are working with Tempus, and 25% of their cancer patients come through Tempus. Eric agrees to protect patient’s information, but this might be a massive blow to the health data companies.

Eric Lefkofsky was born in 1969 and is the co-founder of Groupon, Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings and a founding partner of Lightbank which is a venture fund investing in disruptive tech businesses. His wife started the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in which he co-chairs with the aim of improving the lives of the community. The foundation has assisted more than 50 organisations through funding. He also serves as a Trustee in various institutions in Chicago.

Lefkofsky teaches entrepreneurship and building tech-based businesses at the University of Chicago and also an author of Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation. This book talks on how business is affected by technology. Eric studied at the University of Michigan where he graduated with honours in 1991 and the Michigan Law School to receive his Juris Doctor in 1993. Eric advises the younger generation not to be afraid to fail and be bold to take risks.

Ted Bauman Uses His Knowledge Of The Financial Sector To Help Educate Aspiring Investors

Ted Bauman is a giver and an entrepreneur who has spent a lot of his time serving nonprofit organizations in the past. He moved to South Africa from the United States when he was a young man and earned his degrees in economics and history while studying at the University of Cape Town. For more than twenty years, he worked as a funds manager for various nonprofit organizations, and one of these was Slum Dwellers International. His work with charitable groups has helped millions of people from many different parts of the world.

Ted Bauman has worked with various governments as a consultant over the years and has also worked with the United Nations. This has given him a unique look into the way that economics and politics work in the world. Bauman uses the knowledge he has picked up during his career to write his newsletter, which is published by Banyan Hill Publishing. He started working with the publishing company in 2013 and is the editor of Plan B Club, The Bauman Letter, and Alpha Stock Alert. He got into writing for Banyan Hill because he had a genuine desire to help others, and he has reached thousands of people so far. Get the latest update on his twitter to find out more.

Ted Bauman was recently asked how long it took him to become profitable when he returned to the United States. He commented that his background in the finance world helped him to find success much more quickly than he could have done without it. The content he writes doesn’t take as long as it might someone else because what he writes about is near and dear to his heart.

Ted Bauman is able to draw in new readers to his newsletter on an ongoing basis because he stays informed about the latest happenings in his industry. He feels he has been able to stay a success because of his ability to manage his time well. Bauman also believes that productivity is the key factor to succeeding, and he is able to stay productive because he does a lot of his work during the early hours of the day when he feels most focused.


Equities First Holdings: Information about UK Branch


Equities First Holdings is a firm based on lending that has several worldwide branches including the UK. They have spent over a decade, giving clients strategies, so they can achieve the financial goals they have. This company has been successful in giving financial solutions and provide low-rate lending solutions as well. It is not hard to qualify for those low rates. Also, the laws are not stringent to apply for.

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Changing The World One Talkspace At A Time

Oren Frank has always wanted to help people. He knew that anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses were on a steady rise. He wanted to create a way for people to be able to seek out the help that they needed in a way that they would use so he decided to create Talkspace.

Talkspace is an online therapy option for people that are struggling from mental illnesses. Talkspace gives these people an option to speak to a representative through video chat or through the messaging option. People are often too embarrassed to go out and get the help that they need. They often do not want to talk to a therapist face to face. This is whyTalkspace is such a great idea. Visit to learn more about Oren Frank

With Talkspace growing at such a fast rate Oren Frank knew that he needed to have more medical professionals on board to help with their business. He recently hired Neil Leibowitz. Neil Leibowitz is a medical professional who will be able to write prescriptions to those that are seeking services and may need them. This will bring in even more patients because knowing that they can get the medications that they need and will not have to face a therapist face to face is very appealing to many.

Oren Frank has worked very hard to get Talkspaceoff of the ground and running. He has done a very good job at it. Talkspace is making Oren Frank very successful. He started Talkspaceas a way to help people he never knew that Talkspace would make him so successful. Oren Frank has big plans for Talkspace. He cannot wait to see where the next few years will take the company. Oren Frank is going to see many more years of success thanks to Talkspace and all of its success.