The Successful and Electric Richard Liu Qiangdong

Richard Liu, also called Liu Qiangdong, is the founder and owner of He founded the company in 1998 and originally named the business Jingdong. The name came from joining his name with then-girlfriend’s name, Xiaojing. Jingdong sold magneto-optical products out of a four-square-meter shop in Zhongguancun High-tech Industrial Park.

Though Liu Qiangdong was surrounded by others selling counterfeit products, his shop thrived. By 2003, he had 12 four-square-meter shops throughout the city. The future looked bright until the SARS outbreak forced Richard Liu to rethink his business model. He watched several businesses around him close their doors forever and devoted himself to finding another way for his business to continue.

By 2004, Li Qiangdong moved his entire business online and added some more electronic products. The newly launched was a hit with customers, as Jingdong was a hit. In 2005, he closed his remaining brick-and-mortar shops and added even more products; this time, expanding beyond electronics.

As his company grew and reached millions, Richard Liu was surprised by his success. He’d come a long way since being a poor boy growing up in one of the most impoverished regions of China. When he first attended university, he wanted a career in politics. After experiencing the freedom and monetary benefits that came with business, he switched focus after earning a degree in sociology from Renmin University. Visit This Page to learn more.

Liu’s first taste of business came in the form of freelance work. He sharpened his computer programming skills to help pay for his grandmother’s treatment. He even earned enough money to buy his own restaurant, which was his first attempt at entrepreneurship. The restaurant failed miserably and Richard Liu ended up in debt and had to work at Japan Life, a health product company, for two years.

After paying off his debt, he founded Jingdong. Today, is one of the largest companies in China and worth over $60 billion. It has over 300 million customers, nearly the population of the United States.


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A History of Gump’s and a Buddha Statue


In 1861, brothers Solomon and Gustave Gump opened up a mirror and frame shop that would one day become one of the best recognized luxury retailers in the country, Gump’s. Much of that came after the Gold Rush ended, making them more inclined to sell art and venture out into other goods like silk, jewelry, and upholstery.

They became a bi-costal business, with locations in New York and San Francisco, attracting notable customers like Sarah Bernhardt and President Franklin D. Roosevelt. But it would take almost a century and a half before John Chachas expressed his interest in a prized Buddha statue.

Having been a regular visitor to their store as a boy, Chachas formed a close relationship with the brand. In 2005, he was a pivotal player in getting the Gump business into the hands of new buyers. But his fee of $225,000 for his businesses would elude him, until he though to ask the Gump president for a Buddha statue.

The statue was worth $800 back in 1957 when it first got into Gump’s, and it was contractually used as payment to Chachas. It would lead to him owning the business.Chachas had his statue appraised a couple of years later and found out it was worth $240,000, more than his initial fee. Eventually he took his statue to Hong Kong to sell it, and it became the seed money for his investment, Methuselah Investors in 2010, and attracted big clients like Rolling Stone magazine. View More Information Here.

When Gump’s filed for bankruptcy in 2018, Chachas paid a mere $650,000 for the brand, their coveted customer list, and trademarks, and used those resources to build up Gump’s as a reinvigorated business.

Now Gump’s is family-owned, just like when it started. John Chachas, his wife Diane, and their daughter Anne set out to make a new enterprise. They even brought back many of the executives who were without a job after the bankruptcy. Anne, the current Executive Vice President, released a statement about their purchase, saying the family has long been impressed with Gump’s, and believe in its ability to appeal to customers on name recognition alone.

Gump’s is set to reopen for the Christmas shopping season this year.


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Empiricus – Leading in Investment Analysis, Consultancy, and Media


Successful firms leverage the expertise and the experience of an investment analysis consultancy firm to help them in building and improving their competitive advantages. Empiricus Research is a consulting company specialized in selling information through newsletters to help take your business to the next level.

They currently have over 180,000 subscribers for its newsletters and owns approximately 50% of the website O Antagonista in a partnership with Mário Sabino and Diogo Mainardi. Empiricus offer comprehensive polemic promotion strategies to help their clients remain relevant and operationally proficient.

No longer can you rely on traditional business advertising and word-of-mouth; in the competitive online world, you simply must be findable by those who are looking for what you offer. By hiring this consultant company, which mainly deals with political matters, you can gain professional assistance with promotion strategies through paid ads at Google and Facebook, making your business think and perform better than before.

