Betsy DeVos and Educational Considerations

Betsy DeVos is a woman who has sensitivity in droves. It’s a quality she has had for the entire duration of her existence thus far, too. That may be the reason she’s such a force in society nowadays. People know that she’s equipped with a “je ne sais quoi” that they honestly cannot explain. Her worldliness isn’t something that people come across on a daily basis. It’s not something they come across frequently in general. This revolutionary takes on so many diverse roles. She does so with alacrity, too. DeVos is a political presence in the United States. Since the United States is such an influential North American country, she has recognition all over the globe. People all over the planet know all about Betsy DeVos and all of the things she tries to do for her nation. She tries hard for the United States and has been doing so for decades.


Dick DeVos is elated to be married to Betsy. He’s been elated to be her husband for a long span of time. Since they have adult children, they’re undoubtedly well acquainted. They take on so many goals as a team, too. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is a highly regarded group that operates as a not-for-profit. It has achieved so much for all sorts of cultural and artistic pathways. Dick and Betsy’s donations have aided the group considerably as well. Dick and Betsy are two American citizens who have no reservations that involve philanthropy. They appreciate everything about charity. They love doing their part to advance society.


President Donald Trump counts himself as being one of DeVos’ many devotees. Since he chose her to be his Secretary of Education, she’s done a lot of solid work for him. She’s an administration member who has a work ethic that’s matchless. People are always in awe of her commitment to excellence. They frequently try to emulate it as well. Emulating her attitude about working, however, isn’t always the simplest thing. DeVos is the kind of person who never stops thinking even for a second. She continues thinking as soon as she exits her bed in the mornings as well.


Dick DeVos has a personality that’s reminiscent of Betsy’s. He’s an acclaimed businessman who has been on the team at the Amway Corporation. He was more than just an Amway team member as well. That’s because he was actually the executive who ran things for the sizable company. Amway is the name of a marketing business that has transformed lifestyles for Americans for years and years. DeVos learned so much about business matters during his period at Amway. He hasn’t stopped thinking about business since his departure, either. He currently does a lot for a company that’s known as the Windquest Group. Betsy and DeVos are two people who are basically unstoppable. They’re perpetually moving towards objectives of all kinds. They believe in the value of in-depth educations. They also believe in the value of educational efforts of all kinds.


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Betterworks Grows By Leaps And Bounds With New Funding

Betterworks is growing by leaps and bounds with a new series of funding that is coming in for the company. The company built a software package that could be used to manage HR for any brand the world over. Someone who is hoping to find the best HR management system should use this program because it handles everything from hiring to incentives and employee performance.

Betterworks has funding coming in their Series B that will pay for much of the expanded offerings they want to put into the program. The company is looking to use this new money to change how the program works for all users, and they have made sure that they could grow their staff to offer the best support. This is a very proactive company that is hoping to make their program the best choice throughout the industry.

Employee performance is a large part of managing any business. The company cannot grow unless the staff is doing a good job, and there must be some sort of uniform plan to make every employee the best that they can be. This is the sort of program that helps managers track performance. It is a very simple program to use, and it even has options for helping employees grow into their next role. Training, incentives, and contests could all be included in this program.

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Betterworks is the best new HR program on the market for any company that wants to manage its people in a more efficient way. The company has come up with new funding that will make it possible for them to grow, and they are offering their customers a chance to learn how to manage HR even if they have no prior experience.

Rebel Wilson: The Rebel Kitty Purr

Awwww…Isn’t it romantic? How many times did you ask that question to someone sitting next to you? Now, you don’t have to ask – just watch the movie.

The new romantic comedy has filled our hearts with joy and laughter. With Rebel Wilson starring, the movie “Isn’t it romantic?” will keep you eating popcorn with your eyes wide open for 90 minutes. Have you seen this movie yet? If your answer is NO – then do it immediately.

This terribly cute movie will make you laugh out loud, but you will also begin to wonder – do we suffer from a lack of romance in our own lives? However, this is not some cheap and mellow love movie, although you might get a little mislead by its title.

