Iskandar Safa Builds And Supplies Naval Vessels And Superyachts To Military And Commercial Users


Iskandar Safa is the chief executive officer and chairman of Privinvest Shipbuilding Group. He co-founded the company in the 1990s with his brother Akram Safa. The Shipbuilding company operates on a global basis, and the headquarters are located in France. Akram serves the company as its inside chief executive officer and co-owner.

Iskandar Safa was born in 1955. He had approximately 20 years of experience before establishing Privinvest Shipbuilding Group. Iskandar was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and in the early 70s, he took a job in Saudi Arabia. He was the manager of a construction project for a military airport.

Privinvest Shipbuilding Group specializes in the construction of naval vessels. The organization also builds commercial ships and superyachts. Iskandar Safa has had a love for the sea since his boyhood. As he grew older, he focused his scholastic education on engineering.

The superyacht market will be a large focus for Privinvest Shipbuilding Group. Subsidiaries of the firm, including Nobiskrug and CMN, are world class builders of the luxury super yachts. These are companies that have a long history of developing the premier vessels for the ships that have been in use for years. Privinvest has built thousands of naval vessels. The yachts and ships stand out for their state-of-the-art design and engineering. Iskandar Safa grew the business with his own solid background in the engineering process. Go Here for related Information.

Iskandar Safa is a skilled entrepreneur and businessman, and he has a crew of professionals as part of the design and engineering team. The Privinvest Group employs a team that has a cumulative total of many decades of shipbuilding expertise.

The Group serves navies and other markets around the world. Iskandar Safa was formally trained in civil engineering. He graduated university where he earned his degree in engineering. Safa oversees production at Privinvest. See This Page to learn more.


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Iskandar Safa: The Man Behind Privinvest


Iskandar Safa is currently the Chief Executive Officer and Chair of the company, the Privinvest Group. The company was founded by Iskandar and his brother, Akram Safa, close to three decades ago. Privinvest is a successful company located in Germany, which manages three different Naval Yards’ shipbuilding facilities. The naval yards currently owned by Privinvest are the German Naval Yards Kiel, Lindenau, and Nobiskrug.

Safa attended the American University of Beirut and received a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering in the year 1978. He went on to study at the INSEAD in France, and he was granted a Master’s in Business Administration in 1982. Immediately after graduate school, he began his career in trading. It was not until 1990 that he started to shift his interest to shipbuilding. Get Additional Information Here.

In the early ’90s, Iskandar Safa established his first shipyard facility, which was called Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie. The facility is located in France and became a successful business within two short years. His career in shipbuilding began to advance, and he eventually bought out the Abu Dhabi MAR naval group in 2011. Now, Privinvest is the owner of the shares of the Abu Dhabi MAR group along with the German Naval Yards.

Privinvest consists of more than 2,500 workers that has built over 2,000 ships for the navies and private clients and companies throughout the world. In addition, Privinvest runs several shipyards and other businesses in France, Germany, and the Middle East. With the impressive success of the company, Iskandar Safa remains humble in how it came about.

He is satisfied that Privinvest is a continuously busy company that has expanded its focuses on other duties besides shipbuilding, which are real estate, media roles, and logistic tasks. Safa believes his company will not have any trouble continuing to grow and prosper with the current and future economy. See This Page for additional information.


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Iskandar Safa And His Empire


What to Know about Iskandar Safa

Iskandar Safa is known to be one of the richest men in Lebanon. Iskandar is also the owner of the Privinvest Group. Safa was born in 1955 in Beirut, Lebanon. His family had a civil engineering company, so he decided that he wanted to learn to be a civil engineer. Safa had to face adversity in his life.

There was a civil war in his country when he was younger, and he was even shot. In spite of that, Safa was determined to achieve his goals. Safa got his civil engineering degree from the American University of Beirut. Later, he attended INSEAD in France where he obtained his MBA. Go Here for additional information.


An Interview with Iskandar Safa

Recently, did an interview with Iskandar Safa. In the interview, Safa spoke about his success and how he was able to start his successful shipbuilding company. In the early 1990s, Safa started a shipbuilding company when he acquired an old shipyard in France. Within a relatively short period of time, he was able to transform the shipyard into a thriving company.

Over 30 years ago, Safa and his brother founded Privinvest. Privinvest is now known to be one of the leading shipbuilding companies in Europe and the Middle East. Privinvest has delivered more than 2000 vessels around the world. Apart from that, the company employs around 2500 international employees.



Nobiskrug is a Privinvest shipyard that is located in Germany. The history of this shipyard dates back to the early 1900s. Nobiskrug is a popular shipyard in Europe because it has built some of the most innovative superyachts in Europe. Iskandar Safa believes that business will continue to grow in the yacht building industry, and he is determined to obtain more contracts and deliver higher quality vessels.


