Betsy DeVos Is The Role Model That Female Business Leaders Have Been Waiting For

Women who are looking for a role model in the business world would be wise to pay attention to the career of Betsy DeVos. She has been able to accomplish quite a bit during her life, and she continues to work hard towards making the changes she wants to see in the world. DeVos is the chairman of the Windquest Group, which is an investment company that focuses on improving business ventures in multiple sectors. She also serves on many different local and national boards where she continues to make a huge difference. Some of the organizations she works with include the Foundation for Excellence in Education, the DeVos Institute for Arts Management at the Kennedy Center, and the American Federation for Children.


Betsy DeVos was recently made the secretary of education for the United States, and she has already been working very hard in her new position. It is her hope that the school system in the U.S. will change so that every student has the same opportunity for a quality education as every other student. As it stands, most students must attend a local school that is chosen for them based on the zip code of where they live. DeVos has repeatedly referred to this practice as completely outdated and has been extremely vocal about passing new legislation that will help to cover the tuition fees of charter schools and private schools.


In Michigan, Betsy DeVos has worked hard to help expand charter schools. She also worked with her husband, Dick DeVos, to help pass legislation in the state that supports students who can’t afford to pay the fees to attend those charter schools. Something that sets DeVos apart from many other politicians and business women is her willingness to work with those who have a different point of view. While many Republicans favor the kinds of changes she wants to make, Democrats have continued to resist these changes. The problem is that many Democrats are funded by teachers unions, which, of course, favor the public school system.


Betsy DeVos recently took her willingness to make new allies a step further when she made a joint public appearance with the rapper Pitbull. While other politicians may have gotten away with doing so without the press taking notice, this wasn’t the case with DeVos. The reason people were taken aback by the appearance is because Pitbull is a rapper who uses a lot of cuss words in his rap music. As a conservative Christian, this is obviously not something that Betsy DeVos approves of. While other conservatives may have shied away from the opportunity, she moved forward with it in order to make a new ally with a man who just built three charter schools in the state of Florida.


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