About Alexis Kennedy’s Lovecraftian Apocalyptic Creation “Cultist Simulator”

Double-BAFTA nominated Lovecraft-eque apocalyptic game Cultist Simulator was designed by Alexis Kennedy, who also created Sunless Sea and Fallen London. Cultist Simulator can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play, Steam, Humble, GOG, and itch.io.

Cultist Simulator sees the player, a seeker of unholy mysteries, perform such actions as summoning spirits, hand-crafting their own tools, stealing forbidden treasures, summoning alien gods, and teaching their ways to and thus converting innocent pupils within the 1920s-themed setting of hidden history and concealed gods in the game. Whether the player just wants to play along and make their choices to see where things go, or if they wish to play a certain way in pursuit of knowledge, secrets, beauty, or revenge. Players can choose between conditions of sane and insane victory, and at any point the player could self-destruct by way of their inner demons. But regardless of the player’s fate, their students, disciples, and victims may carry on their legacy or serve up some vengeance.

The game is a combination of Alexis Kennedy’s intense prose, game crafting skills, and the paralleled victory conditions. Cultist Simulator’s Kickstarter raised almost 300 percent of the funds needed back in 2017 and has been double-BAFTA nominated. The game was released for PC on May 13st, 2018 and then almost a year later, April 2nd, 2019, for mobile platforms.

Alexis Kennedy is a renowned game designer, author, and the founder of Failbetter Games, where he created many of his unique brand of games. He speaks at universities and conferences all over the nation about the topics of narrative design and interactive writing. His game creating credits include Cultist Simulator, Dragon Age: ‘Joplin,’ Dragon Age: The Last Court, Sunless Sea, Fallen London, Machine Cares, StoryNexus, Stellaris: ‘Horizon Signal,’ The Night Circus, StoryNexus, and an unnanounced Telltale project.