Isabel dos Santos Plans To Continue Her Investment Strategies In Portugal

Isabel dos Santos is an Angolan entrepreneur, being at the helm of Unitel, the largest telecommunications company in Angola. She is considered to be among the most successful female business leaders in Africa, and her work led to the creation of more than 50,000 employment opportunities both in her home country as well as outside. Her investments expanded outside her country as well, which led to the creation of many holdings abroad. One particular country where she made substantial investments is Portugal, with her being part of the media, telecommunications, retail, energy industry, and financial industry.

In a recent statement made by the manager of Isabel dos Santos, Mário Leite da Silva it was revealed that the businesswoman has no exit scenarios when it comes to the investments made in Portugal. In addition, it was stated that the investments made are long-term, with the idea being to create value and qualified jobs. The statement was made by Dos Santos’ manager in the publication Business.

Isabel dos Santos’ career as an entrepreneur spans over more than 20 years, having had various management-level roles in a number of companies, from banks to retail organization to entertainment establishments. In addition, she also made efforts when it comes to the field of development, directing personal time and monetary support to a number of projects. One particular issue that she has focused on is the promotion of entrepreneurship, the goal being to encourage grassroots economic development, highlighting the efforts of African entrepreneurs and their efforts to contribute to the economy. See more Isabel Dos Santos profile on Forbes.

Being a successful businesswoman, Isabel dos Santos is part of a number of forums as well as other speaking engagements. She traveled to Brussels in order to speak before the EU Parliament and also took part in the ECR Africa Summit. She is an advocate for the importance of the development of digital infrastructure in Africa, an issue she brought up during the ECR Africa Summit. She believes that one way to improve the wellbeing of Africa is to set up opportunities which would allow people to use the internet in order to compete within the international economy. Read more:

Organo Gold Changes Coffee Culture

Coffee culture and the number of coffee consumers is growing every day. With the increasing numbers of people looking to start their day off with a fresh cup of their favorite stimulating beverage, coffee companies are constantly introducing innovative products to interest and satisfy the consumers. Organo Gold is newer company that stepped up to the plate to do just that. They established their spot in the market with a unique type of organic instant arabica coffee that is blended with the praised organic Ganoderma mushroom. By adding this distinctive ingredient to their product, Organo Gold had not only offered a new product to world full of coffee lovers, they also gave their customers an opportunity to improve their health while enjoying their every day coffee ritual. The nutritious spores that Organo gold adds to their instant coffee are full of antioxidants that the immune system.

Ogrgano Gold offer more than just a variety of coffee products to their customers. Selections of unique teas, vitamin and mineral supplements, specialty soaps and skincare creams are some of the other products that they have on the market.

Oragano Gold in addition offer opportunities for individuals interested in making some money by selling their products to join their team as an independent distributor.

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Michael Nierenberg Views on Work Ethics and Productivity in Real Estate

Last year, 2018, was one of the best years for New Residential Investment Corp. The company was one of the best performers in the stock market apart from being one of the companies that had one of the best returns. This impressive performance in 2018 by this company is pure because of its effective management, led by Michael Nierenberg. This explains the reason why the company CEO graced several investment magazines around the world. In all the interviews, Nierenberg was vocal on the reasons why his company had a perfect trading year. In one of the interviews, he pointed out that they, as a company, have embarked on a policy-redesigning journey and these changes helped the company to achieve the numbers.

Just like other markets, real estate as a market needs a company that is aware of the trading realities. Michael Nierenberg understands that for this company to be competitive, there is a need for changes in approaches. This perspective made the company follow some of the wisest decisions in the world of investment primarily in expanding their influence in the market. Pundits point out that this is one of the reasons why New Residential Investment Corp made the strides as far as being profitable is concerned. Nierenberg was however consistent that the changes in the company’s policies and view on profits did not affect the company’s culture on work ethics and transparency.

This approach to business and especially in the investment world paints the correct image of Michael Nierenberg abilities and experience. First, he is one of the best negotiators, and these negotiating skills gave him a chance to push for agendas that protected the company’s interests. As the company CEO and president, he successfully made deals that were timely for the company especially in private equity investment. Second, Michael Nierenberg apart from being one of the best negotiators is without a doubt one of the most experienced professionals in this industry.

Nierenberg in addition to being one of the best negotiators and one of the professionals that are experienced in the world of numbers and deals is active in the world of philanthropy. For nearly two decades, he has been at the forefront of courses contributing money for cancer patients.

