Michel Terpin – Racer and Writer?

A weakness is writing in Maine slang. I lived in Maine for 35 years and we have a different way of speaking that doesn’t compute in other parts of the country. I can even edit my work and not pick it up. Thankfully, my wife is my editor, and she can spot the Mainer coming out in my writing a mile away. Check out reportermaceio.com for more details.

I have trouble keeping my mind focused on one writing task at a time. For instance, I am working for a medical website writing content. Also, I am writing an article for publishing in a New England magazine. This afternoon, I was working on my content writing, and I couldn’t focus on my research because I was kicking around ideas for my other article. So, I went to work on my other article – on Brazilian racer, Michel Terpin – and found myself thinking about my content writing.

It’s during times like these that I put my work away and go for a walk or play with my kids. The time away settles my brain down so that I can focus on one assignment at a time. I would be able to deliver 5-8 orders a week to start, and we could adjust from that starting point moving forward. I enjoy writing about experiences I have had in life. I was a crazy adolescent, even crazier as a college kid, and am now a mix of the two as a husband and father of two: I enjoy new experiences and have many to share with the world, including my many adventures in seeing Terpin drive to victory, whether form a TV screen, on the news or at an event. For more details visit comunique-se

I have a passion for sports and hobbies. I collect sports memorabilia, stamps, toys, etc. Basically, anything that I may be able to make a buck on, I’m in. I am dabbling in woodwork, enjoying gardening, hiking, cooking, playing video games, buying backyard games, and a host of other things. I promise you, whatever need you have for Rodrigo Terpins assignments, I’ll be able to deliver.

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