Allied Wallet Services and Benefits to Clients

Allied Wallet company was founded in 2002 with the aim of revolutionizing the e-commerce payment solutions across the globe. The principal founder of the company is Andy Khawaja who is also the CEO living in Los Angles, California. His company deals with transaction processing as well as payments done through online services. There are more than 5000 employees all experts and devoted to serving millions of people with their services. Allied Wallet provides services at low transaction costs to ensure its affordable to many people across the globe. Clients at Allied Wallet benefit in several ways including;

  1. i) Being able to send or receive money easily since the processes involved are few
  2. ii) They have the opportunity to accept different currencies from various countries, the company’s customer care services are available for 24 hours, account set up process is easy and fast and also encrypted transactions offered are safe and secure from falling into the wrong hands.

Many visits which have already enrolled with Allied Wallet have given their feedback as to how the services offered are efficient and convenient as compared to other transaction methods. Their offices are based in West Hollywood California where people can visit and get information on how to join the company. They also have a contact line 888-255-1137. Allied Wallet uses more than ten modern technologies for the products including google analytics, Vimeo among others to ensure the smooth running of the business. Its employees are showing much interest in the Standard operating procedure as well as retirement planning. Although there is stiff competition from GoGappa and Bellroy Allied Wallet has been ranked high as they focus on providing the best standard services to the clients earning their trust and confidence.

Andy Khawaja is in the front line to increase the reach of the business; he has set aside more than $439.8k to be spent on IT. Recently Allied Wallet has established new alternative money transaction options in Canada expanding its reach and the number of clients. Since Canada has over 35 million people and about 85% have joined Allied Wallet to benefit from its services, therefore, leading to economic growth (Facebook).

Some Developments and Leadership at Sussex Healthcare

The organization has gained a good reputation over the years and has experienced a positive growth rate. Sussex Healthcare values its personnel who are recruited through a competitive process to ensure that they are qualified and have the ability to help the company achieve its objectives. It recently employed new workers to serve in various capacities. The management of the company has striven to align its culture with the changing customer needs and expectations. One of the new staff members at Sussex is Martin Hill who works as the regional director of the firm’s operations. Visit SHC Audiology to know more.

The business executive has many years of experience from other organizations and has always had a passion to improve the lives of other people. Earlier in his career, Martin Hill worked for more than a decade at Social Care. He started working for the organization as part of its support staff and later rose up the ranks. Martin is skilled in areas such as social care, domiciliary care, and supported living. He believes that quality should be a core value in any company to ensure its profitability in the long run.

Another official at the firm who has played a key role in the growth of Sussex Healthcare is Catherine Fitzgerald. She believes that effective communication among various stakeholders is crucial for the growth of Sussex Healthcare. To achieve that, twelve individuals were to be appointed as the firm’s communication champions who will be trained in various aspects. The other workers will also be trained later and will receive a certificate after completion of the training. The clients at Sussex are treated with respect and compassion.

The management of Sussex Healthcare has always focused on continuous improvement and making its services more affordable to clients. According to the Chief Operations Officer at Sussex, the residents at the organization’s homes should expect better services in the future. He believes that changes are necessary for any organization. Sussex has embraced technology in its operations to improve service delivery and organizational effectiveness. The company has an experienced team of IT experts who are tasked with ensuring that various gadgets are in good condition.

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Mike Nierenberg Has Been A Top Player in the Mortgage Market

Mike Nierenberg has served with a variety of firms from Bear Stearns to Bank Of America Merrill Lynch, he knows the ins and outs of different aspects of the mortgage market. Individuals such as Mike Nierenberg have been able to traverse through the different aspects of the market because of their skill and their will to learn.

What is the Mortgage Industry?

About Mike Nierenberg is confident that the purchase of a home is a prominent factor in the United States. The housing market is certainly something individuals should look toward to see how the economy is doing, the expectation is that if housing is booming, individuals have the capital to spend on mortgages and large home purchases, if they didn’t have the capital, they would stay away, at least that is the expectation.

