a2 Milk Company Achieves Success In China Thanks To JD.com

Jingdong, also known as JD.com has had a strategic partnership with a2 Milk Company, a New Zealand dairy firm since 2015. This relationship deepened and expanded in 2019. The goal is to sell more of this company’s high-quality milk in the Chinese marketplace by developing new innovative marketing strategies based on Jingdong’s research.

a2 Milk chose to partner with Jingdong and introduce its dairy products to Chinese consumers on the JD.com website. JD is the number one retailer in China that helps other companies achieve success on its platform. a2 Milk Company is heavily focused on China, considering it their top priority. Many Chinese parents of babies rely on a2 Milk as their products are safe and easy for babies to digest.

Jindong provided its unique insights into consumers to a2 Milk Company. They developed customized marketing solutions designed to increase its brand recognition and sales. During the annual “6.18” anniversary sales festival, a2 Milk was the best-selling brand on JD.com. The best-selling of their products was their Platinum Premium Toddler Milk Drink. Their sales were 210% higher than the 2018 anniversary sale.

a2 Milk also chose to join Jingdong’s “Brand Competitiveness Plan.” This is a 30-day program that helped brands develop marketing that would appeal to Chinese consumers. The plan identifies a brands target audience, the best way to reach them and increase its sales performance. Go Here for additional information.

JD.com identified people who had looked at a2 Milk Company products recently but hadn’t bought any yet. Coupons were sent to them which resulted in many of them being redeemed. One million customers also liked a2 Milk Company’s online store on JD.com.

a2 Milk Company’s subsidiary in China is called a2 Greater China. Its Chief Executive Officer Xiao Li said that China is his organization’s top growth market. Relying on Jingdong’s expertise has meant that his company has been able to make the most of the opportunity of selling products in China. One development in their partnership he cited was using JD’s blockchain technology to track his company’s products at every stage of delivery. This means that customers can be confident they are receiving a high-quality and safe product.


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