They are in partnership with The Agora  — an American company, Brazilian entrepreneurs Caio Mesquita, Felipe Miranda, and Rodolfo Amstalden. These companies choose the most agile approaches and do not think twice before challenging the status quo.

Empiricus can deliver a wealth of information, resources, and benefits to businesses stretching across a wide range of marketplace verticals. They offer free bulletins and a monthly subscription of paid announcements, with different plans.

With their newsletters business, they provide the manpower and the expertise necessary to create a planning process that is more rational, objective, and thorough. If you partner with this company, they will do all the research, eliminate all the guesswork and ultimately give you all the details you need to make the best, most informed decision possible for your organization. Read This Article for additional information.

With such an extensive list of capabilities, Empiricus is a seasoned and professional company that has proven themselves as an invaluable tool in their clients’ competitive arsenal.


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Parents Beware-American Addiction Centers Shows How Readily Available Substances are on College Campuses

Every parent is concerned about their child’s use of drugs and alcohol. American Addiction Centers advises that college students tend to be excessive substance abusers. The concern is more that an effect on the student’s education, this behavior can lead to full out addiction.

While drugs and alcohol are prevalent in college and university settings, the staff at American Addiction Centers advises parents to be aware of the signs of addiction. Take notice if a child or loved one show a change in appearance or is experiencing mood swings. Read more: American Addiction Centers Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers Reviews | Rehabs

Lying, excessive sleep patterns and paranoid behavior are also tell tale signs that a person is an addict. By staying vigilant and aware of these behaviors, parents and friends can spot those who may be struggling with addiction and provide a means to help the addict recover in a safer and more rapid way.

The alumni coordinator at Recovery First Treatment Center, Missy Pollack, is in her fifth year of recovery of her own addiction battle. She knows first hand how open the drug and alcohol scene is in colleges. All substances are available to college students anywhere; from sporting events to dorm rooms.

In Missy’s cases, she was first introduced to her substance while studying for exams in the library. Ms. Pollack is also all to familiar with the enticing nature of trying a drug for the first time. She attests that she was hooked at once and wishes someone in her life had noticed her struggler sooner; as the assistance would have saved her years of hurt and anguish.

If there is someone in your life that you believe may be suffering from any addiction of some sort, please reach out to them. Services offered can be provided on an inpatient or outpatient basis, depending on the nature and circumstance of the specific situation at hand. American Addiction Center provides treatment services for all types of substance abuse.

With facilities throughout the United States, help is never far from reach. Your connection may make the all the difference between the addict having a lifetime addiction or having a life. Please do not hesitate to contact American Addiction Center with any questions or for any assistance they may be able to offer.

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a2 Milk Company Achieves Success In China Thanks To

Jingdong, also known as has had a strategic partnership with a2 Milk Company, a New Zealand dairy firm since 2015. This relationship deepened and expanded in 2019. The goal is to sell more of this company’s high-quality milk in the Chinese marketplace by developing new innovative marketing strategies based on Jingdong’s research.

a2 Milk chose to partner with Jingdong and introduce its dairy products to Chinese consumers on the website. JD is the number one retailer in China that helps other companies achieve success on its platform. a2 Milk Company is heavily focused on China, considering it their top priority. Many Chinese parents of babies rely on a2 Milk as their products are safe and easy for babies to digest.

Jindong provided its unique insights into consumers to a2 Milk Company. They developed customized marketing solutions designed to increase its brand recognition and sales. During the annual “6.18” anniversary sales festival, a2 Milk was the best-selling brand on The best-selling of their products was their Platinum Premium Toddler Milk Drink. Their sales were 210% higher than the 2018 anniversary sale.

a2 Milk also chose to join Jingdong’s “Brand Competitiveness Plan.” This is a 30-day program that helped brands develop marketing that would appeal to Chinese consumers. The plan identifies a brands target audience, the best way to reach them and increase its sales performance. Go Here for additional information. identified people who had looked at a2 Milk Company products recently but hadn’t bought any yet. Coupons were sent to them which resulted in many of them being redeemed. One million customers also liked a2 Milk Company’s online store on

a2 Milk Company’s subsidiary in China is called a2 Greater China. Its Chief Executive Officer Xiao Li said that China is his organization’s top growth market. Relying on Jingdong’s expertise has meant that his company has been able to make the most of the opportunity of selling products in China. One development in their partnership he cited was using JD’s blockchain technology to track his company’s products at every stage of delivery. This means that customers can be confident they are receiving a high-quality and safe product.


