Oren Frank And His Wife Are Helping Millions With Talkspace

Oren Frank is the CEO of one of the world’s leading online therapy platforms, Talkspace, which he also cofounded. Mental illness is a worldwide crisis, and Oren Frank aims to make Talkspace’s services accessible to people around the world with its mobile platform. Talkspace was created out of personal experience, and a realization that it could potentially help billions of people.

Frank has led Talkspace to a high level of success. The platform has help millions of people by matching them with professional therapists. Many of the people getting help with Talkspace had no means of obtaining the help they needed before. The mobile app puts therapy in your pocket, making it more accessible than ever before. Almost everyone owns a smart phone today, and with our constant connection to the internet, help is never far away.

Frank believes that modern technology can improve society in many aspects, and he showcases this belief in the way he uses modern technology to improve societies mental health. He and his wife Roni Frank created Talkspace in 2012 hoping to bring mental health services to everybody. The two realized the benefits of therapy in their early marriage, which helped to inspire the platforms creation.

Before cofounding Talkspace with his wife, Frank had established himself as senior marketing executive with McCann Erickson WorldWide. He became well known for being progressive and implementing creative strategies. He quickly became one of the top marketers across the world. He has often said that Talkspace is his redemption for the years he worked in marketing.

After couples therapy helped to save their marriage, Frank realized the global need for accessible therapy. Mrs. Frank changed her career path, leaving behind software development for a degree in psychology.

Now, Talkspace is growing in its influence, helping connect people in need with professionals who can help them.

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The Accomplishments of Highland Capital in Investments and Philanthropy

Mark Okada and James Dondero founded Highland Capital Management in 1993. The company, which deals with investments, has since become very successful. It now manages assets worth around $15.4 billion. Highland Capital offers advice on alternative investments, equities, credit hedge funds as well as collateralized loan obligations. The wide array of services the company specializes in has attracted many clients. Their clients include individuals with many assets, governments, public pension plans, and financial institutions.

Michael Gregory works at Highland Alternative Investors. He is the company’s chief investment officer. Through his expertise, the company’s clients have made a lot of profits in the recent past. He works with James Dondero on the Highland Small Cap Equity Fund. Although it is still small, the fund has been making great progress. It has assets worth approximately $55 million.

The fund deals with various sectors including healthcare, energy and real estate. Michael Gregory discussed Collegium Pharmaceutical Inc. and Pacira Pharmaceutical Inc. He said that the two companies were doing well and were likely to improve their sales. In real estate, he mentioned several companies like NexPoint Residential Trust that were doing well. These are some of the companies that were benefiting from working with Highland Capital. Nexpoint recently raised $269 million in its market offering further solidifying its position for the future.

Highland Capital has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. An international company has offices in Sao Paolo, Seoul, Singapore, and New York. It has provided employment to many people in these places. This has also taken its services closer to the people. Highland Capital stands out from other companies. It has great concerns for community development. This being the case, the company has invested greatly in its areas of operation.

James Dondero takes part in various philanthropic activities. His company, Highland Capital has contributed approximately $10 million to various organizations. Due to its growing involvement in philanthropic activities, the company got a partner who specializes in the field. The company now works with The Dallas Foundation. The foundation is led by Mary Jalonick who is the president and CEO. She has experience that has helped Highland Capital to plan and execute its activities in charity.

LocationSmart – Copyright and Gaming

In order to comply with state and government restrictions, businesses must engage in contract discussions. These contracts are often written in earnest, with many different agreements to be signed off. These contracts can also be pricey materials needed to embrace the online marketplace. The influence of these contracts is what helps regulate a business and keep them in the correct areas as far operations are concerned. To better condense these agreements, LocationSmart works with businesses to help them locate the necessary copyrights. To gain the correct copyrights, you often have to submit to attain unnecessary coverage. Paying for this coverage can be costly and ineffective. LocationSmart gains businesses the correct amount of coverage they need, helping to cut or eliminate costs.

This copyright ability also affords the business many different advantages. By keeping their licensed material within the proper coverage, they can protect their brand and their likeness from being taken from. It is essentially a minimal patent that will protect your rights and terms of operation. This copyright can also be used to better predict and control what you consumers can view. Controlling the IP addresses operated under your brand, you better can influence the areas where your consumers can access. Keeping your consumers within the proper lines of operation helps to limit the threat to both parties. This is an increase in security protection that is costly when purchased under any other brand not named LocationSmart.

