Gino Pozzo Remembers Watford FC’s Rich History

The Watford Football Club, known to many by their nickname The Hornets has a long history of success in the English soccer sector. However, the best days of the club took place in the late 1970s and early 1980s when iconic manager Graham Taylor led the club alongside owner Sir Elton John. The “Rocket Man” singer remains the life President of the Vicarage Road club and receives daily updates on the goings-on at the club from owner Gino Pozzo.

Gino Pozzo has been the owner of the club since 2012 when he purchased a club in financial difficulties from Laurence Bassini for less than $1 million. The Italian-born owner was living a happy life in Barcelona learning as much as possible about the business of running a huge soccer club when he purchased The Hornets. Watford may not be as large a club as that seen in the Catalan Capital of Barcelona but many of the ways of doing business have been drawn from the Barca playbook.

For example, Watford has a history of finding players from around England and bringing them to the club to provide success for the fans of the team. Gino Pozzo has taken the search for new players to the global stage and believes there are bargains to be had across the planet. The success recently enjoyed by Watford sees young players breaking into the first team from far-flung nations such as Brazil and Spain.

Gino Pozzo has no reason to forget about the history of the club he now owns but he believes there is a need to remember where Watford began life and where they now find themselves. The days of a manager like Taylor taking over at Watford and putting his stamp on every aspect of the team are over in the view of the enigmatic owner, Gino Pozzo.

James River Capital: Forward Thinking Tips from Founder Paul Saunders

In 1995, Paul Saunders founded The James River Capital Corp (JRC). by acquiring the KP Futures Management Corp. and transforming it into an independent investment company. Today, Saunders is focused on providing innovative, modern-day financial advice for modern-day entrepreneurs.


Saunders encourages those he works with, and everyone else, to make the most out of the many technological assets that we have at our fingertips. Among these technological assets are the ability to work from just about anywhere on Earth, to access the whole (roughly) of human knowledge, and to communicate remotely with just about anyone willing to listen.

At a time when most people are using information technology to get wound up about politics or to binge-watch Netflix, Saunders is telling people how they can leverage the power of IT to become financially independent.

What’s most interesting about Saunders’ way of looking at business finance, is that it’s pretty traditional, but looks to tech to breathe life into tried and true concepts. He asks clients to change their mindsets, to change the way they think about money- to set clear goals with clear markers for achieving them. He encourages clients to eliminate expenses, pay down debt, build an emergency fund, and save 10% of your earnings.

These are not revolutionary ideas. But they become much more interesting when you look at the tech-heavy ways Saunders encourages people to engage in them. He talks about crowdfunding, which has been around for about a decade, more or less. But until now, crowdfunding has not been a part of any highly recommended strategy as a winning move.

This is just one example of how JRC is changing the game. Today, Saunders is focused on spreading his wealth of knowledge about financial wellbeing and how to achieve it. It would seem that this is his strategy for promoting JRC. This is just another example of how modern thinking is taking over the world of finance with Saunders’ use of value-added branding for his firm.

Iskandar Safa is on a Perpetual Journey in the Business World


Iskandar Safa is a renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the current CEO of Privinvest Group, a leading naval shipbuilding company in Europe as well as the Middle East. Bon in Lebanon, Safa followed a rare path of entrepreneurship in the international business sector. However, he started off working for a multinational corporation where he gained significant experience.

Iskandar Safa has a degree in Civil Engineering from the famous American University of Beirut and an MBA from France-based INSEAD. With the strong education background, Safa, left France for the US before heading to Saudi Arabia where he oversaw the airdrome construction site. After some time of working for companies, he decided to start Privinvest together with his brother called AKram. That saw them get into the naval shipbuilding business.

He invested in Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie (CMN) in 1992. At the time, CMN was struggling and it was lucky to get a strategic partner who helped it through its financial woes. The company grew to employ more than 400 people. In 2007, Iskandar Safa came together with AI Ain International to create the Abu Dhabi Mar. Privinvest later bought the company fully.

Iskandar Safa is now focused on taking the company into new markets. So far, the company has ventured into the media through the launch of Privinvest media in 2005, hospitality and real estate sectors. Beyond that, Iskandar Safa is also working to give back to the community. He is still steadfast in his faith as shown by his generous contributions to the Notre-Dame restoration. Go Here to learn more.

