US Money Reserve Options For People Who Want Invest In Gold

The US Money Reserve is a gold investment and production company that allows people to invest in the gold market to protect from any recession or loss in market value.

You could invest with this company right now, and you might prefer to collect the gold coins that they make.

Take a look at how this company can help people make their investments, save money, and protect against the recession that might be coming.

1) What Coins Do They Make?

Gold coins from the US Money Reserve are meant to be collected because they come with special designs. The company makes these coins with nice designs that all build up over time, and you will find that you get a lot of value out of the coins.

These coins are very easy to use, and they could become a collection that sell off when you are ready to retire. There are many people who would prefer to invest in coins because collecting these coins is a hobby that could last for many years.

2) Buying Gold Bars

You can buy gold bars from the US Reserve when you want to have a solid investment. There are many people who would like to purchase gold bars because they are a nice status symbol.

The gold bars are very easy to sell in the future, or the gold bars could be sold when the buyer wants to invest in something else. Gold bars have a lot of value, and the strategy should be to help the investor raise their net worth over many years as they wait for the gold to mature. Read more: US Money Reserve | BizJournals and US Money Reserve | Manta

3) Who Should Invest In Gold?

Investing in gold is a good choice for anyone who would like to hold their investment for long periods of time.

These investors can keep their gold for decades while they wait to retire, or they could move some of their money to gold because they do not want to lose any value in the midst of a recession.

Consider your options when you are buying gold because this might be the safest thing for you to do.

4) Conclusion

The best thing that you can do to protect your investments is turn to gold. There are many gold products to choose from, and each of these gold products will retain its value many years from now whether you collected coins or gold bars.

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Marc Beer Named New Chairman of LumeN XT

The company LumeNXT Incorporated has named its newest member of the organization. Recently, it named longtime executive Marc Beer as its new Chairman of the Board. Beer will be joining a privately held company that focuses on developing specialized surgical illumination products. The products are used to perform minimally invasive surgeries. Once joining LumeN XT, Marc will bring his expertise and over two decades of experience in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical device technology to LumeN XT.


Shortly after being named as the new chairman of LumeN XT, Marc Beer said that he is very proud to be working with a group of surgeons and engineers who are dedicated to using surgical illumination technology in order to perform surgery that is minimally invasive. He also said that he believes in the importance of the technology and products provided by LumeN XT as it will help enhance the effectiveness of minimally invasive surgical procedures.


It has been known that surgeons that use targeted illumination often find out that the technology helps enhance the vision, precision and flexibility whenever an operation is performed. As a result, it is a superior option compared to more traditional surgical techniques and approaches. LumeN XT has the distinct advantage of using advanced illumination that uses heat reduction. This helps improve the surgical precision as well as reducing costs.


The co founder of LumeN XT Paul Rhyne has said that Marc has been able to demonstrate a high level of success with numerous startup companies in the healthcare industry. He has been known to guide companies in a number of different phases or growth. Rhyne also said that Marc Beer has established a lot of experience in starting up companies and guiding them through the process of global growth as well as increasing their profitability.


Prior to joining LumeN XT, Marc Beer has spent the last few years as the founding chairman and chief executive officer of Renovia Incorporated. That company’s mission was to both discover and deliver a line of therapeutic devices. These devices were used to help treat pelvic floor disorders that women experience. Before founding and managing Renovia, Marc was the founder and chairman of another company called Minerva Neurosciences Incorporated. This company was one that provided clinical stage biopharmaceuticals. It developed products to help treat a number of disorders of the central nervous system. The company worked towards developing therapeutic options to psychological conditions such as insomnia, depression and schizophrenia. Learn more:


Throughout his career, Marc Beer has been involved in helping a number of biotechnology and healthcare companies become successful organizations. He was also actively involved in working in the biopharmaceutical field in which he looked to treat diseases and facilitate growth by issuing initial public offerings. Throughout his career, Marc has demonstrated valuable leadership skills that helped many companies reach their full potential.

All you need to know about programmatic advertising from Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda is the founder and CEO at KOI IXS, a digital marketing agency. Through his agency, Miranda has been instrumental in helping improve the overall standing of several businesses and brands locally and internationally. Apart from these, however, he has regularly been offering his insights and advice on best business practices and current trends in business and marketing. He recently sought to expound on the whole aspect of programmatic advertising.

Having been in the industry for some time now, Edwin Miranda says he has seen the gradual growth of digital marketing. He appreciates its dynamic aspect looking at how it changes with time. The most talked about form of digital marketing has hitherto been mobile and social media. However, he is quick to note that a new trend on the form of programmatic advertising is taking over.

Despite its initial slow start, programmatic advertising has slowly gained traction and earned the trust of most business owners and advertisers. In fact, Edwin Miranda notes that well over 50 percent of marketers have heavily invested in this trend with the hope of earning their ROI in no time.

