Jeremy Goldstein Guide to Successful Compensation for Employees

Jeremy Goldstein is an expert in advising committees on compensation especially for executives of a company during mergers and acquisitions,CEO management teams and corporate governance. He is a graduate of Cornell University where he received a bachelor degree in Arts and History. Jeremy did his masters in Arts in Chicago university. He also did a Juris law from the University of New York School of Law. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Chambers and Partners

He has previously worked in various firm including Shearman and sterling LLC,WachtellLipton and later began Jeremy Goldstein, a company which deals mainly with compensation. Jeremy has been part of the substantial transaction such as the negotiations to acquire Goodrich by united technology among others.

Jeremy who is also the chairman of merger and acquisition subcommittee advises employers on options that are bought by employed as away of compensation. Jeremy sites the disadvantages of options as losing value should the share price fall making it worthless. Learn more about Jeremiah Goldstein: and

The other drawback is that the employees know this and don’t accept it as a way of compensation and the financial advantage may be less than the costs of the options.

Jeremy advises that in spite of the disadvantages employers can use the knockout strategy which has the same characteristic as a standard option, but the employees lose the options if they fall below a certain price. In case of a volatile stock the employers employ the knock out mechanism, and this could reduce the accounting cost of the options.

The knock out clauses will result in lower compensation for the executives enabling the company proxy to show earnings more accurately. The strategy allows employees to earn where the stock price of a firm goes up. Before deciding to take up the knock out strategy involve the auditors and ensure that the company takes time between one knock out a strategy to another. Connect with Jeremy on LinkedIn

French Tribune Celebrates for Equities First Holdings

It has been 15 years since Equities First Holdings brought out Meridian Equity Partners Limited with the help of a global law firm called Morgan Lewis. Now they are one of the biggest lenders in the world. The French Tribune wrote an article about their success over 15 years and how they have continued to thrive in Europe. Equities First Holdings is doing so well in Europe, that some of their main offices are branching off and becoming independent. The company is doing well overall and this can be seen by how much they have expanded globally over the past years.Equities First Holdings is a financial advisory and investment company and they have played a big part with stockholders lately. The French Tribune throughout the article mentioned a lot of their success with stockholder, loans and other financial transactions. The article attributed the success of the company with certain people who played major roles in the companies combining.

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The Fullest Coffee Cup with Organo Gold

In a world where there are coffee shops on every corner, Organo Gold is in a league all on its own. The unique coffee company approaches not just coffee but consumerism in a completely different way than the average coffee shop. With their different approach, Organo Gold also has a different story that makes up their history. Founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua and Shane Morand, Organo Gold uniquely operates using a Scientific Advisory Board with a chief medical consultant and Biology Research Center in order to accurately certify the coffee as organic with organic ingredients.

Based out of Canada, Organo Gold has expanded operations to include the United States with their partner company, Fujian, based in China. Organo Gold is not just another coffee company in the current sea of coffee suppliers. Operating for the last decade, the company provides a unique experience for consumers as well as their distributers. Their method of sales is done completely through distributors which sell the product directly to customers, earning a 50% commission on sales. Each cup signifies the chance to network and share success through business opportunities within the company.

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In addition to coffee, Organo Gold covers the full spectrum of beverages and personal care products, offering their classic coffee products as well as tea, supplements, grape seed oil, anti-aging moisturizers, serums, and more. Organo Gold wants to cater to the whole individual, from skincare to body wellness to the much needed cup of coffee. Their opportunities expand from the customer to their marketing and business reach for their distributors, all built upon quality and organic coffee.Learn More.

OSI Group- Expansion In The Mid-20th Century

The growth of the OSI Group in the mid-20th century was influenced a lot by the development of the McDonald’s. When the restaurants’ franchise opened its first restaurant, it was in Illinois. It is the same area where Otto & Sons were operating. McDonald’s was in need of suppliers, and they hired the services of Otto &Sons, the predecessor of the OSI Group. They were to supply beef products to the restaurants. The McDonald’s picked up very fast, forcing Otto & Sons to look for better ways of supplying the products. The demand kept on growing over the years until it Otto & Sons became the biggest regional suppliers of products to the McDonald’s.

Otto & Sons faced some challenges as the demand went up. McDonald’s was opening restaurant in far-flung areas. To meet the supply to these regions, they had to find a way of preserving the products. The new challenges were on food production, storage, preservation, and transportation. Luckily, the nitrogen perseveration technology was introduced at the same time, and the company would be in a position to preserve their products for transportation to far locations. With the challenges that they were facing, they needed to increase their production activities and also facilitate efficient transportation to far-flung areas.

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Otto & Sons approached a bank seeking for funds. They wanted to build a production plant as well as meet the other needs. They went to a bank where they met Sheldon Lavin, the current CEO. Sheldon Lavin facilitated the funding. He would later join the company on the role of a managing partner. The company was growing fast, and it needed someone with expertise on financial matters to be at the top. Otto & Sons changed to OSI Group to facilitate its international growth.

OSI Group built the first production plant in Chicago and was meant for the supply needs for the McDonald’s. The company had been picked by the McDonald’s as one of the main four suppliers. They needed to meet the needs of their clients, and that is why they made every efforts to expand the business.

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Shiraz Boghani, the Award-Winning Hotelier and Entrepreneur.