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Organo Gold Coffee – An Investment Worth It’s Weight

Before you purchase your next expensive cup of coffee from a swanky establishment, stop! Organo Gold is a premium coffee that you should consider. Why? Because Organo Gold is not just coffee, it’s a lifestyle.

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Today people are arguably aware and concerned about the origins of the products in which they consume. Well, worry no more. Organo Gold Coffee is an investment you should consider.

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Mark Holyoake Builds Relationships And Works Hard


It can be scary for a person to attempt to make a living as an entrepreneur, and Mark Holyoake has shared how it was scary for him when he was first getting started following after his dreams.

He has shared that he had doubts that he had to face. This man chose to try and find his way in a growing industry, even though that was a risky thing to do. Mark Holyoake followed his professional instincts that he had and use common sense, and he was able to find success.

Mark Holyoake enjoys interacting with other people and he has described himself as a sociable person. He has found that spending time with others is not only something that he enjoys but also something that can help him in his professional life. Mark has focused on building relationships with others and networking for the sake of his career. This man has shared that he has gained a lot of knowledge through spending time with others.

When a person is working toward a goal, they can forget to care for their needs. Mark Holyoake believes that self-care is important, and he is happy when he sees people focusing on that. He feels that people are becoming more aware when it comes to their bodies and health, and he has seen how people are doing more today to take care of their selves than people did in the past. Go Here for additional information.

Mark Holyoake is the owner of Oakvest Holdings, and he has a degree in business from the University of Reading. This man has created a sustainable business, and he has done that by working hard. This man focuses on the long term when it comes to earning money, and he is more concerned about earning a lot in the future than earning a little in the present.


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Carsten Thiel: The DNA of Success


Carsten Thiel was born in northern Germany where he began his studies that would eventually lead him to a PhD in Molecular Biology. He became fascinated with how DNA structures and influences so many parts of the existence of living beings. It was then that he decided to dedicate his life to discovering how cells are transformed from healthy to cancerous.

It was in his position with Hoffman la-Roche, a multinational healthcare company in Switzerland, that Carsten entered into the arena of scientific marketing and market assessment. Through the years he has been responsible for many successful product launches.

When asked what is the key to his success, Carsten responds with his personal code of ethics. It is his belief that success comes from staying connected to those who are important in his personal life as well as those in his business life.

However, building and maintaining relationships is only part of the equation. Carsten also feels that team collaboration is also imperative to success. He credits taking time to listen, staying curious and constantly learning, for several of his most successful ideas, innovations, and product launches. See This Page for additional information.

As a believer in the power of education, Carsten Thiel is continuously experimenting. With the rise of the โ€œGolden Age of Biotechnologyโ€, it is faster and easier to understand, treat and eliminate disease at a rate that was never achieved before. Technology makes innovation possible, but success is obtained by trusting your gut and maintaining the human element in all that you do.


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Richard Liu Quiangdong Talks More About


Chinese eCommerce company is among the most valuable businesses based in China, and it is also one of the largest retailers in the world. It was founded by Richard Liu Qiangdong in 2004, and it was an offshoot of a company called Jingdong that was founded in 1998. Currently, is worth $60 billion according to comments made by Liu during a discussion at a WeWorld event.


Efficiency Helps Stay Ahead

Richard Liu Qiangdong said that the company has 500 logistics locations throughout China, and this makes it possible to get items to most customers within about six hours. He said that about 97% of orders reach customers within 20 hours, and delivery time depends largely on where a person lives and when an item is delivered.


A Wide Selection Of Goods Keeps Customers Coming Back

Another reason why people keep coming back to is the fact that it has such a large assortment of goods. Richard Liu said that the website has roughly one billion items that people can buy, which is significantly more than Walmart. Liu said that clothes and food are among the more popular items available for purchase. The fashion category tends to feature items that have the highest margins. See This Article for more information.


Items Get Turned Over in a Matter of Days

Richard Liu says that there are about five million items held in a warehouse at any given time. It takes about 34 days for a warehouse to completely sell out, but Liu mentioned that new technology would make it possible to cut that down to 20 days.


About Richard Liu Qiangdong

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a true entrepreneurial genius and recognizes the power in of broadening his horizons. Richard Liu started his career doing freelance computer work while in college. He used the money to help finance his education, and the experience helped him understand the need to embrace technology whenever possible.

Liu is considered as among the top entrepreneurs in the e-commerce industry. After launching his first online retail website sometime in 2004, he founded only a year later.