Programmatic advertising works by being more specific in its messaging. For instance, instead of using one copied messaged to all prospective clients, marketers are now being given a chance to customize each message based on the target audience. By using these personalized messages that target the specific interest of the prospective customers, it makes it much easier for them to remote more with the message.

The best thing about the form of digital advertising is that it requires minimal human interference. It works by analyzing user behavior in your website, thus helping create specific ads for them. With the use of such special software, you get to save both money and time that would otherwise be lost in the process.

Matthew Fleeger Leading The Expansion Of Gulf Coast Western

Children fighting a battle against cancer have a lot on their minds, but entrepreneurs such as Matthew Fleeger are helping causes to give these children and their families a little bit more hope during difficult times. One of the initiatives that the CEO, President, and Director of the Texas-based gas and oil company Gulf Coast Western are passionate about is an organization that is run by a younger childhood cancer survivor, the Sadie Keller Foundation. The little girl who runs the organization that is based in Texas is still spunky despite everything that she has gone through and wants to help the children that are fighting the same battle that she won.

While helping to get legislation passed that will provide childhood cancer research more funding is an important part of the organization that Matthew Fleeger is working with, they do much more than this. Recently, the entrepreneur worked with Sadie Keller and helped to host a toy drive for Sadie’s Sleigh, an initiative that collects toys that are given to children that are hospitalized with cancer around the winter holidays in Texas area hospitals. By working with the organization, he was able to help raise thousands of dollars for the cause that is bringing hope to so many people.

Gulf Coast Western has been in the family of Matthew Fleeger since 1970 when it was opened by his father. While he has also found a great deal of success in the industries of tanning and medical waste, he is very well-known for the growth that he has been responsible for while leading the company. Before he took the helm, the company was mainly only focused on Texas, but they have grown a lot since then to many different areas in the United States with plans to expand further in upcoming years.

Bhanu Choudhrie, Accumulation Of Winning Information

Bhanu Choudhrie is the founder and CEO of Alpha Group which is a business based in India. He is an advocate for learning and growing as a result from that learning in order to expand himself and to expand his business which is what he has been doing with Alpha Group. Even after attending a University for his business degree he decided to retake business courses in order to learn what was relevant in economics today. For more information about Bhanu Choudhrie, view his Crunchbase profile

From what Bhanu Choudhrie claims it was hard to just get in to Harvard as is with most of the students there. Once he arrived however he experienced a huge culture shock which comprised of people not treating him with any special regard. He was used to being regarded as the boss and on top of that he was used to being of a higher status because people worked for him and sought out his attention. Now it’s him working for his grades and making tremendous amounts of effort to pay attention to the teacher in school. He describes this as being a humbling experience but continued with the three week programs he enrolled in. At the time Harvard was conducting a careful study on how well an entrepreneur could hold up under the pressure of owning a business metaphorically. Due to this study his classes consisted of students and teachers constantly trying to debate each others views on what the best practices were for business. This was beneficial for Bhanu Choudhrie because he was able to sharpen his plans in regards to Alpha Group. Alpha Group is a business that helps individuals and entrepreneurs to raise and grow their portfolios. Whether or not the businesses starting out are in an emerging market or existing market does not matter to Alpha Group. Bhanu Choudhrie of Alpha Group will help it either of the startup to get off the ground and become successful even if the startup is having difficulties surviving. They also help business owners who no longer want to take as much business risk and instead grow their investments through the real estate market.


Successful Entrepreneur Nina Vaca Advances STEM Careers for Girls

Nina Vaca built one of the world’s fastest growing IT staffing companies starting with just $300 in cash. She was just 25 years old when she launched Pinnacle Group on a shoestring. Her primary business experience at the time was helping her sister run her father’s travel agency.

Today, because her international staffing agency works with so many companies hungry to find new talent with science skills, Vaca has become a major supporter of women in STEM. That stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. Vaca has made significant contributions personally and through her philanthropic foundation to support young women seeking higher education in STEM sectors. Nina is a big benefactor of some incredible organizations that support girls as they consider and explore STEM fields from a young age. She believes deeply in encouraging young girls and women to enter college and major in a STEM field.

Another worthy organization that Vaca assists is the STEM Center of Excellence. It’s a program sponsored by the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas. It comprises a 92-acre facility with a laboratory where year-round research and learning is conducted with robotics, botany, coding, chemistry, and math. Working with young women and women of Latina heritage is Vaca’s way of giving back to the people of Texas.

Vaca’s Pinnacle Group has an international presence. In addition to several North American locations, her company operates in Mexico, Chile, and Argentina with service centers in Jordan, Vietnam, India, and the Philippines.

Impressionable facts about Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is a titan in the financial filed. He has been offering people financial advice for many years and the successes marked by various ventures in the globe are as a result of his counsel. He works closely with government officials to help them understand the tactics they can adapt to impact the economy positively. He has also facilitated various projects in the country that relate to field f finance. Among the significant ventures that he worked at include the Enel Group S.P.A. during his years of service in the firm, he brought major growth and facilitated the maximization of profits in the latter. Visit on his twitter account for updates.