The Notre-Dame Cathedral has been down for some time after a fire disaster and not much had been contributed to aid the restoration. Iskandar Safa came in to offer marbles to be used for the restoration. He owns a quarry located in southern France. See This Article for more information.


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How Ara Chackerian is Changing Lives

An entrepreneur and investor, Ara Chackerian is involved in many philanthropic endeavors. Graduating from Florida State with a degree in Marketing, he put it to use to start multiple companies that would solve problems. He has found tremendous success in the world of business, and along the way he has continued to focus on coming up with new ideas and finding new pursuits that he’s passionate about.

One of the areas he has been most active in is healthcare. The healthcare field has a never-ending array of opportunities. Along with his activities in the community, he has taken on a great endeavor that is also a labor of love and philanthropy amongst his other opportunities as well.

His love and support of the environment shine through with his love and funding of the Limonapa Teak Farm in Nicaragua. This farm makes it possible for many to be employed when they wouldn’t have jobs otherwise. The farm only works from sustainable practices, and they are focused on the good stewardship of the land and it’s resources.

His primary goal was to provide a product that wouldn’t destroy the environment. His concern was also about how his product would impact the environment during the course of its production. As a result, this farm has now produced jobs for local citizens that pay decent wages, giving them an opportunity to earn a living they never knew possible in their country.

Ara Chackerian has long been regarded for his business acumen, and this includes his partnership with various non-profit organizations. His endeavors have kept him busy searching within the United States as well as Armenia, and of course, Nicaragua.

With more than two decades of experience within the area of healthcare, Ara Chackerian knows best what opportunities are still experiencing growth. One of his primary jobs at this time is his position as the Managing Director of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. This company is without a doubt of his primary interests, with a deep interest in finding ways to change the healthcare around the world.

Ara Chackerian is also known for his involvement with TMS Health Solutions, and BMC Diagnostics. Find out more about Ara Chackerian:

Smita Shah a Source of Strength and Inspiration to Female Entrepreneurs

Smita Shah is an exemplary business leader and a source of inspiration to many women who
intends to pursue entrepreneurship as well as STEM courses. Shah is the proud founder of SPAAN
Tech Inc one of the fastest-growing engineering and construction firm in Chicago. Shah, a self,
proclaimed math geek is an engineer by profession and an alumnus of Oxford, MIT and
Northwestern University.
Smita Shah has tasted success, and as a role model to many says that women can succeed in
business. All women need to succeed in the world of business, according to Shah, is dedication and
the ability to rise as a female entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, and not
everyone wishing to pursue entrepreneurship can succeed. Before venturing into entrepreneurship,
women must first identify if they have skills in a given field and whether they are talented in those
fields. Shah shares some straightforward best practices that can help women find the success they
One straightforward best practice tip at the workplace or the business world for women is believing
in themselves. Shah says if women do not believe in themselves, then no one else would. Believing
in oneself is critical as it gives one a strong and healthy self-image. Shah also says it is vital for
women to not only believe in themselves but also in the skills they possess, no matter how small
they may appear. They should respect those skills no matter how far they have to go as it is those
skills that have made them reach where they are currently.
Another important thing that women in the workplace should do is draw strength and wisdom from
their past experiences. Shah says women should not dwell on negative experiences but learn from
their mistakes and strive to be better each day. According to Shah, both good and bad experiences
can mold a woman to become a confident leader. Women should never allow negativity to hold
them back but should drive strengths from the positives and always give credit to themselves
whenever they achieve something good.

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Another critical best practice that women should observe if they want to be successful in the
workplace is thoroughly examining their ability. According to Shah, believing in one’s ability is quite
essential as it is what guides in understanding one inherent worth. Shah says in contemporary
society, women are often taught the passive traits. The business world requires people with
inherently active traits, and female entrepreneurs who want to succeed in the field must be ready
to get dirty by equipping themselves with male traits like being assertive. Men have an undue
advantage in the business world compared to women. They have plenty of role models that they
can look up to in the business world as opposed to women. Women, since they lack mentors and
role models, must always rely on their instincts and often engage in self talk to connect with their
inner voice, says, Shah.