The mortgage industry has quite a bit of professionals that are present within it to make sure that the housing world revolves as it should. Mike Nierenberg was one these professionals who helped to build innovative financial products at different firms, these products allowed individuals to have access to mortgages at adjustable rates and make their monthly payments in the initial years without any issues. He wasn’t working directly in the field with real estate agents, but he is likely to have interacted with loan originators, underwriters, and primary and secondary capital in the mortgage markets.

These many different players within the industry are necessary because of the complexity of the mortgage sector. But why is the mortgage sector so complex? Well, as noted earlier, its a purchase that many people take on, it is also a purchase that is typically not one that is done with an all-cash offer. Many individuals take out mortgages to finance the purchase of the property. Specifically, since they are taking out a large loan, individuals have to be prepared to conduct a thorough analysis of their ability to pay, their overall income, what they will be able to place down and other important aspects as well. Mike Nierenberg and other professionals are aware of the complexity of the situation because of their in-depth knowledge of the housing world .


Serge Belamant As The Founder Patent Holder Of Blockchain Technologies

Serge Belamant was born in France and later moved to South Africa at the age of 14. Serge later joined Witwatersrand university located in Johannesburg, where he studied applied mathematics and computer science. Later in his third year, he transferred to the University of South Africa to study information systems. Serge started working at a young age in a large civil engineering company. As he as working he started creating applications that are used to analyze water levels in dams. Visit

As years went by serge continued to develop computer models for projects at the CSIR (Council for scientific and industrial research). Serge Belamant’s skills led to a lot of breakthroughs in digital mapping, creating graphics interfaces that enhanced road network analysis and statistical methods. In 1982 while was working as the head of the analyst at control data he worn analyst of the year. Also, serge developed the first scientifically driven financial system. As his career moved on serge became a consultant at Bancorp where he dealt with analysis and risk management. Serge’s great achievements led to him getting full membership to the RSA computer society. Today Serge Belamant’s inventions are instrumental in the financial sector.

Serge used his magical skills and invented Blockchain technologies using smart cards. The smart cards used to create Blockchain technologies contained microprocessors that functioned both on and offline. Blockchain technologies as invented to help the financial sector to increase the accuracy of data, transparency as well as the security of institutions and clients. Blockchain technologies allow governments, private individuals and banks to process a variety of activities faster like withdrawals, deposits as well as payments.

Belamant’s numerous developments of software programs and numerous applications led him to file numerous patents. The patents are important to inventors who use them to protect their innovations as well as to market formations for financial reasons. Serge is also the founder of net 1 technologies that grew alongside his Blockchain technologies. Net 1 technology continued to grow and provided services to countries like Ghana, Burundi, Iraq, Namibia, and Russia. It’s through Serge Belamant’s skills that the information technology world is what it is today.


Madison beats stiff competition to win M&A Deal of the Year Award

On New Year’s Eve, M&A Advisor held its 13th Annual Turnaround Awards. These awards are held annually in celebration of companies in the mergers and acquisition space and related field that are performing well. This year’s awards saw 275 companies participating and competing for the top spot in different categories. Madison Street Capital manage to beat stiff competition to emerge the winner of the Deal of the Year Award. This firm is based in Chicago and is one of the best performing investment banking firms today.




The exclusive advisor to Sachs Capital Group




In the year that has ended, Madison Street Capital was the exclusive advisor to Sachs Capital Group. This was in relation to Sachs Capital Group’s effort to take-private RMS Networks. This deal also involved Virgo Capital as an investment partner to Sachs Capital Group. On the other hand, Merion Investment Partners facilitated the deal by providing debt financing. The Madison team led by Barry Petersen, the Senior Managing Director, worked tirelessly to make sure that this deal went through. Though this deal was a tough undertaking for anyone, this international investment banking managed to pull it off successfully. This is what earned the firm the Deal of the Year award.




Prosperity derived from teamwork and commitment




This prestigious award is the cumulation of teamwork and commitment of Madison Street Capital to making sure its clients succeed. This statement was made by Charles Botchway, the CEO of the firm during his acceptance of the award. He went ahead to start that teamwork and commitment have been at the core of his firm’s values always. Charles went ahead to assure the client of his firm that they will be getting nothing but the best services from them. He said that his firm has their prosperity at heart and therefore it will always work to ensure that it goes beyond meeting its client’s expectations.




