HCR Wealth Advisors: The Most Wonderful Time of the Tax Year


It’s that time of year again, time to start thinking about filing your tax returns for 2019.  For better or for worse, it’s also time to start planning your tax year for the 2020 season.  The good news in all this is that with the assistance of a team of professional financial advisors such as those at HCR Wealth Advisors, you have many opportunities to make this the best tax season of all.

As long as you are in the spirit, HCR Wealth Advisors has gift-giving advice that is likely to save you considerable amounts on your taxes.  Not only that, but you are also likely to make your favorite charity very happy in the same deal.  How?  Quite simply by giving stocks to your favorite charity.  And not only will this gesture give your favorite charity an investment that could bring them excellent returns, but you will have a wonderful tax deduction as well.

HCR Wealth Advisors: Not Your Everyday Santa

If you are like so many other people, you probably get tired of hearing about how those with more money than you know how to take advantage of all the tax breaks that are available to them.  Fortunately, the truth is that many, if not most, of those breaks are available to you as well as those wealthier few.  With advisors such as HCR Wealth Advisors you can take advantage of breaks such as these and many more.

*  Cash as well as stocks are deductible.  For years, people have gotten their most indelible impression of giving from the little red buckets.  This is true, but there are also other ways to give as well, including donations of stocks in addition to cash. 

*  Lose the tax liability.  Do you have a potential tax liability in your portfolio from appreciated stocks?  Why not donate that asset to your charity?  They get the stock while you may get a tax benefit.  


This article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as investment advice.

XP Group CEO, Guilherme Benchimol’s Six Top Books For Business and Living

One of the Bloomberg 50 most influential people, Guilherme Benchimol, CEO of XP Group and founder of XP Investimentos, doesn’t forget to make reading a part of his day. It makes sense. Industry and finance greats like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have espoused the dividends of consistent reading.

Benchimol could count himself as an example. Reading has been a great contributor to his success in business.

He began to formulate XP Investimentos as an idea at the age of 24. Since then, he’s dedicated himself to realizing it to its fullest. As of now, the company has $215 under management and a client base of over 980,000.

As a form of perspective, here’s a list of Guilherme Benchimol’s top six books that have helped him along in his career.

  • It Starts With Food by Dallas Hartwig and Melissa Hartwig

The Hartwigs’ book presents a 30-day nutritional plan. It outlines some easy-to-create recipes geared toward getting more nutrients from food while avoiding the wrong foods. Benchimol equates better nutrition with improved productivity.

  • Built to Last by Jerry I. Porras and Jim Collins

This book analyzes the successful traits in 18 companies that have lasted in an effort to understand differentiators. Guilherme Benchimol found insights in this book on keeping companies relevant.

  • Good to Great by Jim Collins

Similarly, Collins’ book investigates how productivity can be an inherent aspect of good companies as well as bad.

This book researches the concept of exponential organizations and their large-scale effect on industries. Such companies include Tesla, Uber, Airbnb, Netflix and Amazon.

  • The Endurance: Shackleton’s Legendary Antarctic Expedition by Caroline Alexander

Alexander relates the tale of the 1914 Antarctic expedition and the events on the sea. Central themes are companionship and endurance.

  • If I Knew Then What I Know Now by Richard Edler

The author sprung the question on presidents, lawyers, advertisers and other professionals: what you would like to have known 25 years ago?

They provide answers, tips and reminders for better decision-making.


James River Capital Knows How You Can Get Funding for Your Next Business

JAMES RIVERMany people struggle with obtaining the necessary funding for their new business, especially if you need a larger loan. Looking at all of the ways to obtain funding is essential in helping you make the dream of owning your own business a reality. Here are a few tips that can help you obtain the necessary funding for your next business.

#1 Local Loans
One of the best ways to get adequate funding is to explore your local options. Many times you can receive additional funds by reaching out to your chamber of commerce. You can also check out your local business development center to help you meet potential investors and other like-minded entrepreneurs in your area.

