Organo Gold is Making Coffee Culture About Wellness

Coffee Culture isn’t just a fad. It’s become an integral part of daily life for millions of people and continues to sweep the globe with force. As cultures experience the frenetic pace of modern life, individuals are increasingly seeking ways to find moments of rest and calm. Coffee Culture has begun to fill that need by providing a means to pause in the midst of the daily grind. Organo Gold is proving to be a significant addition to Coffee Culture by providing high quality coffee that is easy to brew.

Meeting the Need for Organic Coffee

Founded in 2008, Organo started out as a wellness company. As the demand for organic coffee increased, Organo Gold saw the opportunity to do even better in what it does best; helping people experience balanced wellness and well-being. Just as Coffee Culture creates community, Organo has structured its company in a way that builds teamwork and connects individuals. From top to bottom, Organo Gold is developing leaders and facilitating wellness.

A Higher Level of Craftsmanship

Coffee Culture isn’t just about drinking coffee. It’s about experiencing the moment and looking to the future, experiencing community and celebrating excellent craftsmanship. Organo Gold has brought their high level of craftsmanship to the table with a number of options to choose from.

Because it is a wellness company, it’s no surprise they have managed to make coffee drinking even healthier for you by adding one surprising ingredient; mushrooms. It doesn’t taste like medicine, but the nutritional benefits of these organic mushrooms are vast. All of this in a single serve packet of coffee.

Organo Gold is making Coffee Culture good for the immune system and a sense of wellbeing, all while providing a portable and easy coffee option to coffee drinkers everywhere.

EOS Has a Good Review

EOS Lip Balm is famous for its orb-shaped container and fun flavors. It is an inexpensive way to pamper your lips and to protect them against the elements. And while many beauty product companies are raising the prices on their lip care products, EOS still remains the same and offers their high-quality products for a mere $2.99.

EOS lip balms come in a variety of flavors such as Strawberry, Vanilla Mint, and Pomegranate Raspberry. They also offer limited edition flavors such as Watermelon and blueberry that they featured in their Alice in Wonderland limited edition pack.

They are easy to find in your purse or bag, and they are easy to hold onto. They make an everyday routine fun and enjoyable. You may actually look forward to pulling out your lip balm and swiping your lips with a fun flavor. They are also different so you will want to make sure to check the packaging when shopping around for a new flavor to try.

Some offer SPF protection while others are medicated for dry and chapped lips. Some are also organic or slightly tinted or even shimmery so that you can go out for date night without needing lipstick which can be drying on your lips.

You can pick up the fun little orbs pretty much anywhere, and you will find them at the local drugstore or your favorite retail store. You can also buy them online and have them shipped right to your door.

There are many flavors to try out so it is a good idea to try out their sampler packs so that you can try a few out at once and find your favorites. EOS orbs are known for their high-quality, and the orb shape makes it fun to keep your lips happy and looking great.

Steve Ritchie Sees Change With “Voices” Campaign

Papa John’s has been facing a lot of issues lately due to the loss of customers trust. Their new Chief Executive Officer and President Steve Ritchie has been hard at work since he took over the position in January this year coming up with and executing a plan to improve the company’s outlook. Gaining back the trust of their customers is one of the top priorities as they work to improve.

Papa John’s is based in Louisville, Kentucky and brought in $364 million in revenue which is down from the $431.7 in revenue that they saw the year before. Despite this considerable drop in revenue, Steve Ritchie states that things are looking up for the company and that they are already seeing results from their efforts. When he took over the position, he knew that he had to take quick action to fix the problems that had been caused by a former executive.

Papa John’s hired independent research companies to track their progress and according to their findings, the perception that customers have towards them is starting to get better. While many had a negative view of Papa John’s when Steve Ritchie first took over in the position, many are not only seeing the company in a neutral light but some are looking at them positively as well. This bit of progress is inspiring those withing the company to continue to strive forward towards their goals of customer trust.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns and his team of executives are working to rebrand the company for a kinder and more caring image than they had under their previous leadership. They are working to show more focus on what employees need and how they are treated along with providing better service and products for their customers. They know that there is still a great deal of work that needs to be done within the company to gain the trust that was lost and they are more than willing to do it. They may have a long way to go but they are well on their way to recovering. Their “Voices” campaign is helping them make the changes that they need to make. Read about Ritchie’s apology letter to its customers here.