No matter what some people think – romantic comedies always strike their goal and hit us right into our hearts. The true valuation of such claim always comes from the right place – from the audience. After this movie had its premiere on Valentine’s day, the audience was almost ecstatic. It seems like we are extremely hungry for romance, both in the movies and in our everyday lives.

Is It Really Romantic?

After Tony Collete and fabulous Muriel’s Wedding, Rebel Wilson is another Aussee star who gave us the opportunity to enjoy their cute accent and identify ourselves with sweet chubby girl’s love problems.

Though it has a pretty ordinary plot, the movie “Isn’t it romantic?” is very dynamic, and extremely fun. The lack of a more sophisticated script was compensated with the incredible energy shown by Rebel Wilson. Read more:  Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

For all of you who still haven’t seen this movie, here is the shortened storyline: Natalie (Rebel Wilson) is a cute, chubby Aussee girl with a lack of self-a-steam. She has completely no faith in neither, love or the romantic. This is not much of a surprise since her mother (Jennifer Saunders) told her she could only catch a husband if HE is up to catch for a visa.

Natalie’s doubts were fostered throughout her entire life, and she is extremely repulsive even to the mentioning of romance. She despises romantic movies, but thanks to the funny twist in this movie, her life is becoming a romantic comedy.

Rebel Wilson Turnes To Be The UnREBELious Cat

Even though she has recently turned 39, Rebel Wilson does not care much for her age. She claims she will yet show her talents and acting capacity.

Wilson is currently preparing to be the star of the new upcoming movie The Cats. For this special occasion, Rebel Wilson has shared some of her “special birthday moments”. She actually shared her birthday photos with her followers on Instagram. This special occasion required taking photos with her friends while they were performing a so-called “catzercise”.

As you can presume, that does have something with Cats.

Her Instagram followers were honored with a funny video. The video presents Wilson rehearsing and performing wearing a fluffy cat costume with cute little fuzzy ears.

Rebel Wilson just couldn’t resist writing the comment under her photo. In her Rebel style, she wrote: “Don’t be a pussy and try it.”

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Mark Linzenbold Joins Agera Energy

Agera Energy’s Chief Executive Officer Geoff Duda welcomed Mark Linzenbold as the company’s new Chief Financial Officer. Mark worked for more than seven years as the vice president at the finance and business development of Direct Energy. He has a broad background in finance and retail energy industry. Mark Linzenbold is a seasoned executive with strong dedication and impressive work ethics. Some of his recent positions include being the vice president of business planning and corporate controller of Strategic Energy. He was also the Senior Manager for KPMG. Read more about Agera Energy at Medium.


Agera Energy is a natural gas and electricity supplier located in Briarcliff Manor, New York. As the leading energy dealer, the company is passionate to lessen its own impact in the environment. It also aims to promote environmental care all over its footprint. Agera Energy’s campaign transformed its employees and each strives to become eco-friendlier in their everyday lives inside and outside the office. This is just a simple step but it can help optimize the access to a clean natural environment of the next generation. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.

Agera Energy received the certification from Westchester Green Business in 2016 after it took part in the Westchester Green Business Challenge. The task was for the company to do some ingenuities that will make their everyday operations more sustainable. To some, doing something sustainable for the environment could be very hard, but it is not really that difficult actually. To encourage its employees and operations to be more eco-friendly, Agera Energy did simple but genius activities.


The company installed LED lights in its offices to lessen their energy consumption. It also used film coverings on the windows of the offices to lessen the temperature and solar heat on the windows, making the office cooler and less hot. It also replaced trash cans with recycling bins. Instead of throwing them away, papers, bottles, glass containers, and cans are all recycled.


In terms of hazardous waste, the company tapped Veolia North America to take care of the proper disposal of their hazardous and electronic wastes. These simple efforts made by the company and its employees made Agera Energy the leader in advocating positive actions in the industry.


Organo Gold Changes Coffee Culture

Coffee culture and the number of coffee consumers is growing every day. With the increasing numbers of people looking to start their day off with a fresh cup of their favorite stimulating beverage, coffee companies are constantly introducing innovative products to interest and satisfy the consumers. Organo Gold is newer company that stepped up to the plate to do just that. They established their spot in the market with a unique type of organic instant arabica coffee that is blended with the praised organic Ganoderma mushroom. By adding this distinctive ingredient to their product, Organo Gold had not only offered a new product to world full of coffee lovers, they also gave their customers an opportunity to improve their health while enjoying their every day coffee ritual. The nutritious spores that Organo gold adds to their instant coffee are full of antioxidants that the immune system.