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Boris Ivanov Gazprom On Finding Peace In Struggle

In all the years Boris Ivanov Gazprom has found himself involved with the state of business, it would seem that the past decade has been the exciting of all. Because the state of the world is so rapidly moving towards a more peaceful time than we have ever seen before, he has found this period in history to be opportune for growing and cultivating the state of the oil and gas industry worldwide. His endless work in order to ensure that the industry has a stable future is quite admirable, but it is important to understand the motives of Boris Ivanov Gazprom in order to fully grasp what this task means to him.

Being that he is responsible for so many careers, Boris Ivanov Gazprom considers every action he needs to make on a business-wide level to be a small investment. In operating a corporate giant, he knows he needs to exercise extreme caution. Making sure that they do not make any mistakes has always been the primary focus for a man like him, and this is what makes him so valuable within the business world. People like him who have their heads screwed on tightly and are able to prioritize what matters most are invaluable to the modern state of business, and he believes that as long as he continues to work towards cultivating his talents and never giving up on his dreams, he will have more and more to contribute to the international investment industry every single day.

For him, this was the only profession that would properly fit his demand for hard work. Someone from the outside of the investment industry may not understand all the dedication that truly goes into the craft, but for Boris Ivanov Gazprom, it is apparent that one needs to be entirely familiar with ever minor aspect of business if they are to move forward, and reaching a state of safe awareness where you know you can build upon previous decisions is not easy for anyone in the field of business. Quite simply, it takes a lot of work to finally find success, but when it is found, the business expert can ensure that it is worth every bit of struggle.

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The Successful and Electric Richard Liu Qiangdong

Richard Liu, also called Liu Qiangdong, is the founder and owner of He founded the company in 1998 and originally named the business Jingdong. The name came from joining his name with then-girlfriend’s name, Xiaojing. Jingdong sold magneto-optical products out of a four-square-meter shop in Zhongguancun High-tech Industrial Park.

Though Liu Qiangdong was surrounded by others selling counterfeit products, his shop thrived. By 2003, he had 12 four-square-meter shops throughout the city. The future looked bright until the SARS outbreak forced Richard Liu to rethink his business model. He watched several businesses around him close their doors forever and devoted himself to finding another way for his business to continue.

By 2004, Li Qiangdong moved his entire business online and added some more electronic products. The newly launched was a hit with customers, as Jingdong was a hit. In 2005, he closed his remaining brick-and-mortar shops and added even more products; this time, expanding beyond electronics.

As his company grew and reached millions, Richard Liu was surprised by his success. He’d come a long way since being a poor boy growing up in one of the most impoverished regions of China. When he first attended university, he wanted a career in politics. After experiencing the freedom and monetary benefits that came with business, he switched focus after earning a degree in sociology from Renmin University. Visit This Page to learn more.

Liu’s first taste of business came in the form of freelance work. He sharpened his computer programming skills to help pay for his grandmother’s treatment. He even earned enough money to buy his own restaurant, which was his first attempt at entrepreneurship. The restaurant failed miserably and Richard Liu ended up in debt and had to work at Japan Life, a health product company, for two years.

After paying off his debt, he founded Jingdong. Today, is one of the largest companies in China and worth over $60 billion. It has over 300 million customers, nearly the population of the United States.


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Success Becomes Possible Via Self-Motivation According To Richard Liu


A successful career may lead a motivated professional down several different pathways over the span of several years. Richard Liu has found success in two vastly different field. His initial career in dentistry has led to a thriving career in the financial arena of capital investing.

An article with Geeks News entitled, “Richard Liu: Venture Capitalism For The Modern World”, discusses how Richard Liu’s work was a shining example of manifesting a successful and modern venture capital empire. In order to stand out within this highly competitive market, Liu understood the need to differentiate Morningside Venture Capital, and he did so through full transparency not often seen within the financial realm, and through a focus on investment in innovative thinkers.

Mr. Liu’s degree from the Harvard School of Dentistry has supported his professional ability to practice dentistry at Evergreen Dental Care. Excellent dental services were provided to all community members. He also prepared future practitioners by being a part-time lecturer at Harvard University. He taught restorative dentistry to Harvard students.