Madison Street Capital reputation




Today, Madison Street Capital is one of the most prosperous investment banking firms on a global scale. This firm is looking to expand on this prosperity by venturing into emerging markets. According to the firm, emerging markets hold a lot of promise for any business willing to venture into it. Mergers and acquisition expertise, financial opinions, valuation, and corporate financial advisory, are so of the fields that this international investment banking firm specializes in.


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Music Legend, Cassio Audi Becomes a prominent Chief Financial Officer

Cassio Audi Music Career

Sao Paulo native, Cassio Audi is a famous financial executive manager and music icon. He has excelled all through his career. Cassio Audi career road began as a musician in a rock band in the early 1980s. He performed in a group of five teenage. He thrilled the success of the band with his skills in playing the drum. The Viper band gained international recognition within a short while. Cassio Audi left the band in 1989 to pursue another path.


Cassio Audi Professional Growth and Skills

With his savings, he joined the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Shortly after, he landed a job offer as stock and fixed income analyst at JP Morgan. To sharpen his skill and expound his understanding he enrolled for his master in Business Administration. From one success to another, he joined Gillette and served for ten years as the chief financial officer. He has been spearheading the success of various companies.

Cassio Audi does not settle for a lesser deal, he left Gillette and joined Brookfield Asset Management holding the same position. He is skillful in accounting and financial management, business planning, modeling and analysis, resource management, controllership and decision support, and business growth.

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Eucatex CEO Flavio Maluf Creates Jobs, Continues a Dynasty

Flavio Maluf is the CEO of Eucatex: the world’s most popular Eucalyptus company, and first to sell eco-friendly products to The Home Depot. Flavio is the grandson of the owner of the first huge sawmill in South America. As a matter of fact, for a brief period of time, his grandfather owned the largest sawmill in the entire Southern Hemisphere. Flavio’s company proudly sells eco-friendly products to home improvement stores for flooring products, paints and stains, and wood products themselves all made from the renewable Eucalyptus tree. As a natural germicide and killer of bacteria and viruses which is highly coveted within the healthcare industry for its potent cleansing abilities, Eucalyptus wood is also highly renewable in nature. For more information about Maluf, view his crunchbase profile.

Having been born from a successful family, it would have been very easy for young Flavio to ride on the coattails of his family’s success and not make a name for himself. But instead, Flavio decided to go to school and get his Bachelor’s degree and study business so that he could enter the family business with a truly successful background that matched theirs. So after this, Flavio started at the lower levels of Eucatex in order to understand all aspects of the business in hopes of one day doing things on the corporate level.

Having done that, Flavio was invited by his uncle to join the corporate board and eventually was promoted and rose the ranks through his hard work and business acumen to become the Chief Executive Officer. Since Flavio was rising the ranks, the company reached out to create a partnership with North America’s largest home repair store at the time: The Home Depot. They have also created numerous jobs in a self-sustaining industry which many workers will be able to pass down to their children. In this way, Eucatex is not only the preeminent Eucalyptus brand in the world, but it has also set the stage for future generations to come to have jobs as well.



Neurocore: Addressing Mental Problems From The Core

Most medical practitioners approach Neurotherapy with caution. Patients showing signs of non-optimal brain functioning and health are rarely diagnosed and immediately sent for conventional psychotherapy. By following indirect approaches, most physicians focus on diagnosing the mental problems instead of identifying the primary cause of brain disturbance. Neurocore took it upon themselves to develop brain based diagnosis from how the brain functions independently.

Neurocore’s main target client is anyone diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and depression. The firm aims at improving their patients’ brain concentration and functioning capacities, containing stress levels and improving sleeping patterns. Unlike many facilities, Neurocore specializes in offering neuro feedback therapy. It allows the brain to function clearly through routine positive reinforcement.

Neurocore was launched in 2004. The firm has grown impressively over the years with nine centers currently in operation. These brain performance centers are situated in Florida and Michigan. Moreover, they boast of equipping their facilities with advanced and state-of-the-art equipment for the best diagnosis and best treatment procedures. Over the years, the organization has been backed up by investors in support of improved mental health. The firm retains positive reviews and a great working environment from current and former employees. Neurocore has spearheaded the fight to enhancing healthy minds and transforming lives.