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Ashley Lightspeed’s Transformative Effect

Ashley Lightspeed works at Lightspeed capital venture firm as part of a consumer investing team. The firm is amongst the fastest growing firms in the industry. Ashley holds a Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Media Studies from Duke University. Through her education, she developed an interest in the consumer business. Upon graduating, she worked at Bain & Company and was promoted to Senior Associate Consultant after two years. Ashley held the position for a year before shifting to Silicon Valley where she worked as Category Manager at Thumbtack. Her success in this start-up nurtured her interest in venture capital. This led her to enroll at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

Ashley Lightspeed looked for ways to incorporate her education into real-life practice, and she started consulting with start-up companies. She began by working with Thumbtack then several other start-ups via referrals. She developed an insight into the needs of companies and examined business plans to solve pending issues. Learn more about  Ashley Lightspeed at

She gained experience that made her fit into Lightspeed. Her previous experience working with multiple companies has enabled her to gain a deeper understanding of consumer needs and behavior impacting investment companies. As part of her job, she guides companies towards growth and giving them advice on plans that are working and those that cannot. Ashley attributes her success at the company to the dedication in nurturing excellent communication with others. She applies this skill to help build her career and relations with others. As a young girl, she always wanted to be an architect like her father, but her passion lied in nurturing businesses by creating business ideas.

Lightspeed has experienced a tremendous rise in the number of female partners. Ashley Lightspeed has contributed to this change through her creativity and resilience, which has yielded positive results for the company. With Ashley working closely with start-up companies, Lightspeed Venture Partners is expected to experience substantial growth.


Evaluating Toyo Setal and the Company’s Achievements – How the Business Can Manage Large Operations and Optimize the Efficiency of Numerous Facilities

Based in Brazil, Toyo Setal is a well-known business that has designed many offshore facilities, and by utilizing the company’s cutting-edge equipment, clients can extract crude oil, examine areas that could contain natural gas, reduce the costs of each operation and improve safety. The enterprise also manages various machines that effectively process oil and natural gas. Moreover, Toyo Setal has developd innovative equipment that can swiftly transport the commodities to onshore facilities. Learn more about the organizations of Toyo-Setal at

Optimizing Each Installation’s Efficiency

The business has created numerous reports that examined the feasibility of certain operations. Various studies evaluate innovative concepts, factors that could influence electromechanical devices and the actual values of long-term investments. The enterprise has also studied new technology that can generate detailed maps, which highlight underwater formations and areas that contain oil. The company’s specialists have extensively examined local guidelines and important regulations, and the business always adheres to regulations and recommendations that could conserve various resources.

Safeguarding Local Ecosystems and Natural Resources

Established in 2012, Toyo Setal regularly employs experienced scientists who can evaluate areas that contain rare animals and distinctive reefs. The business offers several educational programs that examine unique forests, natural resources, factors that could affect certain biomes, endangered species and techniques that may improve local ecosystems. Likewise, the company’s environmentalists regularly plant seeds in various areas, and the experts monitor the growth of the trees, the health of the surrounding shrubs and factors that may influence irrigation.

Understanding Each Customer’s Needs and Optimizing Innovation

When the business manages a project, the specialists evaluate each client’s goals, the effectiveness of the customer’s equipment, the cost of the operation, compatible technology that could enhance efficiency and similar installations. Since January 2014, Toyo Setal has received numerous awards, and many experts have favorably described the company’s innovative equipment, the well-organized managers, initiatives that could enhance sustainability, excellent customer service and guidelines that may improve safety.

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Matt Fleeger’s Support in Fighting Pediatric Cancer

Matt Fleeger is the man behind the steady rise and domination of Gulf Coast Western. Gulf Coast is a multinational company specializing in the energy sector. Its activities involve acquiring and developing oil and gas reserves. The company mainly operates on the Gulf Coast region of the United States of America. Matt Fleeger is the company’s, Chief Executive Officer. He also plays an active role in running the firm’s operations as the President of the company. Matt has recently come into the limelight following his generous donations in support of cancer patients.

Matt Fleeger gave a massive donation to the Sadie Keller Foundation. The foundation supports children and families fighting cancer. Sadie Keller, ten years of age, is the person who started the foundation. Sadie Keller, who is currently a fifth-grader, is a cancer survivor as she managed to beat Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She is the brains and force behind this remarkable initiative meant to help and empower young kids just like her. Sadie’s foundation is a significant pillar of love, care, and support offered to affected families during the times they need it most.