LocationSmart also works heavily with obtaining the right for contracts. Their discussions have allowed for a heavy presence in the field of online gaming. Most states restrict gambling online, which is something that is highly regulated. To better reduce the threat of these regulations, the LocationSmart system works with contracts with many of the top iGaming industries. This allows them to work around some of these restrictions to feature a full system of operation in a short period of time. They are the fighting force that gets you from the ground level to full operations quicker than any other servicing organization.

These two areas are just two of the many examples where the LocationSmart difference shines through. They also offer many different advances in terms of online marketing efforts. They create many different opportunities for content streams with your business becoming the star of the attention. Their programs are also mirrored by many different security teams, keeping all of your consumer’s content and information safe and secure. The LocationSmart difference extends far beyond the offering of location services. They work with your brand to help your live your vision that you created when your started your company. LocationSmart works with all business types and is the leading force behind the scenes of big business and small start-ups. They continue their strive, holding presence in nearly all stateside locations. Their outreach is also impacting a global world, allowing for any user to find success once teaming with this location servicing brand. LocationSmart continues to rewrite the history of location services and will continue to grow their outreach efforts.


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How Brazilian Conglomerate Groupo RBS Is Shaping Business In South America

South America has been growing economically for a number of years. Now, one of the leading Brazilian conglomerates is making a name for itself in the global business world. That company, Grupo RBS, has become a major player in one of South America’s fastest-growing economies.

Founded in 1957, Groupo RBS currently owns a business of subsidiary businesses in the broadcasting, publishing and logistics industry. Some of the major holdings of Group RBS include 12 broadcasting TV stations, 2 local broadcasting TV stations and 24 radio stations. Group RBS also owns a digital company, e.Bricks Digital as well as a number of logistics companies. Overall, the conglomerate employees over 6,000 people throughout South America.

The company has generated over $1.38 billion Brazilian Real dollars in revenue in the past 12 months. Revenue generated by all of Grupo RBS companies includes media business from the comglomerate’s many radio, TV and newspaper holdings. These major revenue flows has helped make the conglomerate the second-largest employer in Brazil and the single largest employer of journalists in the country.

In addition to its business operations, Group RBS is also active in various community and charitable projects. Some of these projects include “Love is the Best Inheritance, Take Care of the Kids” inititive. This institutional project focuses on helping kids and teens through the most impressable years of their lives. Launched in 2003, the “Love is the Best Inheritance, Take Care of the Kids” project has made use of a number of mascots to help communicate its message. To know more about RBS visit linkedin.com

Another major institutional project from Group RBS is the “Education Needs Answers” campaign. Launched in 2012, “Education Needs Answers” created a number of discussion groups to help elevate primary education across Brazil with a focus on the Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina states. In addition to “Education Needs Answers” discussion events, RBS will also continue to advocate for better educational solutions through its media channels.


A Co-Founder Leaves Highland Capital Management


Anyone whose lengthy career involves a long tenure with a single company becomes a fixture at the office. Spending nearly 30 years with a company means retirement brings great changes to the business. Working for a company in a support capacity for that many years shows management considered you vital. And likely, an administrative assistant with such strong ties to the company would feel a sense of loss when leaving. Now, imagine how the co-founder and top executive of a firm such as Highland Capital Management feels when the time comes the sunset a career.

Mark Okada was instrumental in the founding of the firm. To say the company grew over the years under his leadership would be an incredible understatement. Top clients gravitated to the firm in significant numbers. At the time of his impending departure, the firm manages $17 billion in assets. The company didn’t start with that level of business. Through effective management and hard work, Highland Capital became a respected firm. High-profile clients trust the firm with their money.

Mark had a great deal of help establishing the firm. His partner, James Dondero, was with him since day one. Dondero will remain in his position at the top of the company, and this will be the first time in the business’ history that Dondero won’t have his executive partner by his side. He is noted by industry observers to be a pioneer in several realms, especially in developing innovative approaches in the “Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO)” market.

