Betsy DeVos Prepares For Conservative Battle In Education

Betsy DeVos is the newest Secretary of Education for the United States of America. Selected by President Donald J. Trump, Mrs. DeVos faced staunch public outcry after she was nominated and brought in for her confirmation hearing. After a contentious vote, Betsy DeVos was summarily confirmed and appointed to her position. Despite this ostensibly rocky beginning, Betsy DeVos hasn’t allowed herself to be cowed by public scrutiny. In fact, she has thrived under the immense spotlight that the media has shown on all Trump appointments to his presidential administration. With such an intense spotlight being aimed at Betsy DeVos, it seemed almost necessary to share some facts about her past, her present, and her future ambitions in order to paint a fair picture. Let’s jump right into the subject in order to discuss one of the most contentious appointments of the 2016 Trump Administration.


Betsy DeVos comes to Washington D.C. by way of the state of Michigan. For the better part of the past thirty years, Betsy DeVos has served as a private citizen who has been intensely interested in the state of politics where she was born and raised. As a prominent conservative and invaluable GOP donor, DeVos managed to work her way up the ladder of notoriety among her conservative peers. Renown for her stance on education reform, Betsy DeVos has become something of a champion for educational evolution under the leadership of prominent conservatives. Nominally not a field dominated by conservative thought, DeVos is bringing a breath of fresh air to the public education arena.


Born and raised in Holland, Mi, Betsy DeVos had the opportunity to sit back and relax with her family fortune already secured. Despite the relative comfort of her early life, DeVos didn’t take it easy. Instead, she worked tirelessly in order to sharpen her mind and make herself more ready than ever to bring change to the political arena. DeVos would go on to attend Calvin College, the school that would sharpen her political mind, and she would become intimately familiar with the writings of people like Milton Friedman. Friedman was a Nobel Prize-winning author who focused heavily on the role of the government in education and other faculties of private life.


For the past thirty years, DeVos has focused on education reform and now she is getting her chance to bring the idea into the mainstream. Expect DeVos to spend the next couple of years working to bring school choice to the masses.


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