After Sadie overcome the menace, she took it upon herself to help others who might be going through the same. The need to help others is what gave rise to the Sadie Keller Foundation. The foundation has been receiving massive support over the years from different people and organizations. The Mays Family Foundation, Southwest Airlines and of course Matt Fleeger are some of the main supporters of the cause.

The influential entrepreneur is known for his dedication to supporting philanthropic causes. For example, Matt is the man behind the formation of the Fleeger Family Kitchen, an organization helping kids in Texas get opportunities to STEM-based learning. Matt Fleeger’s donation of $14,000 to the Sadie Keller Foundation will go a long way in helping the foundation realize its goals. For instance, it will help in providing gift packs for children who are fighting cancer.

For Those With A Passion To Create And Inspire There Is The Academy Of Art University

Founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stevens, the Academy of Art University is for those of a creative mind wanting to put their talents to use designing innovative and inspirational art for commercial success. Originally named the Academy of Advertising Art, then renamed the Academy of Art College, the Academy of Art University is devoted to artists and assists them in developing their own unique styles to create art that is original to each person. Located in San Francisco, California the Academy of Art University is accredited by several noted artistic societies including the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

The Academy of Art University offers Associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in a multitude of fields from Acting to Architecture, Web Design, Motion Picture & Television, and Photography to name just a few. They even offer online courses to accommodate busy lifestyles. Many of their graduates have gone on to work for companies such as The New York Times, Disney, Riot Games and the San Francisco Playhouse.

Recently The Academy of Art University’s Fashion School has been making headlines. The University boasts the only accredited B.F.A. for fashion in the United States. Many of the graduates are now working with some of world’s top stylists and fashion designers. Abby Qi, who graduated in 2017, has had many of her fashion publications go world wide in such magazines as Blanc and King Kong. 2018 graduate Yen Nguyen currently works with New York stylist George Cortina. Her works have been published by the likes of Elegant, HUF, Kaltblut, and Lucy’s deFUZE. Working as a free-lance stylist, 2015 graduate Katelyn Johnson has worked with global talent agencies like Streeters NY and the Wall Group and she has done photo shoots with i-D Magazine, Paper Magazine, and the ever-illustrious Vogue. And 2016 graduate Umi Jang has worked for BPCM, Acne Studios, Document Journal and New York’s current king of style Alastair McKimm.

The Academy of Art University strives bring out the full potential of all its students. For anyone with creative talent the Academy of Art University is here for you.

Jeremy Goldstein’s Personal Touch with Clients

Ten years ago, Jeremy Goldstein noticed a few executive compensation consulting firms breaking away from their parent firms and finding success as independent entities. He thought, would it be possible for a law firm to do something similar? After years of working at New York’s premier mergers and acquisitions firm, he founded Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC.

Using the connections he developed working at a previous firm, his first paying client was a referral. Thanks to that referral, he’s one of New York’s top compensation attorneys. He didn’t become such a successful attorney by making no mistakes. After opening his law firm, he learned how to pick clients.

He realized that taking the wrong cases would lower his reputation, and he wanted to attract the right type of clients. He also learned to limit how many cases he was working on, allowing him to spend adequate time on clients’ cases. With his attention focused on one client at a time, he can provide the utmost advantage for his clients.

Though his career seems perfect, he’s faced many challenges. He continues facing challenges like deciding between working with clients and other professional opportunities. Jeremy Goldstein loves being a corporate lawyer, and part of that includes speaking engagements and talking about executive compensation and corporate governance.

Like all entrepreneurs, Goldstein went through times of doubt and fear. As a legal professional, his fears and doubts were different, but he overcame them the same way all entrepreneurs do. Instead of letting fear consume him, he focused on one task at a time and slowly built a reputation for himself. Today, publications like Legal 500 list him as one of the best corporate lawyers in the nation.

Jeremy Goldstein set himself apart fairly early in his career. Early on, he realized the advantage of developing secure relationships with clients and colleagues. By getting to know them, he can understand their wants and needs better and offer better advice. The primary reason he wanted to establish his own firm was to approach his profession through a more relationship-based lens.

Though he became profitable well within the first five years of operations, which is how most determine a successful law firm; he doesn’t base success on victories or profits. It may be a cliché, but Jeremy Goldstein bases his success of his clients’ satisfaction. By focusing all his resources into activities centering on client satisfaction, he achieved a great degree of success.


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