“How Does Marc Beer Intend To Use the $42 Million in Advancing Women Health? “

Marc Beer is the co-founder of Renovia Inc. alongside Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie. The Boston based Biotechnology Company has for the past two years been developing different diagnostic and therapeutic treatment products for the treatment of pelvic floor problems. The health disorder that primarily affects women, and also known as urinary incontinence, is estimated to affect over $250 million women in the world.


Barely 24 months after establishment, Renovia had already come up with a diagnosis and treatment for the pelvic floor health problem. A big percentage of the success here is credited to Marc Beer who is a blend of rich experience, expertise in pharmaceuticals helped speed up this process. The company’s first product referred to as Leva was approved by FDA in April for distribution and administration to patients. Renovia is expected to continue creating more products to address this disorder.


Raising $42 million


Recently, Marc Beer raised $42 million to help fund this startup healthcare company advance its research and drug development. The Series B round funding helped raise over $32 million in equity capital and $10 million in form of venture debt. Marc mentioned that these funds will be used in advancing clinical testing and pushing the different products they have in the pipeline towards FDA approval. More importantly, the funds will help speed up the finalization of the development and release of a new version of the Leva drug.


While March Beer did not speak choose not to reveal much about their pipeline products, he expressed his gratitude for the financial support offered by the leading healthcare investors. These include Longwood fund and OSF ventures and their contributions will help come up with better diagnostic tools for effective treatments and improvement of women health.


Marc Beer’s Background


Marc Beer has had close to three decades of experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, most of which was spent in the development and commercialization of drugs and medical inventions. Before co-founding Renovia, he had worked with the Michigan-based Milliendo Therapeutics, ViaCell and Abbott Laboratories. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Miami University, Ohio.


Marc has had an excellent track record in technology and medicine and rose to prominence in the health industry after founding ViaCell. He helped manage the firm as its Chief executive officer and within two years, it had over 300 employees before going public in 2005. Marc would also play a key role in facilitating its acquisition by Perkin Elmer in 2007.


Beer also worked in various companies in the technology and medical world where he managed different projects including sales and marketing. The positions that he has held in his career were not only related to diagnostics and pharmaceutical products, but they also helped him know what people want and need most. He is using that experience in his work at Renovia Inc. Learn more: https://renoviainc.com/leadership/


Alex Hern

Alex Hern: Conferences In The Future Will No Longer Be One-Sided

Alex HernAlex Hern has been a successful entrepreneur for over 25 years. He is presently the CEO of Tsunami XR, which is based in San Diego. Alex Hern founded the company in 2011. Tsunami XR is not your typical software company. They help businesses to improve their productivity and make collaborations easier. Tsunami XR has the capability to design in 3D as well as supporting virtual and augmented reality. His company is ready to meet the needs of businesses that are adapting and evolving with the latest technology.

When Alex Hern was asked about what the future of a conference room will look like, he stated that it will no longer be one-sided. The objective of conferences is to provide information and even though the objective will remain, the execution will be changing. This can include anything from shorter meeting sessions, a greater use of available technology, and giving those in attendance better food and drinks options, according to Alex Hern.

As technology becomes more cost efficient, it needs to be utilized. Hern is seeing more event planners turning to companies like his to assist them with planning conferences. Event planners are trying to provide a next-generation experience by using 3D hologram programs. These programs allow for holographic communication between people all over the world. The face to face communication between everyone in the meeting provides an overall better meeting experience. To see facial reactions and body gestures makes for a better overall communication experience. Hern’s company is able to provide experiences that are lost by using things like Skype and Facetime video chat.

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Betsy DeVos: The Issue of Schools

As a parent, you want what is best for your child. You go out and get them the best clothes and the best toys. Even if they aren’t the best you do what you can to make them happy. Children are very special because they represent hope for the future. Their ability to grow and learn is magnified in these early years. They will one day be the caretakers of the nation and the quality of education that they receive is going to be pivotal at that time. This is one of the reasons why so many people started to question the public-school system. Betsy DeVos is a major reason why people have started looking at different options. Though she is the current Secretary of Education for the United States she has also been a massive supporter of the notion of “school choice”. A lot of parents did not understand that they had an option when it came to their children’s education until she started advocating for it.


