Serge Belamant Contributions to a More Efficient Banking System through Blockchain

Did you know that the original intention of blockchain was to bring sanity in the banking world? Serge Belamant points out that through technology, the world of banking became more professional and results-oriented. As one of the people that designed this technology, Belamant is happy that the technology is now applicable in many industries — even in the alternative money systems such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. Although these new systems do not credit his contributions in their efficiency, Belamant believes that through his foundation in this industry — he has created a meaningful conversation about money systems and the transfer of payments. He is also certain that technology will also continue solving administration challenges in other industries.

In addition to his contributions to these two industries, the story of this creator and tech investor is a perfect illustration of commitment. From the late 1980s, Serge Belamant has been part of the problem-solving industry —, which according to him has changed how he views life. In the early 1990s, for example, Belamant was part of the team that was helping companies — especially in health care and in the banking world — to improve their efficiency. During this period, he realized that not different companies have different needs in terms of systems. Therefore, Serge Belamant started viewing problem-solving from a different perspective.

In order to remain one of the most efficient problem solvers in the world of technology, he understands the importance of skills. Unlike in other industries, Serge Belamant understands that skills in this industry need an update — depending on advancements. Although he is one of the most experienced professionals in this niche, he is in various technology fellowships. Belamant points out that these fellowships help him to gain more skills, and they help him to interact with other industry players. Through these interactions, he has been able to grow his social capital and create better connections with his colleagues in the innovation world.

Finally, Serge Belamant understands that the innovation world has a huge space for more innovations. For example, he is continuously creating more tech-related products such as modern games. All his latest games designs have received unmatched reviews in the gaming community.

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Betterworks – Continuous Performance Management Solutions

Betterworks is a Continuous Performance Management solution. It helps management within a company interact with the employees better. The proof of how effective it is comes from the people who use it and how they rate the software. This is the sort of software that can handle everything from small organizations to large corporations. People within a company needs to know what is expected of them. Betterworks allows for management to always know what is going on in this area. That allows for teams to have no worries about how they are handling what needs to be done.


People do not need to have uncertainty at work. That causes problems at work. It also allows for performance levels to remain high, because everyone knows what is expected. Keeping regular performance going strong pays for Betterworks in short order. Another way that this can be good for a company is by seeing who the future leaders are. That will be smoother with software that keeps up with continuous performance management. People can show they are keeping their work performance to standards and then exceed them. That also helps pay for this software.


People and companies always need help. With there being so many different facets of business, especially now with the new technologies, Betterworks allows one area to be easy and cause few problems. That is why performance should be the easy part to watch for a company.

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Carsten Thiel Becomes President Europe of EUSA Pharma


A major announcement was made recently in the world of pharmaceuticals. The company known around the world as EUSA Pharma has named a new person to take over their coveted position of President Europe. It will be a man named Carsten Thiel.

He has nearly 30 years of experience in the industry and has worked for a number of the world’s biggest and most respected pharma companies. EUSA Pharma is focused on oncology. However, they also dabble in rare diseases as well. The management of the company said that they are very happy with the appointment of Carsten Thiel to this very pivotal role in the company. They are confident that he will do a great job for them.

There had been rumors circulating for the past several months that EUSA Pharma was going to be shaking up their organization by giving promotions to several of their key employees. However, it was only a rumor at that point. Carsten Thiel has said in several interviews that he relished the challenge of being the man in charge of such a big division. He has worked his entire career to have this level of responsibility.

Carsten Thiel is originally from the city of Berlin in the country of Germany. He went to college at the University of Bristol. This school can be found in the United Kingdom. Thiel decided to focus on studying organic chemistry. He then went on to get a degree in biochemistry.

Finally, he attained a molecular biology PhD from the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry. After he graduated from college, he went on to work for Hoffman la-Roche. It was at this company that Carsten Thiel made a name for himself in the pharma industry. Carsten has been a respected person ever since then and his reputation has grown.

Dr. Carsten Thiel is an expert in the field of biotechnology, who shares the view that the commercialization of gene therapies has become feasible as a result of ever-increasing efficiency and lower overhead involved in implementing technological innovations..


