Talkspace is an online app that connects one to a therapist by just sending a text, and the therapists can prescribe on how the patients can take their drugs through the app by using the video chat tool.

The app aims to increase the prescription drug space and to introduce its platform to universities to allow students from colleges and campuses also to use the app if they need any help on their mental health and the drugs they can handle.

It is located in New York City and was founded in 2012 by Oren and Roni Frank. The app has been able to serve people worldwide, and many people have been able to benefit a lot of people who have a problem with their mental health.

Anyone who is over eighteen years for one is now considered to be an adult can be able to freely open up and talk to a qualified and certified therapist online and share out his or her information without having to use a lot of money to go to the hospital.

When one sends text through the app, the therapist responds to what one has asked and thus provide a lot of help to a lot of people. A clients information is protected and made very confidential by the app thus promotes privacy between one therapist and the client he is dealing with.

Talkspace has been able to create a partnership program with Michael Phelps by launching a show that is aired in the national television campaign. Through the program, Phelps has been able to tell people on his experience and motivate them to talk about their mental health without having to fear about anything and showed how the app had created a lot of benefits to him.

He stated that he had suffered for many years from depression and anxiety and had been looking for help from different places and could not get any. Later, he discovered that he could communicate with a therapist and share his issues and felt very encouraged. Michael Phelps story has helped many Americans see the app and be able to effectively and efficiently use it.

In conclusion, Talkspace has helped increase the self-esteem of different people who are suffering from mental illness through online communication with therapists.