Her ability to withstand the storm and push for the things that she believes and is one of the reasons why she was selected to fill the post of Secretary of Education. She proved that she was not going to back down from the things that mattered. The administration was looking for strong individuals who thought hard for those things. Her post as secretary of education has been filled with instances where she went against the grain of office and pushed for things that fell in line with the interests of her students. Her decision to promote “school choice” is another situation where she is putting the interests of her students ahead of her own position. Betsy DeVos is the Secretary of Education which means that she is the head of the public-school system And yet she is still pushing for “school choice”. The reason she’s pushing for it is that it is important and it works.


Betsy DeVos now hopes to look at voucher programs that would allow students of multiple backgrounds to go to private and charter schools throughout the nation. She has also entertained the idea of tax breaks that would support the same thing. Parents should not feel as though they are locked into one choice because of the given situation. Anyone interested in learning more about the positions of Betsy DeVos should take a look at her previous interview with Philanthropy Roundtable about these school-based issues.


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Louis Chenevert: Former CEO of UTC

Louis Chenevert is one of the prominent corporate executives in the world. He is the former chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Chenevert became the CEO in 2008 and chairman in 2010. He served in both positions until 2014 when he retired. Before he was appointed to these senior positions, he was working as the president and chief operating officer of UTC. Between 1999 and 2006, he was serving as the president of Pratt & Whitney, one of the businesses under UTC conglomerate.


Louis Chenevert has created a prominent name in the aerospace industry. However, before he joined Pratt & Whitney in 1993, he was working in the auto industry. For 14 years, he had worked as the production general manager at General Motors. His transition from the auto industry into aerospace was smooth since the operations involved in both industries are closely related.



After retiring from UTC in 2014, Louis Chenevert joined Goldman Sachs Banking Division where he serves as a senior adviser. Besides, he is also serving as a member of various profit and non-profit organizations. Some of these organizations include Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, US-India CEO Forum, and Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).


Louis Chenevert holds a Bachelor of Commerce in production management from HEC Montreal University School of Business. His skills in production management have been proved through the work he has accomplished. He has led every organization he has worked for with great diligence and keen attention to good results. His record at UTC is still playing a significant part in the growth of the company. He laid a strong foundation that will guide future leaders of the company. UTC is today known mainly because of its activities related to the aerospace industry. However, it has other branches that deal with other products such as elevators and lifts.


Louis Chenevert is remembered for initiating the development of the Geared TurboFan Engine. It is the most efficient jet engine in use today. It has also contributed significantly to the growth of UTC since it makes profits consistently.



OSI Group President, David McDonald Career Life

OSI Group is the brand most people select when they go to shop for food products in the supermarkets or any other food store in the world. This brand has successfully managed to set itself apart and occupied the first position in the market after working from scratch. The institution takes pride in the excellent services and products it gives to its customers. Dealing with different cultures and customer preferences has been tough for the company. However, this has never bothered the management who have been only focused on issued the best. The people who hold the top positions are responsible for the high standards that have been maintained since the company was established. David McDonald is one of the names that have appeared in the company management for a very long time.

David McDonald is without doubt an experienced professional who has been taking charge of crucial in OSI Group for a long time. The businessman, having joined the company very many years ago, has been present in most of the challenges and achievements the company has been registering since it started to operate years ago. The executive has leadership skills that can be considered to have played a huge role in making the food production company successful. His knowledge in animals, having studied animal science while at the Iowa University, has been helping him to select the best meat products for customers.