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Marc Beer Became LumeNXT’s Board Of Director Chairman

Marc Beer is a renowned professional when it comes to pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. He is known for his 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, having created multiple successful companies in the past. Just this April, LumiNXT, which is a company that provides illumination products, announced that Marc Beer will be the new Chairman of its Board of Directors. Beer also holds leadership in a company called Renovia.


As the newest chairman of LumiNXT, Marc Beer expressed his happiness after he was trusted the position. Beer also mentioned how working with a group of dedicated surgeons and engineers is something that he is proud of. The company’s products are known for their proprietary technology, which helps surgeons perform their surgeries safely. According to Beer, LumiNXT has a bright future and believes that the company will be more involved when it comes to minimally invasive approaches.


LumeNXT offers surgical lighting which is self-powered and mountable to allow more customization during a procedure. With the company’s advanced technology, it is able to emit light directly in the wound to improve the visualization. However, as one of its important features., LumeNXT products have a technology in them that reduces the generated heat in order to avoid overheating. This way, the products of the company will promote safety and efficiency. Learn more:


LumeNXT co-founder Paul Rhyme is also positive in Marc Beer’s influence in the company. Rhyme believes that with Beer’s impressive track and high success in handling startups, he will also be able to help LumeNXT in the global commercial rollout. Rhyme is also announced as the new Chief Executive Officer of LumeNXT last April, and Beer has been one of the persons who made expressed their support to Rhyme.


Marc Beer is also currently one of the main driving forces of Renovia, which is a company that he co-founded in 2016 with Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie. The company received a successful Series A financing to support their goals. Renovia aims to develop products which help in the diagnosis and treatment of a condition known as Pelvic Floor Disorders. This affects a lot of women in the world, with a lot of cases left undetected because of no available diagnosis devices available. Renovia now released its first main products out of four. The product is called the Leva, which has been in the market.


As one of the most recognizable names in the industry, Marc Beer handled a lot of companies before. One of his ventures in the last decade is becoming the founding chairman of the Minerva Neurosciences, which is a company that focused on developing a treatment for the central nervous system diseases. Beer is also the former CEO of ViaCell before it was acquired by PerkinElmer in 2007. Follow Marc Beer on Facebook

Isabel dos Santos: Insight into Economics, Business, and Philanthropy

Isabel dos Santos is one of the African entrepreneurs who have managed to achieve a considerable success rate. Her achievements as an entrepreneur have been influenced by her ability to be innovative. Also, he focuses on activities that can bring about economic simulation. Isabel has also been bettering the lives of many people through philanthropy. Her success as an investor has also been gradual. She has also been able to share some of her experiences through panel invitations, interviews, as well as live addresses.

When analyzing the achievements of Isabel dos Santos, it is good to look into her life in the business world. Different businesses have managed to prosper in specific industries. As for Isabel dos Santos, she has managed to focus on different industries, and most of her business ventures have prospered. Some of the industries where Isabel is actively involved include finance, media, retail, telecommunication, and energy. Her industry specialties are diverse. As a businessperson, Isabel also has a lot of experience since she has served as an executive in different firms.

Isabel has played an active role in the foundation of different companies. Some of the important positions that she has held as an investor include serving in the board of directors of Unitel. The firm has also managed to become the leading telecommunication firm in Angola. Throughout the years that she has served as a leader, she has managed to make sure that all the companies that are under her management have become profitable. For instance, Unitel has managed to make sure that people can easily communicate throughout Angola by making sure that the firm’s services are widespread. Even the remote and rural areas in Angola have access to the telecommunication services offered by Angola.

Isabel understands the importance of technology. She owes her success to technology since it has helped to empower different economic activities. She has also talked about why it is important to make sure that individuals within Africa are connected to the other parts of the world. Some of the talks that Isabel dos Santos holds at universities and conferences showcase that Isabel dos Santos is a firm believer of making sure that information can be easily accessed since it helps to influence success.

