Organo Gold’s Ideas for International Coffee Day

Organo Gold’s Ideas for International Coffee Day

The International Coffee Day will be held on September 29. Since its initiation in 2015, the day has helped in presenting the problems that coffee farmers face. It also gives room for people to enjoy better and tasty coffee from providers such as Organo Gold.

Organo Gold brings forth ideas that can make this day enjoyable. They include:

  1. Taking in Iced Orange Creamsicle Coffee. According to Organo Gold, this is among the best-flavored coffee, especially during the summer.
  1. Pumpkin Spice Coffee. This flavor is made purposely for those people who love taking pumpkin.

How Michael Nierenberg is Helping with Investments

Investments can be tricky to do on your own and this is why you may need to utilize the professionalism of an expert within the field. Michael Nierenberg has the years of experience needed to get the job done and know that you are able to provide the investments that you need and get the financial assistance that you require. Consider Michael Nierenberg and his profile online, it is easy to see why he is one of the most trusted investment professionals available today who many people have already hired for their own needs.

Once you get to know Michael Nierenberg from his social media pages, it is easy to see why this particular company is there for you. You will enjoy high-quality investment options that are right for you and why it is a choice that you are going to be made for you. Michael Nierenberg has the experience behind him to offer this type of work at a price you can find to be affordable. You will notice that he has many different companies under his belt and has been working with lots of different professionals who would like to be able to get the most out of this service. To know more click here.

NexBank Announces a Major Deal


After the 2008 crisis that hit the global market, very few financial institutions were able to stand on their feet again. Most of them collapsed, and they needed capital from the government so that they can start their operations again. The consumer lost their trust in most of these institutions. One bank, however, has remained faithful to its customers for several decades.

NexBank Capital is among the most profitable banks in the United States. The main offices of the company are in Dallas. For years, the company has ensured that its customers get high-quality financial services.

Under the leadership of various individuals, the financial institution has closed many deals. Just recently, the leaders publicly announced that they had completed the oversubscription of its private placement to the unsecured notes. When they decided that it was time to reopen the initial offering, NexBank managed to raise more than eighty million dollars.

NexBank Capital is a contemporary bank that hosts a wide array of services. Though it’s considered to be a regional bank, it can still compete with many of today’s national banks.

Today, the total issuances in the financial services firm stand at one hundred and fifty-five million dollars. The executive team says that the notes will mature in the year 2026. Refer to This Article for more information.

It promises its investors that the notes will attract a rate of 5.5% every year. This will take place for the next five years, giving the customers significant profits. NexBank unsecured notes received a BBB rating from the Kroll Bond Rating Agency. Sandler O’Neill Partners LP is the sole placement agent. Let’s dive a bit deeper.

NexBank has taken this route so that it can use all the income generated from the idea to settle some debts in the corporate section. NexBank is in the right hands, and this is the sole reason many customers are confident about the investment. The extra funds raised will help NexBank to fortify their accounts, giving them the chance to increase the earnings of the clients. This is not the first major transaction carried out by the large organization. In recent months, the organization has made several acquisitions to deal with customer demands.


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Entrepreneur Luke Lazarus Explains Why Business Plans Are So Crucial

For the past several years, Luke Lazarus has been a business consultant who helps startup entrepreneurs. He had started and sold four successful startups himself so he decided to share his knowledge and business skills with other entrepreneurs.

He made so much money from his entrepreneurial activities that he decided making more wouldn’t ever again be his motivation. He wants to help small business owners so that they can have the same success in the business world that he has had. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | Dougsandler  and Luke Lazarus | Medium

The large majority of new businesses fail. Most fail in the first year and just one out of five survive five years. These are pretty grim odds. Luke Lazarus stacks the odds in his client’s favor. He gives his clients access to his business strategies including how to cut through the clutter of competing products and services.

Luke Lazarus helps his clients in many ways. The first thing he does is create a business plan. He says that a business plan that tells a story is critical. The business plan and the story of a company are essentially the same. Once successfully crafted a good business plan can be shared with all stakeholders including investors, employees, and customers.

Most new ventures fail because they don’t take the time to create a business plan with a story, he says. He creates a thoughtful business plan for all of the companies he consults for.

Luke Lazarus started his first venture after graduating from college. He built companies into ones that were attractive to larger companies in their industry. He sold each of his companies for a large profit. All four of his companies were started and sold before was even 35 years old.

Entrepreneurs across Australia have hired Luke Lazarus as a business consultant. His specialty is helping small businesses that are on the brink of failure.

He is direct with these business owners, letting them know where they need to improve in regards to business practices, operations, marketing, and other areas. He says that sugar-coating things isn’t productive and it’s better for him to spell out to his clients where they need to make improvements.

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Vinod Gupta: Recap and General Information


This will give information about Vinod Gupta who serves at company Everest Group as a managing general partner. First, an article will be recapped from “press release jet”. Then general information will then be provided.

Vinod Gupta looks back over his life and attributes his success to an entrepreneurial spirit and a thorough understanding of the power of education. His education allowed him to take available technology forward to solve existing problems

The Vinod Gupta School of Management or (VGSoM) at the location of IIT Kharagpur had gotten ranked overall in seventh at the Management School category of rankings.

That school had gotten the highest score (“76.82 of 100”). When the scores were calculated the results had been based on factors like entrepreneurship, higher studies, and placement. Also, university examinations and the number of graduated Ph.D. students. A lot of the institutions who had ranked have an area of study that they are focused on. Management is one such example. Go To This Page for related information.

Now, some information about VGSoM. In the year 1993, the school was set up in the ITT system as the first management school. Gupta had pictured a school that would give students with a background of management and that was technological. Now, after twenty-five years following the inception, the school has greatly increased, established new benchmarks for more excellence, and also has celebrated in several accolades.

Now some general information about the early years Vinod Gupta. He was born in the village of Rampur Manhyaran located near Saharanpur close to Saharanpur, which in the North direction is a 100 miles of New Delhi. The date he was born was July 4th 1946. The village he was born in sadly contained no running water, toilets, roads, electricity, or cars and television. For college, he got his major in agricultural engineering at I.I.T., Kharagpur. In the year 1967, he received his B. Tech degree. He then went to the University of Nebraska. This University was under the guidance of Professor Bill Splinter. That professor had been visiting college ITT Karagpur.

Vinod Gupta advocates for a better life for all people. He grew up in a humble background in a remote part of India. He went through the challenges that the poor go through and therefore knows what these people go through from firsthand experience. Now that he is successful, he has gone back to the small village he came from and is making changes.


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Editor Matt Badiali Introduces The Real Wealth Strategist’s Marketing Campaign

The Editor of Real Wealth Strategist and Chief Resource Investment Expert of Banyan Hill Publishing, Matt Badiali recently introduced its marketing campaign. Investors recognize him in the investment industry for his expertise in commodity and natural resources stocks, market trends, and investing strategies. For many years, Mr. Badiali worked in finance and investments before joining Banyan in Delray Beach, Florida. His broaden experience resulted in him becoming a reputable advisor to investors through weekly newsletter publications.

Matt Badiali launched Real Wealth Strategist Marketing Campaign for advocating the legalization of marijuana and to educate the average investor. The newsletter provides valuable information about investment opportunities and possibilities in the cannabis investment industry. He reveals different ways to capitalize while the business sector is receiving enormous and rapid growth in the United States and various states. Subscribers to the Real Wealth Strategist’s newsletter have access to eBooks in a bundle about mining locations, commodities, and legalizing cannabis. Read more with this topic on

Investors wanting to learn more about the legalization and investments of marijuana, Matt Badiali is offering his newsletter through the convenience of emails. It allows subscribers to data and information pertaining to how commodities and natural resource stocks are performing in national and global markets. The newsletter covers the processing, mining, growing, and collecting natural resources including cannabis, oil, and metal. To Matt’s ability, he recommends favorable stocks and commodities good for investments opportunities.