Okada won’t completely leave the company, though. Since he played such a pivotal role for so many years, an immediate departure would be a shock to the corporate structure. Therefore, he intends to stay on in a senior advisory role. Read This Article for related information.

His departure did not come as a surprise to anyone at Highland Capital Management. He gave the office adequate notice. So, fellow managers took steps to address the potential shake up. Responsibilities previously tasked to Okada moved to other personnel. Find More Information Here.


View their LinkedIn profile on https://www.linkedin.com/company/highland-capital-management-l-p-


How Empiricus Innovated Financial Information In South America


There are tens of millions of stock market investors around the world. Around one million of those investors are based in the growing Brazilian market. To help this growing investment population, one Brazil based financial newsletter company is offering leading-edge education and stock market insight. That company, Empiricus, is known as one of the fastest-growing newsletter companies in the world.

Empiricus was founded by three Brazilian entrepreneurs Caio Mesquita, Rodolfo Amstalde and Felipe Miranda. The company also owns a half interest in the popular South American website O Antagonista along with fellow entrepreneurs Mario Sabino and Diogo Mainardi. With both the financial newsletter and online business, Empiricus is one of the most notable information companies in the Brazil market.

Currently, Empircius has 350,000 paid subscribers in the South America market. This makes them one of the largest financial education and information companies in the South American market. The company’s large size is thanks to a strategic partnership with financial newsletter giant Agora Financial. Find Related Information Here.

With the Agora Financial partnership, Empircius has been able to use their partner’s vast wealth of marketing information including proving digital marketing tools. The partnership is expected to continue and help drive growth to the Brazilian financial information and education company.

Empricus has two target markets when it comes to their products. First, the company is looking to target brand new investors who have never made a trade in their life. Also, Empiricus targets novice investors who had previous poor experience with investing and may be resistant to getting back in the market. See This Article to learn more.

Empiricus’ impact on the investing market has been positive. A recent market report gauged investor participation before and after using Empiricus information products. Before getting their first information product, only 35% of the paid subscribers were invested in the market. After receiving their financial products, market participation jumped to 60%. Looking ahead, Empiricus hopes to bring more South Americans into the investing world.


Source article: https://pt.everybodywiki.com/Empiricus


The Business Of Smita Shah

Smita Shah had high expectations for herself when she was growing up but she never expected to become the founder and CEO of her own company when she was just 24 years old. There are still people who don’t know the story behind how she became the successful business owner and entrepreneur she is today which is why she sat down with Steve Cochrane to talk about how she managed to start up her own business and managed to grow it into a successful enterprise. When she was young, she became cognizant of the fact that there is a big disparity between white men and ethnic minorities, especially in the math and sciences, which is why she opted to become as successful in the field of engineering as she possibly could in her career.

When she was deciding what college to go to, she chose Northwestern University and she proved to be rather adept at academics. After graduating in 1994, she went on to enroll at MIT where she became an intern for the office of the chief of staff in the white house while simultaneously working on her master’s thesis. After she had completed her studies, she was offered the opportunity to work for SOM as a structural engineer, a role in which she served for over a year before starting her own business around 1998. When they were first starting out, she made sure not to get too attached to the company because she wasn’t sure whether or not it would become successful. 

However, she knew that if things didn’t work out the way she planned, she could always seek gainful employment somewhere else and, if things did go her way, she would have a great story to share with the next generation of female entrepreneurs and philanthropists who hope to become successful like her. One of the many ways she tries to support her employees is by encouraging the females in the office to support each other whenever possible so they can succeed in their careers. One of the primary directives of the company is to construct various structures such as parking lots, different types of bridges and toll roads. They also light the world by installing lampposts, lighthouses and various types of fog lights. Learn more: http://elpc.org/board/smita-shah/

She has experienced some instances of bias and prejudice over the years but she always just shrugs it off and understands that it’s an honest mistake that could have happened to anyone. Over the course of two decades, the company has expanded to include nearly a thousand employees and she is grateful for each and every one of them. She made sure to specifically hire a diverse group of people to help with the company and together they hope to change the world as they work on exciting and innovative new projects. She has noticed that her daughter tends to be a bit more talkative than her son but she was never one to play favorites so we wish her good luck.

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