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Bhanu Choudhrie’s Unmatched Contribution to the Aviation Industry

Bhanu Choudhrie is among the top rated London investment gurus. His investment and philanthropic efforts won the recognition from the Asian Voice Public and Political Life Awards organizers. Bhanu emerged the Entrepreneur of the Year during the 2008 event at the age of 30 years. The investor made headlines by winning the award in a foreign soil at a young age. His academic skills from the University of Boston and Harvard School of Business never disappoint him. He has enjoyed a remarkable career over the years since completing his studies.

Before Bhanu Choudhrie located to London at the start of the millennium, he spent some time in the United States of America working as an intern at JP Morgan. The following year saw him start the C&C Group, a family private equity business that he heads to date. His exceptional leadership has helped the company to diversify its investments in real estate, hotels, aviation, among other areas. The company has invested in aviation in different ways that contribute positively to the industry.

For C&C Group to deliver successfully in the industry, Bhanu Choudhrie came up with the idea of starting AAG, Alpha Aviation Group Ltd. The company provides professionally trained pilots to different companies from its flight school located in the Philippines. The company won the trust of aviation companies to provide them with the pilots because it offers specialized training. The beauty of training from the company’s school is because it has advanced training programs, top-notch equipment, modern facilities, and qualified experts.

Most graduates from the aviation-training center have an impressive success rate. The school, on its part, works hard to ensure that the cadets succeed in their careers. One of the achievements of AAG Company under the leadership of Bhanu Choudhrie includes successful acquisitions. The company acquired Air Deccan, an Indian low-cost airline in 2003 and made it a powerhouse in five years. Air Deccan operated one plane, but the company grew tremendously. In five years, it would serve approximately seven million passengers by making 200 flights daily.

Bhanu Choudhrie continues to collaborate with various airlines like Jet Airways, Air Arabia, VietJet Air, and the Philippine as well as Cebu Pacific Airlines. AAG also provides pilots to Boeing and Airbus in the Asia-Pacific region from its training centers that have produced approximately 800 pilots so far.

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Stratford Shields and Work Approaches

Stratford Shields is an acclaimed Loop Capital Markets team member now. He’s an indefatigable Managing Director who has been a force in the municipal finance realm for at least two decades and counting. Stratford Shields has taken on all kinds of jobs as well. He’s been a Chairman, a Vice Chairman and even a Treasurer. He’s been affiliated with groups like SIMFA or the Securities Industry Financial Markets Association, too. He was in its Municipal sector.

Investment banking has been a substantial part of Stratford Shield’s vocation throughout the years. He did a lot in privatization matters. He did a lot in municipal finance in general. He was associated with groups such as Ohio State University, a prominent public school in the United States.

Wall Street in downtown Manhattan in New York, New York isn’t something that’s foreign to Stratford Shields at all. He managed Public Finance matters for a couple of significant agencies in that section of Manhattan. He was a Morgan Stanley employee for a while as well. Straford Shields was with the renowned company for about half a decade. This man has a lot to share with the planet about government and politics. He studied at Ohio State University and earned a history BA (Bachelor of Arts) degree there. Once he was through with his bachelor’s degree, he moved on to Columbia University in New York City. He has a Political Science MBA (Master of Business Degree) from the distinguished Ivy League school.

This individual is on the go a lot for his job. He’s no stranger to waiting around in train stations and in airports. When he’s home, he ruminates heavily. He assists a vast array of client categories right now. He assists schools, city governments, roads and the whole nine yards. He accommodates all sorts of requirements.


Meet One of America’s Most Compassionate Docotor’s, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a licensed plastic surgeon based out of Dallas Texas. Dr. Jejurikar is board certified and a member of the prestigious Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in Dallas. He attended the University of Michigan for his undergraduate studies and then did his residency at the University of Michigan Medical Center. His main area of focus in cosmetic surgery is the face, body, and breasts. He performs tummy tucks, liposuction, rhinoplasty, mommy makeovers, and facelifts. Besides aesthetic plastic surgery, he also performs reconstructive surgeries. His practice uses the latest in imaging software and the latest technology to provide the most outstanding results possible for his patients.

