Matt Fleeger Drives Golf Coast Western To Higher Ground

Matt Fleeger is a Texan entrepreneur. He serves as the president and the chief executive officer of the Gulf Coast Western. Matt is respected for his shrewd expertise in oil and gas business. With his extensive experience in entrepreneurship, he has built a reputation for himself.

Matt Fleeger graduated with Bachelors of Business Administration- finance and marketing option from the Southern Methodist University. He was determined and self-motivated to climb the ladders of his career in a corporate world. For almost a decade Matt Fleeger hoped from one job to another. He gained managerial skills that shaped him as a resourceful person. Prior to the prime of his success, he hopped through the thick and thin just like the majorities of hard-working business people do.

The Birth of MedSolutions

Entrepreneurship runs in his bloodline; his father was the source of his inspiration. Matt father invested in oil and gas business-Gulf Coast Western in the early 1970s. He spearheaded the success of the family business. In 1993, he founded his company MedSolutions. MedSolutions specializes in the discarding, treatment, and management of medical waste.

Research and Partnership

Fleeger life is always in constant motion. He is gifted with skills to negotiate a deal. He believes in a teamwork spirit. As flawless strategic planners, he has excel in organizing companies’ task and delegating duties among the employees.

In 2007, Matt Fleeger took over the managerial role of the family business, Golf Coast Western companies as the CEO and the president. Under his leadership, the companies have experienced tremendous growth.

The oil and gas companies are built on transparency, integrity, and honest. As seekers of the truth and mysteries of life, Matt Fleeger has invested hugely in the exploration and research. The companies’ experiences exponential growth through the acquisition of new regions that are rich in natural resources. Through the partnership, golf coast western companies have managed to conducted business across the United States.

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Equities First Holdings And Their Feature In Chronicle Week

Chronicle Week has a good feature on Equities First Holdings that highlights how this company has had a vision for reaching the whole world with lending services. The company has done a very good job of making sure that the customer has options that will be easy for them to pay off. Customers get better rates and terms through this company because they keep risk down and offer nice collateral.

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Organo Gold and Beverage Avenues

Organo Gold isn’t a company that’s ever about compromise. It’s one that’s all about sheer conviction. Bernardo Chua wants Organo Gold to be that way permanently as well. He tackles all sorts of guidance duties for the marketing company in Ferndale, Washington. These guidance duties reflect upon the company in all sorts of international settings.

Organo Gold’s staff members have a lot of organic Ganoderma mushroom savvy. They comprehend the Ganoderma lucidum division inside and out. This is a mushroom that has many backers in China in East Asia. People in Western parts of the world have learned a lot about the healing advantages of the mushroom, too.

Organo Gold showcases all sorts of popular drink options for its target audience members. Its audience members often consume red tea, green tea, hot cocoa, black coffee and similar beverages. People who want rich tastes frequently reach for Organo Gold’s creamy mocha drinks.

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Matthew Fleeger And His Work At Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger has done a lot of work with Gulf Coast Western to make the oil and gas industry a much cleaner place to work. He is investing in many parts of the oil and gas industry because he wants to be sure that these people have real options for their future. These investors and customers need to know how Matthew Fleeger does his work so that they can follow in his footsteps.

  1. What Does Gulf Coast Western Do?

Gulf Coast Western is an energy investment company that allows people to invest in any part of the oil and gas world. He is working with companies to make oil and gas that much safer, and he wants to be sure that he can work with these people to help them get the money they need to make every procedure cleaner. Cleaner oil and gas is a good thing for people to try, and it could be something that changes the direction of a company in the future. People who want to work with Matthew Fleeger will learn what he thinks is best, and they can use that information to improve.

  1. Making More Money

Matthew Fleeger wants to ensure that people are making more money than they would have in the past on each new investment. He wants these people to know what it is like to invest in the right options, and he often points out how these people can choose to invest in his own company so that clean oil and gas can be delivered to the right places.

  1. Conclusion

An investor can contact Matthew Fleeger at any time, and he will let people know what they might want to do with their next investment. It is easy for people to use these investments to save money.

Getting to Know the Professional Michael Nierenberg

With a lot of investment professionals out there, it has never been easier to use the services of Michael Nierenberg because of all of the work he has done. You can find out more about Michael Nierenberg by visiting his many social media accounts. You will enjoy being able to make use of Michael Nierenberg and the services that he offers to those interested. He has been working within the field for many years, so you can feel comfortable using his expertise services that he is offering.

Not only has Michael Nierenberg worked with a range of banks and other investment corporations, but he is the owner of New Residential Investment Corp and has worked there for many years. You can find Michael Nierenberg on his social media sites as well as Wiki pages where you can get a full profile bio of the type of work that he has done in the past.

You will enjoy being able to use a successful professional who has years of experience in the field and who is able to provide different work opportunities for those who may be interested in this type of choice. Make sure to consider the benefits of choosing Michael Nierenberg for yourself. Click here.

Betsy DeVos Believes in Herself

There are so many things to do on this planet. Betsy DeVos knows that all too well. Although her existence has been pretty jam-packed so far, she’s never ever at a loss. She constantly ponders her next steps. She does a lot of things every single day. She works as a Secretary of Education. She speaks with President Donald J. Trump about the schooling system and how it may influence young pupils. She regularly chats with her husband about all sorts of pertinent topics that affect the people of the nation. She doesn’t dismiss people who are in foreign lands, either. Since she’s a political maven of sorts, she constantly has her eye on global matters.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation commands a lot of respect. It’s been commanding respect since its establishment years ago. Dick and Betsy DeVos created the group in 1989. It doesn’t take in any profits whatsoever. Betsy DeVos never does anything for financial gain. Her husband doesn’t ever do anything for monetary gain, either. They do, however, have true fondnesses for donations. They donate wherewithal to the aforementioned organization any time the opportunity strikes. These donations accomplish so much for American families.


DeVos is a lady who thrives on the job. Working for the Administration in the United States isn’t something that she ever finds tiring in any way. It’s truthfully something that exhilarates her. She doesn’t ever want to stop impacting the nation and the planet. She wants to be a force on the planet for years and years to come. She doesn’t find anything about this world cumbersome.


Does Betsy connect with her husband? She connects with Dick on all sorts of levels. Dick DeVos is an example of a bona fide All-American businessman. He’s been loyal to his hometown for a long while. The people of Grand Rapids, Michigan show him a lot of gratitude all of the time. He’s perpetually trying to make the metropolis a much better place for everyone. He doesn’t like the thought of others negatively impacting it. He gets uneasy any time others bring up Grand Rapids construction efforts.


Educational vouchers are never absent from DeVos’ mind. Betsy DeVos wants to strengthen schooling in North America. She wants to strengthen it in all different sections of the United States. She thinks about schooling matters in big cities such as Chicago, Illinois and New York, New York. She thinks about schooling matters in tiny suburbs, too. She doesn’t ever concentrate on single aspects of the nation. She takes a broad and well-rounded approach to everything.


Does DeVos ever mimic President Trump? No, she doesn’t. She’s a confident woman who does what she thinks. She’s a confident woman who never backs down from her beliefs. If other people disagree with her, she swiftly moves on. She doesn’t ever get caught up in drama. She doesn’t let confrontations with other people make her feel poorly about herself. She’s honestly one of the most self-assured ladies in the entire United States.


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Toyo Setal: The EPC Portal Benefits And Project With Petrobras

Last 2012, the Japanese company TOYO acquired 50% of the Setal Oil and Gas (SOG) holdings. Both Toyo and SOG started working together in projects in the same year, with shared responsibilities and joint management. This was the creation of Toyo Setal, a company which now offers its services in the different sectors of the Brazilian market, particularly in the Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning, or EPC. Both SOG and TOYO already collaborated in the past, which brings success to both companies before forming Toyo Setal.

Toyo Setal has been answering the demands of its market since its inception. It’s main operations revolve around oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, infrastructure, and energy. It both handles off-shore and local projects and answer the needs of its clients with complete and integrated solutions per contract. The company is also an agent of innovation, which is a must to answer the needs of its clients. One of its most innovative products is the EPC portal, which is a software created to bring benefits to its projects.

The EPC portal is an information management solutions which make system-wide information sharing available in just one platform. Its purpose is to make the dissemination of information around an enterprise easier and time-efficient. With this software, there is greater productivity and integration of information around the company system because it reduces revisions and saves time. The software is also compatible with ISO 15.926, a standard governing data sharing between computer systems. With the effectiveness and the benefits of the EPC Portal, it was awarded the “Innovations in Engineering Project Integration” award during the AVEVA World Summit 2014 event.

Another project that Toyo Setal had worked on is the R1.2 billion Hydrogen Plant Construction project back in 2013 that took place in Rio de Janeiro. Petrobras was the one who granted the construction to Toyo Setal and was expected to be completed in mid-2016. This project is going to be a part of the Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex or Comperj. With this complex, Petrobras is expected the complex to be able to generate 165,000 barrels per day together with their Japanese hydrogen plant.

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Isabel dos Santos, Africas Richest Woman Sparks Inspiration To Women All Over The World

There are only very few women who make it to the list of the Forbes richest personalities in the world. One of these select few is Isabel dos Santos, the eldest daughter of the previous president of Angola, Jose Eduardo dos Santos. She used to be the chairperson of Sonangol, a large oil company in Angola, which was instrumental in her massive success today.

Isabel dos Santos knows that beyond being one of the richest persons in the world and being successful entails reaching out to others who are economically challenged. As one way of paying forward, Isabel has various advocacies that encourage African Entrepreneurs to give back and pay forward the success they have achieved to their African brothers and sisters. This way they could impact the economy of Africa and help improve the lives of other Africans.

Isabel dos Santos makes it a part of her life’s mission to help improve the economic situations, career opportunities, and lives of women all over Africa. She also advocates for women equality and increased opportunities all over the world. Her advocacies turned her into an outspoken personality fighting for women’s rights.

In one of her interviews, Isabel shared that it was challenging to be successful in a male-dominated African economy. Every success she achieved, according to her, has been spoiled with prejudice. However, Isabel used these hardships as an inspiration to invest more in charitable works that will open the way for the upcoming generation of African women entrepreneurs.

Isabel dos Santos also shared that despite the struggles of becoming successful, it is possible for any woman to be successful in her own right. While it might take a lot of courage, persistence, commitment, and dedication, the fruits are sweet and inspiring. Isabel, in her interview, said that young women should give importance to their passion and skills since it is the best place to begin.

Isabel dos Santos is again named as one of the richest persons in Africa in 2018 by Forbes. She continues to inspire other women all over the world to pursue their dreams despite the hardships.

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James Dondero, Unlocks The Potential Of Corporate Donors

Beginning in 1993 James Dondero helped popularized the concept of single security based loans. Along with founding the private equity firm, Highland Capital Management, Dondero and his business partner, Mark Okada created a modernized version of corporate lending. Instead of pursuing non-secure financing, the firm relies on collateralized loan obligations (CLOs). CLO refers to structured loans, with longer terms, based on the pooling of funds. The purpose is to divide the loan ownership between the main lending institution and syndicated agents. These agents assume the high risks associated with the “syndicated loan” and in turn receive some form of collateral to back the lending. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

Since its inception, Highland Capital Management has progressively expanded its operations to include offices in Buenos Aires, New York, São Paulo, Seoul, and Singapore. One significant move made by James Dondero during the firm’s 26-year-old history involved moving the headquarters from Los Angeles, CA to Dallas, TX. The bulk of its bold billion dollar business is managing collateral based assets. As previously mentioned, these are value-based collateralized loan obligations. To determine the loan value, Highland Capital Management measures the performance of the collateral. Taking into consideration the entire portfolio and then measuring the internal rate of return (IRR) and the equity as if it were liquidated as a total asset.


James Dondero has seen much success with his investment firm, Highland Capital Management. When he isn’t fulfilling his professional obligations, he generously donates time and money to several worthy programs and organizations. Benefactors include the Dallas Zoo, the Perot Museum of Natural Science, North Texas Charter Schools and the late Gary Sinise’ Foundation program, the Snowball Express and the George W. Bush Presidential Library.

Highland Capital, as a corporate donor also gives and works together with associated non-profit organizations, one specific alliance is with the Dallas Foundation. Its President and CEO, Mary Jalonick partnered with James Dondero to form an incorporated charity division, the Highland Dallas Foundation. The charity supports diverse causes such as assistance with finances and educational services for regional veterans and supporting challenging needs of civic organizations in the local area. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

Eric Lefkofsky: The Man Behind Tempus

The co-founder and CEO of Tempus, Eric Paul Lefkofsky attended the Bloomberg summit in New York and talked to Max Chafkin about the changes in the health sector and some of his business ideas. He is a tech investor and entrepreneur having co-founded data companies, e-commerce, transportation and business services companies. Tempus’ aim is to connect molecular data with structured clinical data and study how patients react to their cancer drugs.

Tempus is also working with people suffering from diabetes and depression and will venture in other medical situations soon. According to Lefkofsky, large tech companies can impact Tempus positively through structuring and analysing data collected by the Tempus staff. An average of 250 hospital systems are working with Tempus, and 25% of their cancer patients come through Tempus. Eric agrees to protect patient’s information, but this might be a massive blow to the health data companies.

Eric Lefkofsky was born in 1969 and is the co-founder of Groupon, Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings and a founding partner of Lightbank which is a venture fund investing in disruptive tech businesses. His wife started the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in which he co-chairs with the aim of improving the lives of the community. The foundation has assisted more than 50 organisations through funding. He also serves as a Trustee in various institutions in Chicago.

Lefkofsky teaches entrepreneurship and building tech-based businesses at the University of Chicago and also an author of Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation. This book talks on how business is affected by technology. Eric studied at the University of Michigan where he graduated with honours in 1991 and the Michigan Law School to receive his Juris Doctor in 1993. Eric advises the younger generation not to be afraid to fail and be bold to take risks.