#2 Angel Investing
Another way to get funding is to reach out to an angel investor. The main goal of an angel investor is to provide a significant investment for a new business while also receiving a return of investment. You can easily find angel investors by performing a quick search on the internet. Many times you can connect with groups that work with a wide range of people in helping them achieve their dreams in building a business.

#3 Crowdfunding
Crowdfunding is an excellent way to raise money and continues to grow in popularity. You can reach your financial goals by letting a group of people fund your new business idea. The internet makes it simple for people all around the world to donate to your business and help you achieve your vision.

Looking at all of the ways to obtain funding is essential to the success of any business. James River Capital specializes in helping entrepreneurs find venture capital to help them with their large-scale business projects. Venture capital is especially effective for companies in need of a million dollars or more. Paul Sanders is the founder of James River Capital and has many years of experience in the industry. Feel free to give us a call to learn more about our financial services and let us help you fund your next business idea!

Why You Need AdvisoryCloud as Your Business Mentor

Many people, including your friends and relatives, can provide you with a lot of information about business news. However, only a mentor can honestly share experiences and knowledge in a manner that can have a direct positive impact on your business. A mentor is an experienced entrepreneur who acts as a trusted partner for the well being of the company.

Several factors play a significant role in the growth of a business. These factors include things like capital and labor. Adequate capital is required to finance all the company’s operations. Labor consists of a reliable workforce of workers who will bring their experiences and professional knowledge into the firm. Besides these factors, an entrepreneur needs to have enough knowledge. As an entrepreneur, knowledge will help you in analyzing your competition and your potential customers. You can get this knowledge from experience. But unfortunately, many new entrepreneurs lack experience, which translates into inadequate knowledge. There are certain business situations you have never dealt with before, and you cannot handle them. Due to that, you need an expert who is experienced than you to be your mentor. To find more details on AdvisoryCloud, you can visit their linkedin account.

Most successful entrepreneurs benefited from mentors in one way or the other. On many occasions, mentors come in as friends. But in other cases, business mentors like Advisory Cloud could be used. When a mentor comes to work with you, he shares his experience and knowledge with you. That allows you to deal more effectively with day to day challenges. You cannot survive in the entrepreneurial world without expertise and knowledge. When you face unfamiliar aspects of your business, AdvisoryCloud comes in as a mentor to guide you. This firm helps take operational techniques from giant companies in the market and applying them to startup companies.

The firm analyses your strengths and weaknesses and advises you where you need to improve to achieve your objectives. They help you to be focused and remain on track throughout your entrepreneurial journey. The firm becomes your most significant advocate by encouraging you to develop skills and knowledge that will help you to maximize your sales and profits.

In conclusion, having a mentor who is committed to helping you succeed can help you achieve your goals within a short period. AdvisoryCloud is a reputable mentor who will bring a lot of knowledge into your business and help you become better in the market. The firm has worked with many companies in the world, helping them achieve their objectives. More reviews: https://www.advisorycloud.com/advisorycloud-reviews

GPB Global Resources Discusses Oil Indstry Areas for Improvement

GPB Global Resources engages in oil exploration on an international basis. The firm operates out of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The company also operates in Africa and South America. There are 54 countries in Africa. Each country has its own legal environment with respect to its natural resources. GPB Global Resources takes this into consideration when considering drilling operations. There are regional, national, and local laws to consider when seeking a license to operate.

GPB Global Resources also recognizes the physical challenges of drilling for oil and gas in remote regions of Africa. This often means there is little infrastructure in place that can support a drilling operation. Local political situations can also present challenges. A successful business partnership will consider developing a region’s infrastructure in areas where development can do the most good. Rebuilding an infrastructure can involve roads, power plants, new water systems, healthcare, and schools.

Major economies will continue to use oil and gas as major energy sources for the next 50 years. The goal of companies, like GPB Global Resources, is to find new methods for improving operations and long-term sustainability. Software improvements for geological modeling will also help improve drilling operations. Inspection and safety techniques are at the top of the list as well.

Boris Ivanov is the founder of GPB Global Resources. He believes that companies in the extraction business should all place greater emphasis on technology and research and development. This enables companies to properly address extraction environments and to attract and retain the very best talent. Oil and gas extraction companies will have to stay on top of new technology to remain competitive.

