Ara Chackerian Sees Opportunity in Behavior

The fact of the matter is that our behaviors are everything, it is our behaviors that drive our results and show us where we will go in life.

Behavior according to Wikipedia is the idea of a series of characteristics, patterns, and actions. Going further into this concept of behavior, one would see that it is all about the different movements and mannerisms that are presented by a specific person on a regular basis. The sum of all these characteristics and how they manifest for the individual in real life through their various actions is what is construed as a behavior.

Now, behavior doesn’t just have to be something that an individual does, it can something that is extrapolated to a larger organization, culture, society, or system. A behavior can even be present in robotics and other forms of artificial life.

The behavior is created by several things.

The first important aspect to realize is that behavior can from within. Different personality traits can be reinforced over time with different types of exposure that can then become a behavior over time.

The second component of behavior is that of the local environment. An individual would develop a behavior or a set of behaviors depending on their interaction with their surrounding environment. These different interactions with an outside environment create different experiences, different stimuli, and variables that can have a deep impact on the individual. Continuous exposure to certain variables and inputs can form the behavior of an individual over time. These behavior creations may not be overt, they may be subtle, as such it is important for one to realize these changes and fix them if they are harmful if compounded over time.

Ara Chackerian and Behavioral Health

Professionals such as Ara Chackerian see that there is a need for the integration of technology within this field of health. If proper techniques through technology were applied to the sector, one would be able to realize significant changes in human capital.

Ara Chackerian aims to help foster more opportunity in this space with his experience within the healthcare sector. Read more about Ara Chackerian: