Article Title: Striking Gold With Organo Gold

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Organo Gold is a worldwide network marketing company. The business model focuses on helping consumers find balance and well-being via exclusive products and business incentives. Bernardo Chua established the Organo Company during 2008 after realizing the power of network marketing and the positivity it brings.

The company focuses on beverages and personal care products that are distributed by independent employees of the company. Product samples are available to anyone interested in testing out Organo products. The company also partakes in charitable efforts with their OG Care Foundation. The non-profit sector of the organization aims to assist children with the chance to take part in community activities while sparking positive change.

Recent studies have found a correlation to drinking coffee and longer life. The study consisted of more than 180,000 American coffee drinkers being tested. The outcome of the studies revealed that drinking coffee lowered the drinker’s risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer name a few. These results were the same for caffeinated and decaf coffee drinkers. This theme spans across various populations with differentiating biologies. This means that coffee can improve health no matter what your race or location is. Coffee drinkers showed an 18% decrease of death compared to non-coffee drinkers throughout a 16 year study.

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