Companies must also stay on top of what happens with trade wars such as those that the U.S. and China choose to engage in. Boris Ivanov thinks that AI can impact the oil business. He also thinks that the industry will remain a relationship business for the most part.

Learn More: www.keyfactsenergy.com/directory/373/

How Brazilian Conglomerate Groupo RBS Is Shaping Business In South America

South America has been growing economically for a number of years. Now, one of the leading Brazilian conglomerates is making a name for itself in the global business world. That company, Grupo RBS, has become a major player in one of South America’s fastest-growing economies.

Founded in 1957, Groupo RBS currently owns a business of subsidiary businesses in the broadcasting, publishing and logistics industry. Some of the major holdings of Group RBS include 12 broadcasting TV stations, 2 local broadcasting TV stations and 24 radio stations. Group RBS also owns a digital company, e.Bricks Digital as well as a number of logistics companies. Overall, the conglomerate employees over 6,000 people throughout South America.

The company has generated over $1.38 billion Brazilian Real dollars in revenue in the past 12 months. Revenue generated by all of Grupo RBS companies includes media business from the comglomerate’s many radio, TV and newspaper holdings. These major revenue flows has helped make the conglomerate the second-largest employer in Brazil and the single largest employer of journalists in the country.

In addition to its business operations, Group RBS is also active in various community and charitable projects. Some of these projects include “Love is the Best Inheritance, Take Care of the Kids” inititive. This institutional project focuses on helping kids and teens through the most impressable years of their lives. Launched in 2003, the “Love is the Best Inheritance, Take Care of the Kids” project has made use of a number of mascots to help communicate its message. To know more about RBS visit linkedin.com

Another major institutional project from Group RBS is the “Education Needs Answers” campaign. Launched in 2012, “Education Needs Answers” created a number of discussion groups to help elevate primary education across Brazil with a focus on the Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina states. In addition to “Education Needs Answers” discussion events, RBS will also continue to advocate for better educational solutions through its media channels.


Sheldon Lavin: A Businessman with Hometown Values

Sheldon Lavin, now 81 has had a long and successful career. He started out in the banking industry, eventually owning his own financial firm. In the 1960’s Otto & Sons (the original name for OSI) came to Lavin asking him to help find financing for a meat processing plant. The company had national supply contracts with McDonalds. Sheldon helped find the financing they needed and this was the beginning of a long a fruitious relationship.

In 1971 Sheldon Lavin joined the company as a partner and quickly became CEO. Thanks to his early efforts, the OSI group expanded throughout the United States. Later expanding into Europe, Asia, Latin America, Australia and more. Today the company has facilities in more than 16 countries and there are over 57 facilities world wide, making OSI the largest privately held food distributor in the world.

Check out ceocfointerviews.com to read full interviews of Sheldon Lavin.

Although for decades, the OSI group specialized in meats, supplying hamburger patties to McDonald’s and meat products to other restaurant chains, recently it has als taken n the distribution of meatless products. This is thanks to Sheldon Lavin’s visions of expansion.

When asked about his greatest accomplishments, Mr Lavin says it is his employees. The only reason he stays on as head of the company is because his employees are like family. The company has a very small turnover rate and this is thanks to the corporate-family culture he instilled in the early years. Today, the company employs nearly 25,000 people in 17 different countries and has more than 56 processing facilities.

When asked about his future plans Sheldon Lavin says he plans on increasing the number of facilities in Europe, extending sales in these countries too, and then growing the facilities more in Asia. He still has a lot of work cuto out for him. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_Group

OSI Industries Looks to Meet Renewed Consumer Desires

Impossible is a word used far too often in a negative context. It means something is not obtainable or can not be done. The stigma behind it makes the word a hard sell to the consumer. However, there is a business that has managed to flip the word on its head. Impossible Foods is a brand that wants the consumer to know just how unique their product is. The word impossible here means they sell food that would normally be unable to be served. The news site Gazette Day recently looked at a shake up in the meat industry. An unusual event happened when a meat and meatless company meet on the same level.