Banyan Hill and Real Wealth Strategist give subscribers accurate and reliable investment advice in its monthly newsletters and weekly updates. Matt Badiali informs investors and subscribers on which stocks to select when the market is stable, growing and declining in global markets. He keeps them up to date on the production of marijuana, purchasing large metals, and oil purchases and distribution.

The benefits of becoming a Real Wealth Strategist and/or Banyan Hill subscriber are rewarding for students, investors and entrepreneurs looking to start a marijuana business. The Real Wealth Strategist newsletter focuses on cannabis production, distribution, and investments. Matt Badiali provides subscribers with online access to his monthly newsletter, weekly reports, and his portfolio model. Included as bonuses are The Real Wealth Strategist Trading Manual and Marijuana Millionaires eBooks. Connect:

Top Tips For Healthier Winter Skin & How Genucel Can Help You Achieve It

The dry and cold air during winter can leave your skin red, itchy, and irritated. During winter, our skin takes a heavy beating. The temperature drops and the average person decreases water consumption during this time of the year. But, skin issues during winter can be easily thwarted by these skincare tips that will help you retain your skin’s natural moisture.

Drink Plenty of Water

Many people love drinking water and make it a part of their daily routine. But to some, drinking water is the last thing that they want to do or the least beverage that they would like to drink at the end of the day. If you are the type who struggles to stay hydrated there are several tricks to get yourself into drinking.

Start by carrying a bottle of water every day when you do your activities like going to the gym or to the office. You can also teach yourself to drink water as soon as you rise up from bed and before every meal. If you do not like the taste of the water, try slicing fruits and vegetables to improve its taste.

Hydration does not only enhance the elasticity and beauty of the skin. It has also several health benefits like lubricating joints, lowering blood pressure, and enabling organs to properly function.

Protect Your Skin

According, covering your skin during harsh winter time does not only protect your skin from dry and harsh wind but also allows your body to create moisture. It also traps the moisture from evaporating and ensures that your skin stay moisturized. Cover sensitive skin such as hands and face to keep it hydrated and smooth.

Nourish Your Skin As If It Is Aging

After mid-twenties our skin starts to age scientifically. So, it is recommended to start treating your skin with anti-aging treatment such as the Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy. This is very helpful even for those who are still on their twenties. The Genucel by Chamonix can help provide jawline treatment. You can use it along with deep firming serum to fight the portions of your neck and face that have already experienced several winters.

Nourish your skin with Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy along with a great hydrating skin care regimen and anti-aging products to maintain that youthful glow all year long.  To know more about genucel visit

Maarten De Jeu Will Advise You on International Investment

Maarten de Jeu stands among the global renowned strategic business investors that have made tremendous strides in the business arena. He has helped many investors through his company, SVM Business Advisory that he started in 2012. His remarkable career in commercial real estate ventures, financial and international business services stand on a strong academic foundation. Maarten boasts of an MBA from Oxford University that saw him emerge the first in his class. The multilingual expert has extensive expertise in industrial operations, technical knowledge, and an unmatched understanding of international investments. The combination of academic excellence and exposure in the field makes him one of the best advisors globally.

After spending some time working for global businesses in Asia, Europe, and North America, Maarten de Jeu acquired the impetus he needed to face the industry privately. His prowess in advising Fortune 100 companies on matters touching insurance and financial services has won him a reputation from numerous clients over the years. The Ultra High Net Worth investors that seek his professional advice have played a critical role in building his trust with all his clients.

Maarten de Jeu has managed to win the hearts of many clients through his professional decision-making skills. Besides, his capability to communicate in different languages has enabled him to interact with diverse personalities from various disciplines. Maarten honed his business skills working for Aviva the international strategy manager. His experience in executing the company’s London office overseeing the company’s London Office played a critical role in sharpening his skills. Additionally, he got a chance to serve top-rated clients, including Sara Lee and ABN AMRO working with TDVK consultants. Other companies that benefited from his service at the consultancy firm included Heinz and ING.