Marc Beer: The Completion of Series B Funding to Support Women with Pelvic Floor Disorders

Men and women have a pelvic floor. In the latter, the pelvic floor muscles include ligaments, nerves as well as connective tissues that support the bladder. All these tissues help to support the pelvic organ functions. For many, the pelvic floor doesn’t work as required. Almost a quarter of these women suffer pelvic floor disorders, and that’s why Marc Beer, the serving CEO of Renovia has stepped up to help complete the Series B Financing.



Marc Beer Chairs The Series B Funding to Support Women with Pelvic Floor Disorders



Marc Beer has a stellar reputation of changing startups into useful commercial enterprises that have strong financial muscles with the aim of achieving various strategic needs. He recently chaired the Series B Financing which raised about $42 billion for the research and development of urinary incontinence that affects many women. The funds will be used to develop affordable drugs for the same medical condition. Through Marc Beer, the funds were raised via an infusion that propelled the company towards receiving various funds from investment firms such as Ascension Ventures and Longwood Fund. The same funds will also be used in developing Revia which awaits the FDA approval. The new round of financing will assist the company to perfect their diagnostic systems for pelvic floor disorders by merging innovative technologies with value-added digital platforms. The merger will lead to reduced costs of treating pelvic floor disorders in women.



Marc Beer is a Great Business Originator



Marc Beer is a committed business professional with the unmatched commitment of transforming emerging businesses into profitable commercial enterprises. He then founded Revia Inc. Through his exemplary leadership, he’s been guiding the company towards initiating useful funding as well as the development of an FDA approved drug. The specialists will provide a broad range of diagnostic services to care for the sensitive matter. Over the years, Marc Beer has successfully founded various firms including ViaCell where he serves as the CEO. The company capitalizes on stem cell research. Under his leadership, the company received recognition from the NASQAD while its worker base tremendously grew within the few years of its founding. The move attracted big corporations such as PerkinElmer. After the acquisition of ViaCell, Marc Beer joined Erytech Pharma where he served as the board member. He additionally founded Good Start Genetics and served as the head of operations.



Marc Beer’s Professional Background and Experience



Marc Beer is a revered business developer with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He also doubles as a sales and marketing personnel. Prior to venturing in the startup industry, he served a vice president at Genzyme and oversaw the marketing unit. He is a holder of a bachelor’s degree in science and business studies. Learn more:

Equities First Holdings- Daily Forex Report

Equities First Holdings, unlike other banks, is leading in the alternative lending industry, it makes sure its customers get the money they need without having to pass through the stress and disappointment of being rejected. First Holding Equities attracted more attention as it emerged the best amongst a large host of bank counterparts in the lending industry. The accomplishment of Equities First Holdings is also in the fact that it successfully help customers who are unable to meet the qualifying criteria for credit-based loans and consumers who are in urgent need of money; this is contrary to its banking colleagues who are been tightfisted with their money, setting this company at the top and the most successful in the loans banking.

Lately, it is harder for people to qualify for loans because banks now lessen the possibilities lenders have and making it harder for these people to meet the criteria, and for those who successfully get a bank read to offer the loan, the interest rate is ridiculously high.

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Organo Gold Builds A History Based On Ancient Chinese Medicine

The Organo Gold brand has been creating coffee and tea-based products since 2008 when the company was established by entrepreneur, Bernardo Chua. The company has been developing the best coffee products for the last decade from its headquarters in Canada with the use of the Ganoderma lucidum extract adding to the success of the company and its products. Although Bernardo Chua is the figurehead of the Organo Gold brand, the company is headed by a number of experienced executives including Shane Marond and a scientific advisory board.

Organo Gold leads the gourmet coffee sector of the retail and direct selling industries because of the different approach it takes to bringing high quality beverages alongside the best in healthy extracts. The inclusion of Ganoderma lucidum has been instrumental in allowing the company to develop its strong consumer base who have stayed with the company throughout its life as a leading supplier of coffee-based beverages. The Ganoderma extract has been an integral part of Asian medicine since the Ming Dynasty of China which Organo Gold respects throughout the harvesting and processing periods.

By respecting the Ganoderma extract from the moment the natural mushrooms are harvested from wooded areas of Asia, their products are infused with the highest quality of this natural health-giving item. A powerful antioxidant, Ganoderma is never harvested using plastic bags by Organo Gold as this has the ability to damage the mushrooms and spores responsible for the good health provided by this product.As Organo Gold has grown in popularity over the course of the last decade, the positive health benefits of Ganoderma ludicum have become known outside their usual home in Asia. By staying ahead of its competitors, Organo Gold went organic with its mushroom propagation techniques as far back as 2009 to ensure the best products were always available.