OSI Industries is a business that was once deemed impossible. The idea of a German immigrant creating a global business was unheard of in the era of the early 1900s. However, he didn’t let society pressure him into thinking a particular way and thus he started the business without fear. It was a typical meat shop on the highly populated region around Chicago. The business grew and grew over the following decades, eventually reaching the apex of the global economy. OSI Industries was not just an industrial powerhouse, but their influence had huge effects over which regions got certain foods.

Check out monster.com to view OSI Group careers and jobs.

Meanwhile, the Impossible Burger was beginning to take shape in the mind of a former college professor. He was facing intense backlash and peers who said it was impossible. However, by 2016 he proved impossible is just a word for how perfect a product can become. The Impossible Burger quickly became popular among those looking for an alternative for meat. It was difficult to maintain stock and get it to the right people, but OSI Industries was taking notice of where consumers where flocking.

As described in the article, OSI Industries and Impossible Foods came to a head about how to handle the needs of consumers. They both recognized the benefits of the other, and came to an unlikely agreement to share resources. This event shows how business have to be adaptable to push ever forward.

See more: https://www.payscale.com/research/US/Employer=OSI_Industries_LLC/Salary

A Little About Michael Nierenberg

Michael Nierenberg is the CEO of New Residential Investment. New Residential Investment is a real estate investment trust that is publicly traded on Wall Street. Michael Nierenberg has been the Chairman of the Board since May 2016. Michael Nierenberg is 57 years old and has a proven track record of leadership in the financial services industry. He has served in significant leadership positions with companies such as Bank of America, Lehman Brothers, and JP Morgan to include Bear Stearns. As President, Chairman, and CEO of New Residential Investments, Michael Nierenberg has led the charge in facing and solving some very significant challenges in the financial markets. He also has worked with philanthropic organizations. Along with being the CEO of New Residential, Michael Nierenberg is also the Chairman at Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation.

Learn more about Michael : https://www.dailyforexreport.com/trusted-hands-new-residential-investment-corp-executive-leadership-team/

OSI Group: A Long Lasting Partnership with McDonalds Corporation

McDonald’s Corporation is a multinational company that owns thousands of McDonald’s Restaurants around the world. The company was founded in the 1950s, and they experienced tremendous growth after the founder aggressively expanded their operations domestically and internationally. People loved their burgers, and one of the reasons why their burger tasted so good is because of how their business partners processed it. The OSI Group is a company that was founded in the early 1900s by Otto Kolschowsky, an immigrant originating from Germany. In the 1950s, he was approached by the founder of McDonald’s Corporation and told him that McDonald’s restaurant would need a supplier for burger patties. Otto Kolschowsky agreed to the contract, and he started creating burger patties for the fast food restaurant. Read this article at foodbusinessnews.net to learn more.

The OSI Group McDonalds partnership began to strengthen, as the two companies are working together to achieve their goals. A few years later, McDonalds Corporation started to open their branches in different locations across the United States. Otto Kolschowsky has to work with financial firms providing additional capital for him to continue supporting the OSI Group McDonalds partnership. He was given the capital fund he requested and started upgrading his business so that more beef patties can be manufactured. The OSI Group McDonalds partnership experienced tremendous growth after the fast-food restaurant opened their first branch abroad. It became a domino effect, and the OSI Group saw itself as an emerging meat manufacturing firm that has been given an opportunity to expand overseas. The OSI Group McDonalds partnership was tested several times, most notably when the food freezing technology was developed, but McDonald’s Corporation decided to retain their working relationship with the OSI Group because they have been partners for decades.

Today, the OSI Group is considered as one of the most successful food manufacturing businesses in the planet, being able to open up 50 facilities worldwide, and employing more than 20,000 people. The company is also active in more than 17 countries, and according to the company’s chairman, Sheldon Lavin, the OSI Group will be more aggressive when it comes to their growth, and their partnership with McDonald’s Corporation will continue for ages.

Learn More: https://www.foundation.iastate.edu/s/1463/giving/interior.aspx?pgid=1708&gid=1&cid=6456