David McDonald never believed that he was going to head a global company that would be dealing with food production. The businessman left school with good grades, and an admission to the Iowa University was acquired. After getting his degree, the young professional joined OSI Group at the position of project manager. The company was still young, and it had not started to operate in the international market. When David McDonald and the rest of the management allowed people with the right ideas to join the company decades ago, the institution started to grow into the global market, and profits increased each day. The businessman has spent most of his career life serving the customers who depend on the company services, and he is very proud of what he has achieved.

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The Success Story Of Doe Deere: From Homeless To CEO Of Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lime Crime Cosmetics, an online beauty retailer brand that she created in the fall of 2008. She was born in Izhevsk, Russia, and as she was growing up she idolized the United States, seeing it as a place where anything is possible. When she was 17 years old, herself, her younger sister, and her mother moved to New York City in search of a better life.


In 1998, the population of New York was 7.4 million, which was a big contrast to the half-million population of Izhevsk. The 3 knew that they had to work their way up when coming to New York, but unfortunately found out quickly that despite their eager work ethic and their mother’s life savings were not enough to keep the 3 of them afloat. Her mother was an accomplished accountant in Russia, but the records of her education were taking a long time to transfer, and she wasn’t getting hire without them.


Despite their efforts to work and make ends meet, they had to check into a homeless shelter in Manhattan on Lexington Avenue. They spent six months there, and in the spring of 1999, the 3 caught a lucky break when they were introduced to a non-profit legal organization that aimed to help women immigrants. The leader of the organization helped Doe Deere’s mother get her first job as an accountant in America, she helped her sister get into Columbia University, and herself get into the Fashion Institute of Technology. By the year 2000, the 3 were transferred to Lehman Project, but despite the less than ideal environment the 3 did not complain and they considered a luxury having separate rooms.


Despite acknowledging that she wouldn’t with their trials upon anyone, Doe Deere points out that without them they wouldn’t be the people they are today, and that hardship made them more resilient. Her company, Lime Crime, became a big success, employing 35 people in the city of Los Angeles. She notes that the fact that someone could become from homeless to CEO or live in relative safety and comfort is part of the reason why immigrants are willing to risk everything in order to come to America.



Nick Vertucci Discusses the Similarities Between Poker and Real Estate

Nick Vertucci knows real estate, and he has an interesting take on how poker honed his real estate abilities. He has become famous for his Orange County, California adventures for flipping homes. He originally owned a business specializing in computer accessories, but his business failed during the economic downfall in 2000.

He then turned his attention toward real estate and created a mega successful company. He literally went from being broke to becoming a millionaire.Vertucci also contributes his success to his love for studying and learning from his own mistakes.

What a lot of people do not know about Vertucci is that he knows the game of poker. He has played with a number of celebrities on the A-list that include Ben Affleck, Don Cheadle, and James Woods. He links real estate and his poker ability to the following traits:

  • Nick Vertucci has an ability to read others, and he knows how to call someone’s bluff. The ability to read others is essential for success in any field.
  • Nick Vertucci also knows how to make an intelligent bluff. In real estate, he knows what the broker across the table is thinking and if there are favorable terms on the table.
  •  He also knows how to adapt to change. For most people, change can feel like a negative thing. In real estate and poker, change is always just around the corner. People must be able to adjust to unexpected changes. A person should also plan ahead and anticipate change.

Nick Vertucci also knows that mistakes will be made. Many variables in both poker and real estate cannot be understood until the game is over. However, one bad hand does not have to signal the end of the game. Winners keep going. Winners also know how to fold and bow out of a losing situation.

Gareth Henry and Real Estate

Gareth Henry is an investment genius who has been helping his clients for decades make billions of dollars investing in real estate and other markets. One significant trend in the real estate investing market today is repositioning. The term repositioning has replaced the term urban renewal which had to do with the way businesses and people left the big cities and moved to the suburbs.

The term repositioning itself refers to the process of changing the character, quality or purpose of property whether it is a single dwelling or multi-family resident or commercial building. It can be a straightforward process like repainting a building to a complete remodel or complete demolition.