On the other hand, Felipe Montoro Jens seeks to impact the lives of others through sharing his expertise with them on how they can manage their finances. According to him, time management is a crucial factor when it comes to looking for finances. He believes that every individual must be keen to follow his schedule based on the number of things he plans to achieve within a certain period. He insists that outlining the crucial factors that one believes will generate capital is the first thing that every entrepreneur and investor must do.

Besides, the duo also warns firm leaders against focusing most of their time in meetings. He emphasizes that meetings should be brief so that employees can get enough time to work tirelessly towards increasing the production of a company. Besides, Felipe Montoro Jens also insists that entrepreneurs must avoid talking about social media issues but instead focus on the essential issues that affect the running of their businesses.

On the other hand, the duo encourages firm owners to read serious news to gain insight on the issues that affect the growth of their companies. His advocations have impacted the careers of many companies. Website:

Glenn Schlossberg on Success

Living as an entrepreneur and business mogul, Glenn Schlossberg has had quite a bit of success in the fashion industry. He learned his trade from his father though. At a young age Glenn Schlossberg spent countless hours in his fathers dress factory learning the tricks of the trade.

As Glenn Schlossberg mastered a new skill, he always pushed himself to do better, to be better. When his Jump line was launched, Glenn didn’t have any formal education, however he wanted to create a brand that provided high school students unique dress options for their upcoming prom or homecoming dances.

Glenn Schlossberg remembers his first big break when he got an account with Montgomery Ward. He said it was a million dollar account and that is when he knew he was going to make it big in the fashion industry. He was only 26 years old at the time, and wanted even more success.

Glenn says that he likes to stay on top of what sells in the industry and what doesn’t. He states that he has manufactured ore than 100 million garments in his career so it helps that he stays on top of what styles are trending. He loves to explore new fabrics and designs from China and Korea particularly and gets inspiration for new designs from these locations.

A customer helped Glenn by telling him he would like more Junior-plus evening wear and Glenn quickly realized that he was missing out on a huge market. He found that half of American women are sizes 14 and up and knew that he wanted to start a line that accommodated plus sized figures. This is when he launched his Onyx Nite line of evening wear so it could stand along with the other dresses in the juniors department.

Glenn likes to thank some of his success to keeping production local to New York with a factory in both Manhattan and in Secaucus, New Jersey. This doesn’t make his line inclusive to the United States, however. Glenn’s fashion lines are sold all over the world including South America, Canada, nine European countries and Australia.

Glenn Schlossberg makes an impact on the future by contributing to a plethora of non-profit organizations including cancer research fundraising and to the American Ballet. He also offers a mentorship program to inspire young entrepreneurs. His biggest word of advice to young entrepreneurs is to start while you’re young because you’ve got less to lose.

What Sets Organo Gold Apart from Its Competition

Organo Gold is a Richmond, BC-based company that sells beverages including gourmet coffees. One of their most popular coffees is their Gourmet Black Coffee which contains 100 percent certified organic Ganoderma lucidum for an extra punch of health. This coffee contains antioxidants, is a medium dark roast, and comes in a convenient instant coffee format.

This company was co-founded by entrepreneur Bernardo Chua in 2008. Working alongside his business partner Shane Morand, they developed Organo Gold on a direct selling platform. Their company as a Scientific Advisory Board that makes sure every ingredient in their beverages is organic. The head of this board is Dr. Irma Prado who is the chief medical consultant. Another leader is Li Ye who heads the Xianzhilou Biology Research Center.

Organo Gold beverages are not available in stores or coffeehouses. It is instead only available through independent distributors. These distributors buy the products of Organo Gold at wholesale prices and then earn a 50% commission on what they sell. The company, its sells team, and its independent distributors all benefit in what they call a “domino effect” system.

Organo Gold beverages can today be found in 45 different nations. What makes all of their products unique is that they contain Ganoderma lucidum. This is a Chinese mushroom in powdered form. It has been used throughout China for centuries as it is believed to be healthy in various ways such as promoting weight loss, giving people more energy, and containing a lot of antioxidants.


Article Title: Agera Energy

Article Text:

Agera Energy Is Taking Action

Agera Energy is an energy supplier that relies on green energy, natural gas, and electricity. Agera Energy was established in 2014 when they acquired an energy supplier. In a short amount of time, they grew rapidly. In 2019, they have roughly 600,000 residential customers.

Agera Energy’s main goals are to provide their customer’s with the lowest energy costs while giving them the best customer service. Customers are able to choose their own energy source though Agera’s green energy alternatives program. Agera sends a representative out to each customer’s home to create an energy plan. Agera is taking action to help customers to save money while teaching them to be ethical about their energy choices.

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