Jack Plotkin Uses Technology Design to Push for Better Healthcare

JACK PLOTKINJack Plotkin has been working for more than two decades and he has established a reputation for being a go to guy when it comes to entrepreneurship, business strategy, and technology design. Over the course of his career, he has also shown exemplary leadership and management skills, which is why he has been in an executive management position for years now. All of these remarkable achievements are not surprising coming from a Harvard University graduate with a computer science major. After all, not everyone can get in to this prestigious ivy league with its strict admission process.

When Jack Plotkin first forayed into the world of business, he had an epiphany that the fields of health and technology will be intertwined. He also had a gut feeling that their merging would rewrite and revolutionize how healthcare is delivered to patients. Plotkin envisioned that with the right tech platform, patients could be helped remotely. Those who are feeling ill no longer have to leave the comforts of their homes to get the proper diagnostics and treatment plans.

This is actually already happening now with pedometers and other portable, digital monitors that measure a patient’s vital signs. In the days to come, Jack Plotkin noted that it would be even more high tech and advanced. Jack is an insider because he is the CTO of Virtual Health, a telehealth provider. What they offer will truly shake up the industry and break all the common rules to give people something better than what they now enjoy.


Today, Jack Plotkin and his team are pushing boundaries of telehealth so they can effectively and efficiently deliver quality healthcare to more people at lower prices. Jack and his company are redefining how people can get access to medical treatment by leveraging technology. Now, the world is fast-paced and digital, so even healthcare must keep up to this digital lifestyle. By pushing technology design to its limits, Jack Plotkin knows that history is bound to change with this healthcare breakthrough.

A Little About Michael Nierenberg

Michael Nierenberg is the CEO of New Residential Investment. New Residential Investment is a real estate investment trust that is publicly traded on Wall Street. Michael Nierenberg has been the Chairman of the Board since May 2016. Michael Nierenberg is 57 years old and has a proven track record of leadership in the financial services industry. He has served in significant leadership positions with companies such as Bank of America, Lehman Brothers, and JP Morgan to include Bear Stearns. As President, Chairman, and CEO of New Residential Investments, Michael Nierenberg has led the charge in facing and solving some very significant challenges in the financial markets. He also has worked with philanthropic organizations. Along with being the CEO of New Residential, Michael Nierenberg is also the Chairman at Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation.

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Paul Herdsman Gets Away With a Rod or a Golf Club to Recharge His Business Engine


When Paul Herdsman needs some downtime, he grabs a fishing rod and heads out to sea. His love of fishing was sparked at age six when his mom and dad gave him a fishing rod for Christmas. He said that from the first day he went out to give his new rig a try, he was hooked, pardon the pun.

Today Paul Herdsman is a man who knows the value of getting away from the rigors of running a vibrant, growing and successful business.

He is the founder of NICE Global, a Jamaica-based outsourcing company that provides and an array of solutions and services to dozens of clients.

NICE employees handle phone banks and internet-based communications platforms at they provide their clients with services like customer relations, troubleshooting, inbound sales, customer retention, data analysis, IT helpdesk support and much more. Go Here for additional information.

Paul Herdsman was born in Jamaica but today makes his home in Florida. He is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University where he earned an MIS in business. His first job after college was working for JM Family Enterprises. He then went on to serve as Business Development Director for iS3, Inc. in Daytona Beach. After more than seven years with iS3, Paul Herdsman took the plunge and launched his own business, ATS Digital. He built that firm into a success and operated it for some seven years.

He founded NICE Global in 2014 and serves as COO of his Montego Bay, Jamaica firm.

In addition to fishing, Paul Herdsman is an avid golfer. Thankfully, he lives in Florida where golfing and fishing are practically a way of life if one has the time to make it so. But for Paul Herdsman, getting in downtime is a productivity strategy as much as it is a time to recharge. He said some of his best business ideas come to him while dangling a rod or swinging a club.


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Betterworks Helps Managers With Constructive Employee Reviews

Betterworks is used to organize an office setting for managers. The software gives managers an opportunity to evaluate each employee that needs constructive feedback. The employee takes the review and learns how to overcome any perform obstacles that may be setting them back. Managers take on a role that is crucial for any office. In most businesses, leadership has to set goals for the office. Betterworks gives managers a chance to publish what they have discovered through their mobile app.

Learn More About Betterworks – Continuous Performance Management Software 

Employees and managers will continue to strive to have the best communication in order to reach goals for their company. Betterworks will allow managers to store information and work on other objectives. If an employee needs additional training, the manager can set personal goals for them.

Managers will begin to evaluate the progress of each employee. After their review is given, the employee can take new training and employee coaching to help them. Betterworks allows organizational goals to be met annually. Without any question, this is great software for any business or office. Some employees may feel anxiety during their reviews, but a manager can help them stay calm during the reviewing process.

