American Addiction Centers: Don’t Turn Down Help

For a lot of people that are battling addiction, they don’t seek out help. Instead, they simply try to just deal with it on their own. That is not going to help them out. When it comes to addiction, it takes a whole army to defeat it. They need the right people in their corner that will give it to them straight.

They need the right mix of tough love along with patience. It is going to be a long road ahead, but in the end, it is a journey they will be happy they went on because they are living their best life.

Many people are unaware that places like the AAC (American Addiction Centers) even exist in the first place. It is because they haven’t done their research or homework on it. It is also because they never really thought they had an issue in the first place. They assumed they were doing fine.

They thought, “I might have a drink once in a while. Who doesn’t? What’s the big deal?” The big deal is that people are drinking at an alarming rate. They are out of control with their drinking. They don’t know how to just have a beer or two and call it a day.

According to a survey by the AAC, “14% of people believed they were fine to drive after 5-6 beers, and 10% after 5-6 glasses of wine.” It goes to show the addicts have not really done their homework on this subject. They didn’t fully realize their body weight and how much they were putting into their body. Read more: American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase and American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor

They might feel fine at the moment, but it is a whole different animal when they are behind the wheel. What is even more frustrating for their friends and family is the fact that ride-sharing apps are out there to give them a ride home.

Instead, they are choosing to get behind the wheel of a car while blackout drunk and take that chance. Why take that chance? According to those that work at the AAC, it is the first sign that something is severely wrong and the addiction is quite strong.

Sometimes they don’t realize how bad it truly is until someone gives them the numbers and the facts. As the AAC has said, “If we can save even one life by encouraging someone to seek help before something devastating happens, then we are making an impact.” They have even said they treat patients with alcohol more than any other substance.

Because it is their number one problem, they are going out of their way to give it the care, attention, and detail it needs in order to help their patients.

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