Ogrgano Gold offer more than just a variety of coffee products to their customers. Selections of unique teas, vitamin and mineral supplements, specialty soaps and skincare creams are some of the other products that they have on the market.

Oragano Gold in addition offer opportunities for individuals interested in making some money by selling their products to join their team as an independent distributor.

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Article Title: Ara Chackerian Sees Opportunity in Behavior

Article Text:

The fact of the matter is that our behaviors are everything, it is our behaviors that drive our results and show us where we will go in life.

Behavior according to Wikipedia is the idea of a series of characteristics, patterns, and actions. Going further into this concept of behavior, one would see that it is all about the different movements and mannerisms that are presented by a specific person on a regular basis. The sum of all these characteristics and how they manifest for the individual in real life through their various actions is what is construed as a behavior.

Now, behavior doesn’t just have to be something that an individual does, it can something that is extrapolated to a larger organization, culture, society, or system. A behavior can even be present in robotics and other forms of artificial life.

The behavior is created by several things.

The first important aspect to realize is that behavior can from within. Different personality traits can be reinforced over time with different types of exposure that can then become a behavior over time.

The second component of behavior is that of the local environment. An individual would develop a behavior or a set of behaviors depending on their interaction with their surrounding environment. These different interactions with an outside environment create different experiences, different stimuli, and variables that can have a deep impact on the individual. Continuous exposure to certain variables and inputs can form the behavior of an individual over time. These behavior creations may not be overt, they may be subtle, as such it is important for one to realize these changes and fix them if they are harmful if compounded over time.

Ara Chackerian and Behavioral Health

Professionals such as Ara Chackerian see that there is a need for the integration of technology within this field of health. If proper techniques through technology were applied to the sector, one would be able to realize significant changes in human capital.

Ara Chackerian aims to help foster more opportunity in this space with his experience within the healthcare sector. Read more about Ara Chackerian:

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Neurocore Brain Performance Centers Uses New Technology to Restore Mental Health

Unlike other disorders such as diabetes, mental health is not addressed in many hospitals or health care centers. Thus, seeking treatment for mental disorders is very challenging. Other hardships associated with mental disorders include social stigma and high healthcare costs. If the ailment has progressed, it may be difficult to take the first steps or initiate recovery.

Some of the treatment methods available utilize psychotherapy or medication or both. Scientific advancements have made pharmaceutical and psychological treatments effective. However, some people fear the possible side effects of these treatment options and others who do not get better with the procedure.

Scientists have discovered that modern neuroscience has proved there is a third treatment option, neurofeedback, which utilizes the power of the brain to treat mental disorders. Neurofeedback treatment option has no side effects on the patients. According to modern neuroscience, the brain can learn and improve in performance based on the information it gets from the environment.

Neurocore uses neurofeedback to treat mental ailments such as depression migraines, autism, ADHD, sleep disorder, anxiety, and sleep problems. A stronger brain cell can correct any brain disorder. This is why Neurocore uses the same method to treat all brain problems.

Disorders like depression, ASD, and ADHD have very different symptoms. However, the impact of these ailments to the brain are similar. Neurofeedback aims at identifying the impact and then trains the mind to deal with it. Whether you are suffering from anxiety or depression, the process of treatment is the same.

First, the client wears a hat that is designed the electrical activities of different parts of the brain. The nurse will create a personalized brain map which shows the brain activities. Brain maps are essential in furthering the diagnosis of mental disorders as the doctor can see the mismatch in electrical activities. Once the brain map is created, neurofeedback training begins. Clients are allowed to watch movies of their choice as their brain activity is being monitored. With time, the patient learns how to focus, and the brain functions improve.

Neurocore offers home-based treatment options which allow the clients to get mental treatment at the comfort of their homes.

