JD.com Innovates Again with 5G IIoT


5G cellular networks are here and they are making waves. The introduction of fifth generation cell tech has many experts claiming that logistics and supply chain are about to be revolutionized. The revolution will not come from faster speeds or better efficiency, but rather the new power given to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been talked about for a while. It is the ability for web-connected devices to basically communicate with each other. Usually, such devices are smart phones, smart appliances, and other small devices with the word ‘smart’ in front of them. However, device-to-device communication is being utilized in a huge market of industries.

Companies use the IIoT for supply, marketing, logistics, and even farming. At present at least 10 billion devices are connected through the IIoT. However, IIoT still requires a human presence for communication to happen. 5G networks are bolstering the conversation about what would happen if smart devices interacted without the human element. Enter JD.com and its independently-run logistics firm JD Logistics. Go To This Page for related information.

JD.com is known globally for its use of advancing technology. Name any recent tech trend and most likely JD.com has already been trying it out. Jingdong is known for its use of commercial drone technology, autonomous robotics within its warehouses, and automated delivery systems.

JD is also known for its in-house logistics network. JD has also been using 5G IIoT to fuel its logistics. The result has been that 90% of Jingdong’s orders process and deliver same- or next-day.

In fact, They have become an advocate for 5G IIoT. Its experience utilizing it positive enough for the company to make 5G available to outside businesses through partnerships with mobile providers. This is not the first time Jingdong has allowed its processes to be available to other businesses.

JD is also a provider of “Retail as a Service (RaaS), and has marketed its infrastructure to other businesses for the purpose of helping them prosper. The possibilities for 5G are too good to keep to themselves so JD.com will be offering it as well. The integration is part of their creation of a smart supply chain which can only fully benefit with the entire ecosystem behind it.


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Reasons Why the JD.com & Prada Partnership is Vital for the Asian Fashion Market


One of the biggest fashion news in the last 60 days is the Prada-JD.com partnership. According to a press release by the two companies, the partnership is the beginning of a long friendship between the companies. The two companies are giants in their respective niche, and the following are some of the possible results from this partnership.


The partnership between the two companies will create a win-win situation for the two companies. Currently,  Jingdong remains the biggest company in the Asia market, and with these numbers; it is the most appropriate distribution channel. On the other hand, Prada is an international entity, which apart from being reputable in sales, has a vast potential market in China. Therefore, the partnership between the two entities will allow them to exploit the already existing market but with professionalism.


The management of Prada — Asian market — believes that this relationship is the start of a new era, especially in the largest market in the world. On the other hand, JD.com — through its management — believes that this is a perfect opportunity for the company to give their customers more variety to choose. The company has signed different deals, all with one aim — to give their customers more reasons to shop with them. In a joint press release, the company pointed out that they are already in the final stages of ensuring that all the warehouses that Prada will be using are at par with their standards.


In addition to expanding their luxury market, Jingdong has also signed deals with other companies — dealing with different commodities. Some of these organizations include the following. Last month, the company signed an agreement with a New Zealand fruits company, and through this deal, the company will access quality fruits from New Zealand.


In an article with Gizmochina.com, “Google Invested 550 Million” with Jingdong. The partnership will include the promotion of JD.com products on Google’s shopping service. More details have now emerged that the partnership will also see Google selling its products on JD.com.


Jingdong also signed a partnership deal with farmers — to facilitate the supply of quality chicken products. The management believes that these partnerships will give the company a better chance to serve its customers well. In addition to working with other companies in different projects, the company has one of the best working relationships with Chinese people. Through various projects, Jingdong has invested part of their profits in community-based projected. Visit This Page to learn more.


View their YouTube channel on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj1O__aZW_05RdTCL8E3kUA