Dr. Jejurikar believes in helping those who are less fortunate and travels yearly to Bangladesh and with an organization called Smile Bangladesh whose mission is to help poverty-stricken children there. One of only a few select to receive the 2012 Compassionate Doctor Certification. This is a prestigious title because only a select few physicians are chosen to receive it. Each year, over 100 million patients share their experiences with their doctors on various sites. They choose only doctors with near perfect scores for the Compassionate Doctor Recognition. With more than 870,000 practicing physicians across the United States, they award only about 3% with this honor. His patients are always happy with Dr. Jejurikar’s excellent bedside manner.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar practices in a state-of-the-art facility in Dallas, Texas. He has even developed and launched his own signature skin care line targeting fine lines, wrinkles, elasticity, and dark circles. If you are looking to have any procedure done mentioned here, it would be worth it to schedule a consultation today to meet with Dr. Jejurikar in person.

The Visionary Leader of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf

The renowned entrepreneur Flavio Maluf was born in the Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1961. He is the sitting CEO of Eucatex, a family company in Brazil whose core business is supplying various construction items. His passion for business started developing at an early age, especially because he was born in a family that was engaged in entrepreneurship. After completing his high school education, he qualified to pursue an undergraduate degree in an Engineering field. Afterward, he realized that he needed a background in business to enter the world of entrepreneurship. It is when he enrolled at the University of New York for his BA degree. For more information about Flavio, view his crunchbase profile.

After his education, he did not start to work immediately at Eucatex but chose to first acquire a bit of experience in business by working in some other firms and one of them was Citicorp. Founded in 1951, Eucatex has been growing its portfolio and currently deals in a wide range of supplies such as Vinyl floors, partitions, varnishes, panels, paints, doors to mention few. Flavio Maluf leadership has helped this company to achieve lots of success and to expand its business engagements from just supplying the people of Brazil to international business.

Apart from the business side of the business, Flavio Maluf has also led in the development of the company’s sustainability efforts. One of them is creating an energy generation plant that uses recycled wood chips. There is no other company in South America that has built a recycling plant as Eucatex has done.

Flavio Maluf’s commitment to growing the company’s business is the reason he pushed for the brand to be part of the companies that were carrying out the construction efforts prior to the Rio de Janeiro’s Summer Olympics. His goal was to get the brand recognized and by the end of these preparations, Eucatex’s popularity had grown significantly.


Reasons Why the & Prada Partnership is Vital for the Asian Fashion Market


One of the biggest fashion news in the last 60 days is the partnership. According to a press release by the two companies, the partnership is the beginning of a long friendship between the companies. The two companies are giants in their respective niche, and the following are some of the possible results from this partnership.


The partnership between the two companies will create a win-win situation for the two companies. Currently,  Jingdong remains the biggest company in the Asia market, and with these numbers; it is the most appropriate distribution channel. On the other hand, Prada is an international entity, which apart from being reputable in sales, has a vast potential market in China. Therefore, the partnership between the two entities will allow them to exploit the already existing market but with professionalism.


The management of Prada — Asian market — believes that this relationship is the start of a new era, especially in the largest market in the world. On the other hand, — through its management — believes that this is a perfect opportunity for the company to give their customers more variety to choose. The company has signed different deals, all with one aim — to give their customers more reasons to shop with them. In a joint press release, the company pointed out that they are already in the final stages of ensuring that all the warehouses that Prada will be using are at par with their standards.


In addition to expanding their luxury market, Jingdong has also signed deals with other companies — dealing with different commodities. Some of these organizations include the following. Last month, the company signed an agreement with a New Zealand fruits company, and through this deal, the company will access quality fruits from New Zealand.


In an article with, “Google Invested 550 Million” with Jingdong. The partnership will include the promotion of products on Google’s shopping service. More details have now emerged that the partnership will also see Google selling its products on


Jingdong also signed a partnership deal with farmers — to facilitate the supply of quality chicken products. The management believes that these partnerships will give the company a better chance to serve its customers well. In addition to working with other companies in different projects, the company has one of the best working relationships with Chinese people. Through various projects, Jingdong has invested part of their profits in community-based projected. Visit This Page to learn more.


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