Besides SVM Advisory firm, Maarten de Jeu invested in a technology startup in Europe. He started SpeakUp® which specialized with the firms trading at the London stock exchange. His firm offered solutions to compliance and ethics to the mentioned firms across Europe. Maarten’s exposure to the international business scene backed by his academic skills provides the cornerstone of his success in international business advisory services. Besides, Maarten offers credible advice to an investor planning to extend their businesses outside America. Although SVM operates in Chicago, he has the expertise to provide information covering other corners of the world. Learn more:

Maarten De Jeu warns the investor intending to invest internationally to get ready with enough capital because it’s an expensive affair. He also talks of a professional business plan for guidance. According to de Jeu, many American investors don’t have a business plan, a big mistake in the international business scene. Additionally, he advises them to familiarize themselves with importation guidelines, the market, as well as the culture of the new country. Maarten continues to embrace international business.

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The Fantastic Story of Under Armour CEO, Kevin Plank

Founder, CEO and the chairman of the Board of directors at Under Armour, Kevin Plank, has always had a mission of making people better. He is a former University Student at Maryland and football player. As a Maryland football player, he was not allowed to hold a job. He, therefore, decided to create a rose delivery company, Cupid’s Valentine, targeting his classmates. During his first four years of business, he generated 17,000 dollars, which was enough to kick start his all-time idea-creating a better kind of T-shirt.

He came up with this idea in 1995 when he was a special teams’ captain. The innovative T-shirt was one that would keep athletes fresh, dry, and light by wicking sweat. Kevin Plank was getting disappointed with the way he had to change his cotton T-shirt over and over again after getting soaked with sweat.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Maryland in 19996, he started his business. First, he set a target of finding the best fabric for his T-shirt to turn his dream of redefining how athletes dress into a reality. What began as a tight T-shirt led to the launch of a better performance Under Armour (NYSE: UA).

He started small, and he spread the word about Under Armour, reaching out to his former school mates and holding conferences. Right now he oversees Under Armour Company with 11,000 workers. Besides, his family owns the Plank Industries-a privately-held investment company with diversified holdings.

Philanthropist activities

Kevin Plank cares about the welfare of other people. His mission has always been to make others better. It’s for this reason that Plank pledged to set aside $25 million to support the construction of an academic and athletics complex. As a result, the project will bring together two of his favorite passions, athletics, and entrepreneurship.

Matt Fleeger Drives Golf Coast Western To Higher Ground

Matt Fleeger is a Texan entrepreneur. He serves as the president and the chief executive officer of the Gulf Coast Western. Matt is respected for his shrewd expertise in oil and gas business. With his extensive experience in entrepreneurship, he has built a reputation for himself.

Matt Fleeger graduated with Bachelors of Business Administration- finance and marketing option from the Southern Methodist University. He was determined and self-motivated to climb the ladders of his career in a corporate world. For almost a decade Matt Fleeger hoped from one job to another. He gained managerial skills that shaped him as a resourceful person. Prior to the prime of his success, he hopped through the thick and thin just like the majorities of hard-working business people do.

The Birth of MedSolutions

Entrepreneurship runs in his bloodline; his father was the source of his inspiration. Matt father invested in oil and gas business-Gulf Coast Western in the early 1970s. He spearheaded the success of the family business. In 1993, he founded his company MedSolutions. MedSolutions specializes in the discarding, treatment, and management of medical waste.

Research and Partnership

Fleeger life is always in constant motion. He is gifted with skills to negotiate a deal. He believes in a teamwork spirit. As flawless strategic planners, he has excel in organizing companies’ task and delegating duties among the employees.

In 2007, Matt Fleeger took over the managerial role of the family business, Golf Coast Western companies as the CEO and the president. Under his leadership, the companies have experienced tremendous growth.

The oil and gas companies are built on transparency, integrity, and honest. As seekers of the truth and mysteries of life, Matt Fleeger has invested hugely in the exploration and research. The companies’ experiences exponential growth through the acquisition of new regions that are rich in natural resources. Through the partnership, golf coast western companies have managed to conducted business across the United States.

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