An Inside Look At Highland Capital Management’s Income Fund Portfolio


Highland Capital Management recently released its annual report on the performance of its Highland Income Fund. The Highland Income Fund, also known as the “Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund”, is available for public investors and is currently trades on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the symbol HFRO.

This fund has been in operation for more than 15 years, and each investment in the portfolio is personally directed by Highland Capital Management’s co-founder Jim Dondero. The Highland Income Fund employs several strategies to help investors profit from moves in the world’s benchmark interest rates. Go Here for additional information.

Primarily, the fund invests in opportunities that provide above-average return potentials without the downside risk of other investment opportunities. Highland Capital has always been an active investor in high-yield bonds and other debt instruments, and the Floating Rate Opportunities Fund allocates its holding among multiple industries.


More specifically, the Income Fund’s current portfolio includes:

  • Creek Pine Holdings, LLC – Creek Pine Holdings is a collection of companies that specializes in investing the capital of family offices and sophisticated private investors. This family of corporations specializes in venture capital and private equity investments.
  • NFRO REIT Sub, LLC – Highland’s investments in the NFRO REIT are designed to produce consistent income for shareholders, as this portfolio company has the mandate to pay its owners more than 90% of taxable income as a dividend in any given year.
  • EDS Legacy Partners, LLC – As a former spin-off of the late Ross Perot’s Electronic Data System, EDS Legacy Partners invests in emerging electronic technologies. The company also partners with private equity firms around the country to buy and sell real estate related to data servers and America’s overall technological infrastructure.

To date, the Highland Capital Management Income Fund has returned more than 3.5%, and prospects for further returns continue to look bright. See This Page for related information.


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