Because of Qiangdongโ€™s success in selling other goods online, Richard Liu Quiangdong has now been ranked by Business of Fashion as a top 500 โ€œMost Influential Person In The Fashion Spaceโ€. Fashion is, of course, a $2.4 trillion market on its own.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong Talks About His Business Success


Richard Liu founded Jingdong in 1998, and in 2004, Jingdong became the eCommerce platform The shift occurred because of changing market conditions as well as the SARS outbreak in China during that year. sells almost any product that is available on the market, but Liu says that the most popular products tend to be perishable items. Offers Quality Service Throughout China

According to Richard Liu Qiangdong, customers in China are able to get orders within several hours no matter where they live. The ability to service rural shoppers was a point of pride for the man who is still the CEO of the company that he founded 15 years ago. He also prides himself on the fact that every customer receives the same level of service regardless of what they buy.

Liu Qiangdong has been recognized by the โ€œBusiness of Fashion Top Performing Businessmen of 2018โ€. An award that is very well deserved by Richard Liu Qiangdong. It is a reflection of his consistency and excellence in his business.


What Motivated Liu to Become an Entrepreneur?

Richard Liu Qiangdong said that he was motivated to become successful because of his upbringing. His parents had a business that did not succeed, so there was little money to take care of him and his grandparents. Since the family had no money, there was little hope of Liu ever leaving the country or becoming a part of the government. Go Here to learn more.

Therefore, he had to attempt to make money by starting his own business. Liu Qiangdong was also motivated by the fact that everyone who he went to school with had a strong work ethic. He joked that the success of his classmates and friends was a good thing because no one has asked him for money.


About Richard Liu

Richard Liu is known as both a strong and humble leader who does not seek out the limelight despite the fact that he is a high profile individual. Each year, he spends a day personally delivering items to his company’s customers.


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The Shopping Malls of Jose AuriemoNeto and JHSF

JHS, a Brazilian construction company was founed by brothers Fabio and Jose Roberto Auriemo in 1972. In 1995 the two split the company into two entirely separate companies. Fabio took the leadership of the real estate development company known as JHSF. 2001 JHSF entered the retail industry for the first time with Shopping Metro Santa Cruz. He based this on the fact that really rich people were increasingly moving into the area at that time and that no luxury shopping malls had been built in Brazil in the 80s and 90s.

His father never relented. However, In 2006 Josรฉ AuriemoNeto succeeded his father as CEO in 2003. Three years later he was finally able to initiate the beginning of construction of their first luxury mall called CidadeJardim. The design of the complex was inspired by Miamiโ€™s Bal Harbor Shops. Its stores boast such top international brands as Armani, Louis Vuitton, ErmenegildoZegna, Montblanc, La Perla, and Longchamp. These plus many other top international brands. Because of this today Jose is considered one of the most influential people in the Brazilian fashion world.

The enormous cost of the construction included more than just building substantial structures. It also included the full relocation of 70 families who had previously lived on the land. One year after construction of CidadeJardimbegan, Jose led JHSF to purchase a majority share of the Fasano luxury restaurant line. In recent years he has led JHSF to extend its reach into Uruguay and the U.S.

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Raffaele Riva and Reading

People know a lot about Raffaele Riva and who he is as an entrepreneur. This professional has a lot of proficiency involving global business topics. He has just as much proficiency involving the real estate market, wealth management, estate handling, trust investments and more, too. Raffaele Riva has the distinction of being AUREA Multi Family Office’s President. This is a company that he created alongside others. AUREA Multi Family Office is an entity that heads all sorts of global business divisions. It heads BGB Aurea LTD., Milano Fiduciara and Aurea Gestioni Patrimonialia SA.

It’s clear as day to all that Raffaele Riva has a zeal for his vocation that’s practically unadulterated. He’s put the time into setting up numerous firms. He took part in the establishment of a plenitude of businesses from 1997 into 2008. Raffaele Riva has long been an advocate of education. That explains why his schooling background is so impressive. He finished an economics degree back in Italy in Milan. He didn’t just study economics, either. His educational program also accentuated vital subjects such as mergers and acquisitions (M&As), law regarding taxation, corporate finance and even accounting.

This man is an individual who knows a lot about global finance matters. He in the past was an employee in the auditing and accounting department for a renowned company that was under the Big 4 umbrella. This job took place in both Italy and the United Kingdom. Riva is no stranger to travel all throughout the European continent.

Reading isn’t an activity that ever bothers Riva. It’s truthfully a pastime that makes him want to try even harder in this life. He appreciates finding out about the newest developments in the sophisticated economics realm. He also likes reading disruptive technology stories that he sees in papers and online.