For Those With A Passion To Create And Inspire There Is The Academy Of Art University

Founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stevens, the Academy of Art University is for those of a creative mind wanting to put their talents to use designing innovative and inspirational art for commercial success. Originally named the Academy of Advertising Art, then renamed the Academy of Art College, the Academy of Art University is devoted to artists and assists them in developing their own unique styles to create art that is original to each person. Located in San Francisco, California the Academy of Art University is accredited by several noted artistic societies including the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

The Academy of Art University offers Associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in a multitude of fields from Acting to Architecture, Web Design, Motion Picture & Television, and Photography to name just a few. They even offer online courses to accommodate busy lifestyles. Many of their graduates have gone on to work for companies such as The New York Times, Disney, Riot Games and the San Francisco Playhouse.

Recently The Academy of Art University’s Fashion School has been making headlines. The University boasts the only accredited B.F.A. for fashion in the United States. Many of the graduates are now working with some of world’s top stylists and fashion designers. Abby Qi, who graduated in 2017, has had many of her fashion publications go world wide in such magazines as Blanc and King Kong. 2018 graduate Yen Nguyen currently works with New York stylist George Cortina. Her works have been published by the likes of Elegant, HUF, Kaltblut, and Lucy’s deFUZE. Working as a free-lance stylist, 2015 graduate Katelyn Johnson has worked with global talent agencies like Streeters NY and the Wall Group and she has done photo shoots with i-D Magazine, Paper Magazine, and the ever-illustrious Vogue. And 2016 graduate Umi Jang has worked for BPCM, Acne Studios, Document Journal and New York’s current king of style Alastair McKimm.

The Academy of Art University strives bring out the full potential of all its students. For anyone with creative talent the Academy of Art University is here for you.

Academy of Art University and the Famous Work Done by Alumni

The Academy of Art University is a for-profit art school located in San Francisco, CA. The staff at the university contain 283 full-time and 1154 part-time employees. 11,071 students are currently studying at the university in what is one of the largest art universities on the west coast.

This university has a rich history for it was first founded in 1929 as a school for advertising art. Richard S. Stephens was the founder who was first a painter and magazine editor as his main job, before passing the school down to his son Richard A. Stephens in 1951. Gradually the family grew the college to the point where numbers increased from 2000 to a peak 18,000 in 2012 before falling down to under 12,000. Students have been known for helping with different art events such as the famous NY Fashion Week twice a year since 2005.

At the Academy of the Art University, students have the ability to receive an associate, bachelor’s, or master’s degree in 25 different subjects. Since 2007, the Western Association of School and Colleges gave them regional accreditation and they’ve also been an accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. For-profit schools usually have a bad reputation, but the Academy of Art University has all of the credentials to back itself up.

Alumni of the university have gone on and worked on many movies and TV shows that you’ve probably ended up watching sometime. In 2019, many alumni worked on the biggest film of 2019, Avengers: Endgame. The studios that worked on Avengers: Endgame include Industrial Light & Magic, Weta Digital, Double Negative, Framestore, Cinesite, and Digital Domain. As one of the largest arts and design schools, large studios frequently setup hiring events with those graduating from the school to get in as much top talent they receive.

Ryan Seacrest on American Idol

Ryan Seacrest has hosted American idol since the first season it aired in the year of 2002. This year Ryan will host the 16th season of the show starting in March. Due to the number of American idol viewers, Seacrest grew popular around the world during his time on the show. Seacrest signed a deal to continue hosting American Idol for 45 million dollars in 2009. This made him the highest paid TV host ever.

In 2006, Ryan signed a contract with E! and NBC for a 3 year and $21 million dollar contract. He hosted several shows and red carpet shows. He left in 2012 and was replayed by another host.

In 2017, Ryan joined Kelly Ripa in, Live with Kelly and Ryan. He started the show immediately after announcing his co-host position. By the time it was finished the show had over three million views.

Ryan has also hosted for several other shows in hos early days including: ESPN’s Radical Outdoor Challenge, Gladiators 2000, Wild Animal Games, Click, Beverly Hills, 90210, The NBC Saturday Night Movie, Ultimate Revenge, ABC’s Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, The Million Second Quiz, and Knock Knock Live. Seacrest was nominated for Emmy’s for hosting American idol.

Seacrest began producing while hosting for E!. Shortly in 2008, he launched Ryan Seacrest Productions. He produces popular shows such as: Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Khloe and Lamar, Kourtney and Kim Take New York and Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, and more. In 2010, he won one an Emmy for producing Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Ryan continues to work on his hosting and productions company. Also, behind his producing and hosting, Ryan launched a collection of distinction which features several different items and accessories. Seacrest also partnered in a skin care line called, Polished.