The feedback will help them continue to move forward with the company. Goal setting will be ideal for managers that want to see better work from their employees. Goals can be broken down into different categories so that employees will be able to keep up with their own goals. The data collected can be reviewed and kept for the manager to work on leadership skills.

Editor Matt Badiali Introduces The Real Wealth Strategist’s Marketing Campaign

The Editor of Real Wealth Strategist and Chief Resource Investment Expert of Banyan Hill Publishing, Matt Badiali recently introduced its marketing campaign. Investors recognize him in the investment industry for his expertise in commodity and natural resources stocks, market trends, and investing strategies. For many years, Mr. Badiali worked in finance and investments before joining Banyan in Delray Beach, Florida. His broaden experience resulted in him becoming a reputable advisor to investors through weekly newsletter publications.

Matt Badiali launched Real Wealth Strategist Marketing Campaign for advocating the legalization of marijuana and to educate the average investor. The newsletter provides valuable information about investment opportunities and possibilities in the cannabis investment industry. He reveals different ways to capitalize while the business sector is receiving enormous and rapid growth in the United States and various states. Subscribers to the Real Wealth Strategist’s newsletter have access to eBooks in a bundle about mining locations, commodities, and legalizing cannabis. Read more with this topic on dailyforexreport.com

Investors wanting to learn more about the legalization and investments of marijuana, Matt Badiali is offering his newsletter through the convenience of emails. It allows subscribers to data and information pertaining to how commodities and natural resource stocks are performing in national and global markets. The newsletter covers the processing, mining, growing, and collecting natural resources including cannabis, oil, and metal. To Matt’s ability, he recommends favorable stocks and commodities good for investments opportunities.

Banyan Hill and Real Wealth Strategist give subscribers accurate and reliable investment advice in its monthly newsletters and weekly updates. Matt Badiali informs investors and subscribers on which stocks to select when the market is stable, growing and declining in global markets. He keeps them up to date on the production of marijuana, purchasing large metals, and oil purchases and distribution.

The benefits of becoming a Real Wealth Strategist and/or Banyan Hill subscriber are rewarding for students, investors and entrepreneurs looking to start a marijuana business. The Real Wealth Strategist newsletter focuses on cannabis production, distribution, and investments. Matt Badiali provides subscribers with online access to his monthly newsletter, weekly reports, and his portfolio model. Included as bonuses are The Real Wealth Strategist Trading Manual and Marijuana Millionaires eBooks. Connect: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthew-badiali-28389158

Paul Herdsman Shares Vital Business Goals


Paul Herdsman is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of NICE Global, a nearshore customer service company based in Montego Bay, Jamaica. This company is one of the most effective in the delivery of world-class customer care services. So far, it is working with some of the leading companies in the world, helping them to streamline their customer service departments. One benefit of working with such a company is that it allows businesses to focus on key goals of a business, which is business growth, knowing that the customer service department is taken care of by a competent partner.

Under the leadership of Paul Herdsman, NICE Global has a mission of helping other businesses to attain four key objectives. Increasing profits, lowering overhead costs, improving customer acquisition, and customer retention are all issues of importance to every business. Any company that can accomplish these objectives will likely be on the path of profitability, not only in the short term but long term as well.

NICE Global is a company that targets businesses that are looking to outsource customer service. The practice of outsourcing these services has existed for many years, but it is only recently that many companies have adopted nearshore customer service providers.

NICE Global is strategically positioned to allow businesses from the United States to physically visit their offices in case there is a need to streamline the processes.

The company also ensures that there are performance metrics set out to determine the progress made through different partnerships. It is the wish of Paul Herdsman to see that every partner is getting the same success as NICE Global. See This Article to learn more.

Paul Herdsman believes that employee retention and employee expertise are important factors in creating a successful business. NICE Global’s rate of employee retention is very high, and Paul herdsman also invests a lot of resources into personal and professional growth of his workers.

Paul Herdsman is a multifaceted businessman, and has a very successful portfolio encompassing a multitude of business skills. His career has been focused around customer satisfaction and he has honed his skills in areas such as customer acquisition, customer retention, business development and growth, marketing and sales growth, and operational execution.


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Glenn Schlossberg on Success

Living as an entrepreneur and business mogul, Glenn Schlossberg has had quite a bit of success in the fashion industry. He learned his trade from his father though. At a young age Glenn Schlossberg spent countless hours in his fathers dress factory learning the tricks of the trade.

As Glenn Schlossberg mastered a new skill, he always pushed himself to do better, to be better. When his Jump line was launched, Glenn didn’t have any formal education, however he wanted to create a brand that provided high school students unique dress options for their upcoming prom or homecoming dances.

Glenn Schlossberg remembers his first big break when he got an account with Montgomery Ward. He said it was a million dollar account and that is when he knew he was going to make it big in the fashion industry. He was only 26 years old at the time, and wanted even more success.

Glenn says that he likes to stay on top of what sells in the industry and what doesn’t. He states that he has manufactured ore than 100 million garments in his career so it helps that he stays on top of what styles are trending. He loves to explore new fabrics and designs from China and Korea particularly and gets inspiration for new designs from these locations.

A customer helped Glenn by telling him he would like more Junior-plus evening wear and Glenn quickly realized that he was missing out on a huge market. He found that half of American women are sizes 14 and up and knew that he wanted to start a line that accommodated plus sized figures. This is when he launched his Onyx Nite line of evening wear so it could stand along with the other dresses in the juniors department.

Glenn likes to thank some of his success to keeping production local to New York with a factory in both Manhattan and in Secaucus, New Jersey. This doesn’t make his line inclusive to the United States, however. Glenn’s fashion lines are sold all over the world including South America, Canada, nine European countries and Australia.

Glenn Schlossberg makes an impact on the future by contributing to a plethora of non-profit organizations including cancer research fundraising and to the American Ballet. He also offers a mentorship program to inspire young entrepreneurs. His biggest word of advice to young entrepreneurs is to start while you’re young because you’ve got less to lose.


Equities First Holdings- Daily Forex Report

Equities First Holdings, unlike other banks, is leading in the alternative lending industry, it makes sure its customers get the money they need without having to pass through the stress and disappointment of being rejected. First Holding Equities attracted more attention as it emerged the best amongst a large host of bank counterparts in the lending industry. The accomplishment of Equities First Holdings is also in the fact that it successfully help customers who are unable to meet the qualifying criteria for credit-based loans and consumers who are in urgent need of money; this is contrary to its banking colleagues who are been tightfisted with their money, setting this company at the top and the most successful in the loans banking.

Lately, it is harder for people to qualify for loans because banks now lessen the possibilities lenders have and making it harder for these people to meet the criteria, and for those who successfully get a bank read to offer the loan, the interest rate is ridiculously high.

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The Fullest Coffee Cup with Organo Gold

In a world where there are coffee shops on every corner, Organo Gold is in a league all on its own. The unique coffee company approaches not just coffee but consumerism in a completely different way than the average coffee shop. With their different approach, Organo Gold also has a different story that makes up their history. Founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua and Shane Morand, Organo Gold uniquely operates using a Scientific Advisory Board with a chief medical consultant and Biology Research Center in order to accurately certify the coffee as organic with organic ingredients.

Based out of Canada, Organo Gold has expanded operations to include the United States with their partner company, Fujian, based in China. Organo Gold is not just another coffee company in the current sea of coffee suppliers. Operating for the last decade, the company provides a unique experience for consumers as well as their distributers. Their method of sales is done completely through distributors which sell the product directly to customers, earning a 50% commission on sales. Each cup signifies the chance to network and share success through business opportunities within the company.

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In addition to coffee, Organo Gold covers the full spectrum of beverages and personal care products, offering their classic coffee products as well as tea, supplements, grape seed oil, anti-aging moisturizers, serums, and more. Organo Gold wants to cater to the whole individual, from skincare to body wellness to the much needed cup of coffee. Their opportunities expand from the customer to their marketing and business reach for their distributors, all built upon quality and organic coffee.Learn More.

Organo Gold is Changing Lives

Out of British Columbia, Canada, Organo Gold is making dreams come true and goals become accomplished. Jeremy Hall, from Utah, shares his testimony about how he was able to lose 56lbs by living the OGX lifestyle Organo and has continued to keep the weight off over time. His original purpose was to just lose the weight, but after he lost that weight he realized that this is the lifestyle he wants to live. Like the rest of us, once someone accomplishes a goal they ask, “what’s next?” Well with OGX, he was able to rediscover an active lifestyle and realized this is what he wanted to do. To be healthy and to share his accomplishment that turned into his daily life.

Visit: https://patch.com/california/san-diego/announcements/a/52469/organo-golds-addition-to-the-coffee-culture

Organo provides the best benefits of the King of Mushrooms; the Ganoderma mushrooms. What makes it different from the other companies is that Organo grows the mushroom strictly in China where is is native to the Wuyi Mountains. While thanks to their trained scientist and technicians it is only produced organically by creating the perfect environmental conditions for the mushrooms to sprout out from logs. Orango also does not waste any of the Ganoderma mushroom by using from the ground up.

Depending on the different harvesting levels it can be used for their hot beverages or used to make their powder by using the spores. The shell opening process is crucial because the mushroom releases them to the environment when they reach full maturity. That is the only way to be able to crack the inner and outer shell, where all the nutrients are. Organo has the unique system to ensure their spore powder is composed of 99.9% open spores. Learn More.