A main factor to Richard Liu’s success has been to remain self-motivation, and he has obtained the necessary knowledge to excel in all of his career choices. Liu’s work ethic and understanding of the importance of education was taught to him by his professional parents. A master’s degree in business administration from MIT has also helped him with learning key skills relevant to capital investment and business development.

Richard Liu has shown great interest in merging new technologies with traditional business models. Upon graduation from business school, Mr. Liu started his new career as an analyst working at CRT Capital. He currently holds a position at FTV Capital.

Richard helps start-ups with the venture capital needed to become successful companies. FTV Capital has secured many sound investment from the inception of this venture capital firm. Mr. Liu oversees daily operations and carefully helps with obtaining acquisitions. Another key to obtaining success in both career roles has been his take charge attitude.

An individual must garner the right level of education and experience to do well in any field. Career changers are provided with a clear outline of how a successful switch is possible. Certain skills are also transferable between jobs and fields, such as the ability to work autonomously.


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Paul Herdsman Gets Away With a Rod or a Golf Club to Recharge His Business Engine


When Paul Herdsman needs some downtime, he grabs a fishing rod and heads out to sea. His love of fishing was sparked at age six when his mom and dad gave him a fishing rod for Christmas. He said that from the first day he went out to give his new rig a try, he was hooked, pardon the pun.

Today Paul Herdsman is a man who knows the value of getting away from the rigors of running a vibrant, growing and successful business.

He is the founder of NICE Global, a Jamaica-based outsourcing company that provides and an array of solutions and services to dozens of clients.

NICE employees handle phone banks and internet-based communications platforms at they provide their clients with services like customer relations, troubleshooting, inbound sales, customer retention, data analysis, IT helpdesk support and much more. Go Here for additional information.

Paul Herdsman was born in Jamaica but today makes his home in Florida. He is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University where he earned an MIS in business. His first job after college was working for JM Family Enterprises. He then went on to serve as Business Development Director for iS3, Inc. in Daytona Beach. After more than seven years with iS3, Paul Herdsman took the plunge and launched his own business, ATS Digital. He built that firm into a success and operated it for some seven years.

He founded NICE Global in 2014 and serves as COO of his Montego Bay, Jamaica firm.

In addition to fishing, Paul Herdsman is an avid golfer. Thankfully, he lives in Florida where golfing and fishing are practically a way of life if one has the time to make it so. But for Paul Herdsman, getting in downtime is a productivity strategy as much as it is a time to recharge. He said some of his best business ideas come to him while dangling a rod or swinging a club.


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Ara Chackerian’s Career Path

Ara Chackerian graduated from the Florida State University with a B.S in Marketing, the skills he gained there have enabled him to run successful businesses and co-found various companies. His ideas are always based on adding value to human life and the environment. He is a successful investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He has co-founded the following companies; TMS Health Solutions…. he is also the managing director at ASC Holdings LLC. He has held other senior positions in various companies. They include the Executive chairman at PipelineRx, the Chief Executive Officer at BMC Diagnostic, and Executive Vice president at PSS/World Medical.

The main aim of ASC Holdings is to invest in upcoming healthcare companies. ASC helps such companies acquire the required technology to run their health services effectively. Ara’s two decades of experience in the healthcare field have made him understand his work. He is executing his work with much ease. He understands exactly where to invest in the healthcare field. Therefore, ASC helps startup healthcare companies with the latest technology in imaging equipments and data storage: This enables healthcare providers to offer the best services to patients. It is also easier to deal with outbreaks since there is a streamlined system of sharing the relevant patient data.

Ara Chackerian has partnered with various Non-profit organization to support education currently, the organizations he has partnered with are based in the United States. Nicaragua and Armenia. Ara, together with his long-time partner, run a Teak farm in Limonapa. This farm produces environmentally friendly products — all the equipment and activities in the firm work towards improving the environment rather than degrading it. The farm is also a source of livelihood for many families within the area. The farm lies on a 1000-acre piece of land. They produce high-quality teak that is used for flooring, lumber, and furniture.