Alastair Borthwick`s Remarkable Life

Alastair Borthwick was born in February 1913 at Rutherglen town. His parents relocated to Troon where he was brought up. Alastair Borthwick went to Glasgow at the age of 11 to attend his high school. At the age of 16 years, he left school to work at the Glasgow Evening Times paper; his work was to deliver the paper to the customers. After some time he upgraded to Glasgow Weekly Herald; here he served various roles including compiling crossword, editing films, answering questions from the readers and writing articles about women and children for the paper. During the Weekends Borthwick joined a group of unemployed people for hiking in the Scotland hills. The middle-class people went to relieve stress by exploring the beauty provided by nature. This outdoor mountaineering adventure inspired Alastair Borthwick to write a book “Always a Little Furtherˮ the book was published after T.S Eliot insisted (Amazon).

In 1935, Alastair went to London to join the Daily Mirror, but the contract did not last long and became the leader for a press club at the Empire Exhibition. James Fergusson of BBC studios was intrigued by Borthwick’s story he commissioned him for a fifteen -minute talk at the radio show and this marked the beginning of his career at BBC.

Alastair Borthwick joined the Second World War as an ordinary civilian, but by the end of the war, he had been promoted to a Lance level. Colonel John Sym excused Borthwick from writing about the last two years of the War. He wrote “Sans Peurˮ that started as an ordinary book but later it was rewritten adding more humor and vivid description to the book.

After the war Alastair joined his wife Anne at Jura; they lived in a small cottage. This couple gave birth to Patrick while still at Jura. BBC gave Borthwick a contract to explain his war experiences; he won the OBE award for the excellent presentation that coincided with the British Festival. Alastair Borthwick moved his family to Islay in 1952 where they lived for eight years before settling in South Ayrshire. Alastair died on 25th September 2003.

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The Chainsmokers Release the Song of the Summer with “Side Effects”

The Chainsmokers, along with singer Emily Warren, released “Side Effects” on July 27. It comes nearly two years after their monster hit, “Closer” debuted and dominated the charts. The award-winning, chart-topping duo — Andrew Taggart and Alex Paul — have released numerous singles since “Closer,” but perhaps none as carefree and summery as “Side Effects.”

2018 saw the release of “Sick Boy,” an EP that has produced four singles to date. “Side Effects” marks their fifth single this year and is thought to be from their upcoming full-length studio album. Unlike their other 2018 singles, “Side EFfects” has a more upbeat, disco-inspired feeling that makes it a fitting summer bop.

It’s also a far cry from their early DJ days. Taggart and Paul have matured as performers, with Taggart getting behind the mic and singing on songs like “Closer.” The music itself has become more personal, focusing on modern-day relationships and what it means to live and love in an increasingly technological age.

Paul and Taggart claim that they write songs based on their observations of the world. Their themes resonate with both critics and audiences alike. Since breaking through into mainstream success in 2014, The Chainsmokers have gone on to produce platinum records and to be nominated for and win multiple awards. This includes the Grammy Awards, the American Music Awards, the MTV Video Music Awards, and People’s Choice.

While The Chainsmokers continue DJing in Vegas, they also perform their music at venues large and small around the world. Alex Paul remains the main DJ, with Andrew Taggart writing, singing, and producing. Their sound is an eclectic mix of EDM, hip-hop, pop, and indie.

Since debuting “Side Effects” in July, they have dropped multiple remixes of the track. They’ve also released a music video featuring Camila Mendes of “Riverdale” fame. It was shot on location in Miami and directed by Matthew Dillon Cohen.

Alex Pall, The Musician

Alex Pall has been enjoying his success as apart of The Chainsmokers. Frankly, he has been enjoyed the ultimate lifestyle of a successful music duo. That is commonly unheard of. Not many groups rise to the fame and success of Alex Pall’s The Chainsmokers. But his story and the band’s story is interesting and speaks as a tale to what hard work and passion can create once combined together.

The Chainsmokers have released chart topping records like Closer, Roses and Don’t Let Me Down. More hit bangers are in the mix for the young talented duo. The group has interesting concept to how they develop their hits. Unlike many other musicians the group prides itself on being apart of every intricate detail of their music. Having so much thought and impact into creating the beats and lyrics of their music has allowed them to transcend into authentic related artists. Feelings are important to Alex Pall and his bandmate. Their fans are able to vibe with these feelings and feel the feelings straight through the music. Intimacy is important to these two hitmakers. The reveal their true selves through their music. This has allowed them to create their own identity which is super important for a new group.

Alex Pall has not always been known as a member of a worldwide talented group. At one point in time, he was like many other dj’s on the New York City scene. He was aiming to breakthrough into music success. The feat was extremely hard. He had the dream and the talent but it took time and joining with the right forces for him and his bandmate to create The Chainsmokers.

Working at an art gallery just was not Alex Pall’s calling. So, he focused and gave music another attempt. This time he was determined and would stop at nothing to make his dream come true. He met a music professional that introduced him to his future Chainsmokers bandmate. This professional began managing the two dj’s. Instantly, these two began making beats. Before long, the whole world got a sample of The Chainsmokers.