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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Gets Satisfaction from Helping Those In Need Of His Services

Dr . Sameer Jejurikar is a Dallas-based plastic surgeon. He has vast experience and is one of the most successful plastic surgeons in the area. Plastic surgery has become a common thing. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar states that many people come to him daily seeking surgery.

The demand for plastic surgery procedures has increased, and some people take advantage of the situations. Many quacks pose as plastic surgeons and perform procedures they do not know, resulting in great harm to patients. However, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is among the good ones who value their patients. He performs cosmetic adjustments procedures on the face, breasts, and other body parts. He is consulted by many people in Dallas and outside the area.

Furthermore, he is a partner in the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute where he practices. A popular procedure in the facility is the Brazilian butt lift. He states that he performs the procedures many times per week. When he is not in the surgery room, he is out giving a speech about his profession.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar gives hope to patients through plastic surgery. He is admired by his patients and colleague. He is hardworking and dedicated. He grew up in Minnesota and studied at the University of Michigan. He went to New York after completing his medical degree. He developed an interest in cosmetic surgery and acquired skills to join the field. He is not only a successful plastic surgeon but also an eloquent speaker.

He teaches people about his time in the operating room and valuable lessons to apply if they want to join. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar inspires upcoming plastic surgeons to work. He does not like staying idle. While he is known for performing cosmetic surgery procedures, he also gives back to those who cannot afford surgery. He had helped many patients receive surgery when they did not have money.

He has traveled to other nations to perform cleft palate surgery and other deformities. He wants to visit Bangladesh where many people need plastic surgery. It is costly to travel to other countries to perform surgery, but he loves the satisfaction he gets by helping people who need his services.

Talkspace Therapy: Who is it For?

Talkspace is an app that provides mental health therapy. It is a new concept that is reaching out to millions of busy people and cell phone users everywhere. The concept allows an individual to sign up with an email address only. They are not required to use their real name or provide any identifying information.

People who have tested Talkspace comment on some of the reasons why they decided to get started. One of the biggest reasons is due to its low cost when compared to traditional services. Another popular reason for using the app is the extreme convenience, and the complete anonymity was highlight as a benefit to some users. Visit to learn more.

Initially, you will be ask some questions so that you can be properly paired with the appropriate therapist. When you are matched with a therapist, you are free to text anytime 24 hours a day seven days a week. The therapist will respond as quickly as possible throughout the day. If you want, you can also send voice messages and videos through their chat room. This allows individuals the luxury of making contact with the license therapist on holidays, evenings, and literally any time they need to reach out.

Talkspace is an excellent source for people who do not want to have one-on-one contact with a therapist, and it is very useful for people who cannot or do not want to travel to an office. Other people that might benefit from the program are those suffering from mild anxiety or depression.

There are many safety nets that Talkspace has set up to protect their clients. If you do not feel that your therapist is helping you or is not a good match, you are entitled to change, and it is a simple process. The technology is compliant with all of the government privacy laws also.

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Matthew Fleeger: The Man Behind The Success Of Gulf Coast Western

Ever since the company first came into existence, Gulf Coast Western is a company that has been making significant waves in the oil and gas industry. The company has been working towards improving the manner in which these resources are acquired and has been creating a significant impact on the industry that is otherwise hard to get a footing in. The company has brought together an impressive collection of resources, talent and experience. The aim of the company is to ultimately stand as one of the more well-known names within this industry.

The company’s leadership is one of the reasons why the company has gained such an impressive position within the industry. The company was founded by Matthew Fleeger who stands as the President and CEO of the company. As someone who has been well acquainted with the industry and all that it entails, he has been able to efficiently establish Golf Coast Western as a prominent name within this industry. Fleeger is someone who is not only a notable name within the company but also someone who is regarded as a person to look up to within this sector.

The company first started offering its services within the oil and gas industry in 1970 and since then has gained prominence within the Southern part of the United States. Over the years, the company has entered into a number of partnerships and associations which have helped them grow and become one of the more prominent names within the industry.

One of the more prominent collaborations that the company has had in the past was with regards to their deal with Northcote Energy. This was a company that stood as one of the major competitors within the energy industry and their partnership enabled both companies to grow n a positive direction.