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Organo Gold: Great Company, Even Better Coffee

Since 2008, Organo Gold has provided the world with one of the healthiest coffee beverages ever sold. Infusing their coffee with Ganoderma Lucidum extract, a fungus that promotes better health and longer life, the company has become a worldwide brand that has sold coffee to people in over 30 countries. The company was founded by Bernardo Chua and his assistant Shane Morand with the headquarters being situated in Vancouver, British Columbia.

In order to increase efficiency, Organo Gold has created a partner company called the Xianzhilou Biology Research Center where the company can confirm all of the elements of the coffee they produce and insure that the consumers are guaranteed the satisfaction they are paying for.

This company also does not operate under major distribution deals, and as such, they hire individual distributors who organize their own sales campaigns with the help and guidance of the company’s sales experts. Distributors who fly under the Organo Gold flag are provided with tons of insights from the company’s leading marketing and sales professionals, offering creative suggestions and tips that propel their distribution operators towards their desired goals.

Along with the commitment to the success of distributors, Organo Gold has also set a new standard for efficient and fair earnings, offering several different ways a distributor can receive payment for their hard work.

The success of this organic coffee brand also brings aid to children in need. The company now sponsors a foundation that offers young people an opportunity to learn new skills that will help them become more prosperous members of society. Organo Gold really is becoming the best choice for an uplifting and healthy beverage.

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How Agera Energy Propelled To The Forefront Of Their Niche

Striving to turn “complex energy decisions into simple financial affairs,” Agera Energy is a preferred energy retailer upholding client-driven practices. Offering renewable energy, home solutions, LED lighting, and customizable plans, Agera Energy offers a vast line of services. Agera Energy ascribes their extensive clientele to their profound expertise. When Agera Energy came to fruition in 2014, one of the harshest winters in America had just ceased.



Many retail suppliers were attempting to stay afloat, but their efforts were in vain. According to Agera Energy, these organizations became obsessed with regaining their wealth, in turn grossly charging clients for services. Agera Energy refused to entertain these antics and remained committed to providing consumers with affordable, reliable, and durable products. Currently, Agera Energy proudly serves over 1.8 million individuals and hope to diversify as their services continue to gain traction.

Alex Hern’s Virtual Business Tool

The December 7th issue of Acccesswire discussed the opinion of Alex Hern and the “Conference Room of the Future.” Alex Hern is an important player in this discussion not only because of his success in the virtual world but also because it is his company’s creation. He is the CEO of Tsunami XR which is a company that provides 3D, virtual and augmented reality solutions.

Part of his view is that collaboration is necessary and becoming increasingly more important within all industries. Because of this, Alex believes the best way to do this on a global level is with all that his company offers, including an overall better experience. Tsunami provides better experiences through clearer transmissions with sight and sound. Facial expressions will be more recognizable, providing everyone with a truer sense of face to face communication through a screen.

Alex Hern has been an entrepreneur for 25 years. Technology has always been his area of choice and over the years has truly become his passion and expertise. As the years have gone on, He has diversified, but only within the technology arena. His long-time presence has given him a voice. Others listen when Alex Hern speaks.

The virtual workplace concept is truly exciting in what it can mean for companies globally. In a talk on Interview, Hern discusses what it means to have this virtual meeting and collaboration interaction space. It is so real. And it provides the option for people to meet anywhere and at any time. A concept that might take a minute for your mind to grasp. But then, some of this virtual reality stuff can truly be mind-boggling. This is the primary reason for having someone like Hern at the helm of this virtual reality ship. His knowledge and understanding within this area is the key to its success and the inevitable birth of what the business world needs for the future.

Louis Chenevert: Former CEO of UTC

Louis Chenevert is one of the prominent corporate executives in the world. He is the former chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Chenevert became the CEO in 2008 and chairman in 2010. He served in both positions until 2014 when he retired. Before he was appointed to these senior positions, he was working as the president and chief operating officer of UTC. Between 1999 and 2006, he was serving as the president of Pratt & Whitney, one of the businesses under UTC conglomerate.


Louis Chenevert has created a prominent name in the aerospace industry. However, before he joined Pratt & Whitney in 1993, he was working in the auto industry. For 14 years, he had worked as the production general manager at General Motors. His transition from the auto industry into aerospace was smooth since the operations involved in both industries are closely related.



After retiring from UTC in 2014, Louis Chenevert joined Goldman Sachs Banking Division where he serves as a senior adviser. Besides, he is also serving as a member of various profit and non-profit organizations. Some of these organizations include Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, US-India CEO Forum, and Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).


Louis Chenevert holds a Bachelor of Commerce in production management from HEC Montreal University School of Business. His skills in production management have been proved through the work he has accomplished. He has led every organization he has worked for with great diligence and keen attention to good results. His record at UTC is still playing a significant part in the growth of the company. He laid a strong foundation that will guide future leaders of the company. UTC is today known mainly because of its activities related to the aerospace industry. However, it has other branches that deal with other products such as elevators and lifts.


Louis Chenevert is remembered for initiating the development of the Geared TurboFan Engine. It is the most efficient jet engine in use today. It has also contributed significantly to the growth of UTC since it makes profits consistently.

OSI Group President, David McDonald Career Life

OSI Group is the brand most people select when they go to shop for food products in the supermarkets or any other food store in the world. This brand has successfully managed to set itself apart and occupied the first position in the market after working from scratch. The institution takes pride in the excellent services and products it gives to its customers. Dealing with different cultures and customer preferences has been tough for the company. However, this has never bothered the management who have been only focused on issued the best. The people who hold the top positions are responsible for the high standards that have been maintained since the company was established. David McDonald is one of the names that have appeared in the company management for a very long time.

David McDonald is without doubt an experienced professional who has been taking charge of crucial in OSI Group for a long time. The businessman, having joined the company very many years ago, has been present in most of the challenges and achievements the company has been registering since it started to operate years ago. The executive has leadership skills that can be considered to have played a huge role in making the food production company successful. His knowledge in animals, having studied animal science while at the Iowa University, has been helping him to select the best meat products for customers.

David McDonald never believed that he was going to head a global company that would be dealing with food production. The businessman left school with good grades, and an admission to the Iowa University was acquired. After getting his degree, the young professional joined OSI Group at the position of project manager. The company was still young, and it had not started to operate in the international market. When David McDonald and the rest of the management allowed people with the right ideas to join the company decades ago, the institution started to grow into the global market, and profits increased each day. The businessman has spent most of his career life serving the customers who depend on the company services, and he is very proud of what he has achieved.

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Nick Vertucci Discusses the Similarities Between Poker and Real Estate

Nick Vertucci knows real estate, and he has an interesting take on how poker honed his real estate abilities. He has become famous for his Orange County, California adventures for flipping homes. He originally owned a business specializing in computer accessories, but his business failed during the economic downfall in 2000.

He then turned his attention toward real estate and created a mega successful company. He literally went from being broke to becoming a millionaire.Vertucci also contributes his success to his love for studying and learning from his own mistakes.

What a lot of people do not know about Vertucci is that he knows the game of poker. He has played with a number of celebrities on the A-list that include Ben Affleck, Don Cheadle, and James Woods. He links real estate and his poker ability to the following traits:

  • Nick Vertucci has an ability to read others, and he knows how to call someone’s bluff. The ability to read others is essential for success in any field.
  • Nick Vertucci also knows how to make an intelligent bluff. In real estate, he knows what the broker across the table is thinking and if there are favorable terms on the table.
  •  He also knows how to adapt to change. For most people, change can feel like a negative thing. In real estate and poker, change is always just around the corner. People must be able to adjust to unexpected changes. A person should also plan ahead and anticipate change.

Nick Vertucci also knows that mistakes will be made. Many variables in both poker and real estate cannot be understood until the game is over. However, one bad hand does not have to signal the end of the game. Winners keep going. Winners also know how to fold and bow out of a losing situation.

Organo Gold is Making Coffee Culture About Wellness

Coffee Culture isn’t just a fad. It’s become an integral part of daily life for millions of people and continues to sweep the globe with force. As cultures experience the frenetic pace of modern life, individuals are increasingly seeking ways to find moments of rest and calm. Coffee Culture has begun to fill that need by providing a means to pause in the midst of the daily grind. Organo Gold is proving to be a significant addition to Coffee Culture by providing high quality coffee that is easy to brew.

Meeting the Need for Organic Coffee

Founded in 2008, Organo started out as a wellness company. As the demand for organic coffee increased, Organo Gold saw the opportunity to do even better in what it does best; helping people experience balanced wellness and well-being. Just as Coffee Culture creates community, Organo has structured its company in a way that builds teamwork and connects individuals. From top to bottom, Organo Gold is developing leaders and facilitating wellness.

A Higher Level of Craftsmanship

Coffee Culture isn’t just about drinking coffee. It’s about experiencing the moment and looking to the future, experiencing community and celebrating excellent craftsmanship. Organo Gold has brought their high level of craftsmanship to the table with a number of options to choose from.

Because it is a wellness company, it’s no surprise they have managed to make coffee drinking even healthier for you by adding one surprising ingredient; mushrooms. It doesn’t taste like medicine, but the nutritional benefits of these organic mushrooms are vast. All of this in a single serve packet of coffee.

Organo Gold is making Coffee Culture good for the immune system and a sense of wellbeing, all while providing a portable and easy coffee option to coffee drinkers everywhere.