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I don't mind how boring herald is, but I do wish other non elite combos were viable. your choice/Herald is just leaps and bounds ahead of any other combo. I'd love if they buffed Malyx and ventari to be a suitable replacement. I don't like the idea of curb stomping herald as some do like it and play it well, but give revenants other options. What is. An easy, free to use service that loops Youtube videos on a infinite way. We just use public Youtube tools as documented on their website.

In that way, Herald can be considered a 5-signet Revenant. As of the August 8th, 2017 patch, you can have idle conversations with the channeled legends. See each legend's individual page for dialogue. Every Revenant's legend has at least one skill which has an upkeep. Probably a lot of people that are recommending. Even if you don't have enough condi damage, you still apply dots and have a 10% increase in stats. It's too good to pass it up while you don't have your spec unlocked. And I don't know why you are bringing Glint here if the OP told he doesn't has Herald. 12/09/2017 · The other two questions are “Is it better than Herald?” and "Will it be optimal?. For power builds, stick with Herald. Renegade has nothing to offer them. For Condi builds, the Renegade specialization looks to be a minor buff over Invocation in damage..

08/09/2017 · Ggetting rid of herald, I lose the might ability, elder force, facet of nature as well as concentration in general. I could also consider dropping salvation, but I haven’t tested how well I heal without it, plus I lose alacrity. Now there is also the final option of switching to a condi build: In that case I would want to run corruption. This build guide provides an overview of the Revenant class and explains how to create an optimal PvE Revenant build. The goal is to achieve maximum damage DPS while still maintaining a high level of play-ability and utility. Der Condi Renegade ist eine starke Zustandsschadensklasse, welche vor allem Pein, Brennen und Blutung mit seinen Fähigkeiten verteilt. Im vergleich zu anderen Condi Klassen benötigt der Rev sehr lange um die Zustände auf den Gegner zu bringen. Zudem ist er durch seine komplexe Rotation nicht sehr anfängerfreundlich. 泰瑞亚探险家协会,是国内更新速度最快的激战2游戏资料平台,拥有全面的激战2数据库,激战2游戏指南,已涵盖最新版本.

Je reprend GW2 après un arrêt, j'ai bien accroché à la nouvelle classe revenant, çà m'a l'air sympa mais je ne connais pas encore bien la dynamique du game-play. Je joue principalement en solo en JcE, mais à l'occasion en groupe JcE ou McM, mais surtout sans prétentions. Je n'ai pas beaucoup de. 05/04/2018 · Condi ist, Metatechnisch gesehen, aktuell wesentlich stärker als Bersi, ja. Wie erwähnt bezweifle ich aber stark, das du Kondi außer bei Bossen/Legys voll ausspielen kannst, ich finde die Bersi-Rota die ich aktuell spiele basiert auf dem alten Bersi.

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