Gareth Henry says that the repositioning of a property is not really about the money, but more about the scarcity of property. As property gets scarce, it increases in value, and someone might pay a half a million dollars for a piece of property and demolish it to have the ability to have that location.

Gareth Henry says cosmetic changes can make alot of difference in how a family feels about paying a certain price for rent. If there is a lack of places to live renters will be more likely to pay on time and take better care of it.

Henry says a structural repositioning is where you might move a wall or add a wall or add a swimming pool. Visit angel.co

The running option smoothly Gareth Henry says changes the way the property operates. It can be changing management companies, removing tenants that do not take care of the place, increasing occupancy, etc.

Gareth Henry says whichever option you go with you need a careful plan that has been researched and has realistic expectations. Make sure you don’t decide to upgrade a house in a poverty-stricken neighborhood or no matter what you do it will not help the value increase much. Know your ideal renter. Be realistic.

Henry says repositioning does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon. With technology growing the need to reposition will continue. So as investors continue to reposition the real estate market will continue to grow. Read more on https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=32488465&privcapId=1689088&previousCapId=1689088&previousTitle=Angelo,%20Gordon%20&%20Co

Entrepreneur and Finance Executive Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is a former attorney who has spent the last two decades as a financial services firm executive and entrepreneur. He is the co founder of Fortress Investment Group which is one of the leading private equity firms in the world. Randal currently serves as one of the firm’s top executives. Prior to co founding Fortress Investment Group, Randal was a member of other investment firms including UBS. He also spent a number of years in the legal field where he worked at a top law firm. Randal Nardone is one of American’s richest individuals according to Forbes. This fortune was made from his highly lucrative career as a financial services executive. Visit discoverorg.com

As the co founder of Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone has helped build the firm into one of the most successful in the industry. Over the course of his career with the firm, Randal has been a high ranking executive. He has served as a principal and as a chief executive officer. Nardone is also a member of the management committee as well. In these leadership roles, Nardone helped the firm set goals and devise strategies to reach its full potential. His contributions have allowed Fortress Investment Group to remain as one of the most reputable firms in the industry.

Prior to co founding Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone worked in the legal field as well as for other financial services firms. He was a practicing attorney at a New York law firm for several years before pursing a career in finance. Nardone was served in a key leadership role at the law firm before resigning. When he started out in the financial services industry, he served as the principal of Blackrock Financial Management. A few years later, he would join UBS and become the firm’s managing director.

Before starting his career, Randal Nardone completed bachelor’s degrees in both English and biology at the University of Connecticut. After finishing up his undergraduate educational programs, Randal would attend law school at Boston University. He completed his Juris Doctor degree within three years of beginning law school. Once finishing law school, Randal would then pursue an opportunity to work in the legal field.

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The Facts of Skin Care From Sunday Riley

The facts of skin care are to find the serum to youthfulness. Although there is really no such product, there are numerous skin care products out there that at least can manage to slow the aging process or to delay the inevitable to some degree. One of the products that help to delay the process of aging is retinol. Retinol is capable of helping the skin to produce more collagen due to the fact that it contains Vitamin A. More collagen production helps to keep the skin’s elasticity up so the skin appears more youthful and fine lines are not as noticeable as they would be otherwise.

The problem with skin care products that contain retinol is that they are typically available in drug store style bottles that look like an ointment that you just received a prescription for at the doctor. The problem with this is that it turns a lot of women off from using retinol in the first place. That’s why skin care products like Sunday Riley are helpful for those who want to use a retinol product that comes in a bottle that is more friendly appearing in comparison to drugstore style bottles.

Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil is an example of a retinol product that appears far more appealing to women looking to add retinol products to their skincare routines. The bottle also has easy to understand instructions that direct the user to only try a little Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil at a time so the retinol in the product won’t cause skin irritation. Trying a little retinol at a time helps the skin get accustomed to it and acclimated to it at a more comfortable pace. You can get a bottle of Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil at their online website or other beauty retailers that carry the skin care brand.