Shiraz Boghani is a famous entrepreneur in the hotel industry, and his three-decade career portrays commitment, professionalism, and deep passion. Currently, Boghani Chairs the Splendid Hospitality Group and he has succeeded tremendously in the hotel industry for many years. The hotel industry has stiff competition, but Shiraz has overcome the competition in a big way. The award-winning hotelier won the Hotelier of the Year Award granted to him in a ceremony dubbed the Asian Business Awards 2016. The award indicated the executive’s effort in the industry because of his leadership style. Those who took part in the judgment included the Shailesh R Solanski, Richmond MP Rishi Sunak, Jitesh Gadhia an investment banker, and Amit Roy, a journalist. The managing editor of AMG, Klapesh R Solanski who is also the group managing editor, was in the panel. Read more on

In his acceptance remarks, Shiraz Boghani expressed his joy and noted that he was happy to elevate Splendid Hospitality Group to one of the top privately owned companies in the hotel industry. He was however quick to note that his family, management staff and the executive board contributed significantly to the group’s success. The Splendid Hospitality Group Chief Executive Officer, Stuart Bailey, congratulated and thanked Shiraz for his contribution towards the company’s success. Boghani is a chartered accountant who settled in the United Kingdom from Kenya in 1969 and has 19 hotels under his management in the United Kingdom since the early 1990’s. Recently, Shiraz launched the £121 Million project consisting of Conrad London St. James and the Hilton London Bankside. He is also the founder of Sojourn Hotels and serves as its Chairman. Visit

Besides banking, Shiraz Boghani has interests in the health sector. He founded the 500 beds capacity Sussex Healthcare in 1985. The home is spread across Sussex and has 18 facilities where it caters for the old generation in need of general care, treatment of old aged related conditions as well as the ones with disabilities. Additionally, Shiraz contributes greatly to charitable organizations especially the Aga Khan Foundation, which caters for the poor people. Shiraz Boghani coordinates with the National Council and the National Conciliation in development matters. In the Aga Khan University, he is a member of the Arbitration Board.

OSI Food Solutions: A Century’s Worth Of Innovation

Innovation can be found in a number of industries, and the foodservice industry is no different. This particular industry is a necessity because it brings so much to the table in terms of food services. OSI Food Solutions is one of the key figures in this field, and it has certainly provided sustenance to millions of people worldwide.

OSI Food Solutions is a global-food processing company that’s based out of Aurora, Illinois. The company got its start as a butcher shop back in 1909, and it provided great tasting meats for its community. As time went on, OSI began to build an impressive clients list from businesses throughout the Midwest. Some of the company’s clients include:

– Pizza Hut
– Yum
– Starbucks
– Burger King
– And many more

David McDonald, the president of OSI, has led this team into establishing numerous facilities in the Far East. These facilities just so happen to serve a variety of popular-chain restaurants. McDonald graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. This Iowa-native grew up on a farm, but today he’s heading one of America’s largest private companies. In 2011, OSI Food Solutions was ranked at the 136th position on the Forbes list. This company generated up to $3 billion in revenue. Five years later, OSI was ranked by Forbes at the 58th position as the company generated more than $6 billion in revenue.

Expansion is the key to success. During the ’80s and ’90s, OSI Food Solutions expanded into the Pacific Rim, Europe and South America via joint venture. As of 2018, OSI has partnered with Turosi Foods in Australia. This partnership will allow both companies to work as one unit, which will help to meet the huge demands of the public.


Jason Hope Is Hoping To Help Slow Down Progressions Of Diseases In The Body With SENS Foundation

If you are trying to live a longer life, you have to be able to understand that it is not just about treating your illnesses and diseases but also about finding a way to prevent certain diseases and illnesses. For one person, Jason Hope, he is trying to help out with that as much as he can.

Jason Hope is the native to the state of Arizona. He spent his childhood in Tempe, Arizona and went on to graduate from Arizona State University with his degree in finance and gained his masters and went on to attend the Carey School of Business.

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Jason is known as being a skilled futurist who shares a passion and understanding in the field of technology. He uses what he knows and loves as a way to watch the industry over time and to make a skilled prediction on exactly where he feels that technology is going to be heading towards.

The basis of the technological trends will help Jason find a way to better understand and believe in the things that will shape the modern society over time. The perfect example includes the various devices that are connected over one account. For those who are interested in becoming enlightened further, it helpful if you understand how to use technology to capitalize better over the course of time in the future.

Jason Hope shares a love for more than just technology. He shares a passion for research and finding a way to preserve your aging cells. One of the organizations that Jason Hope is standing behind is SENS Foundation. It is their involvement into the process of anti-aging that Jason wants to help others to better understand.

Jason Hope has no desire to live forever or to help others live forever but to create a longer life with a better quality of life. The SENS foundation is working to take a different approach into the world of anti-aging. One particular thing that they are interested in is finding a way to cure the diseases which help the body break down quicker. Diseases they hope to help find a cure for is Alzheimer’s. The other diseases and illnesses that they hope to slow the progression down for is lung diseases and heart diseases.

For those who know anything about traditional medicine, you know that doctors will treat the diseases after they have occurred instead of before they happen. With Jason Hope standing behind the SENS foundation, he hopes to change the way that modern and traditional medicine are handled.


Talos Energy Has Had Big Things Happening Lately:

With a base of operations that puts a huge emphasis on work in the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf coast, Talos Energy LLC is an exploratory gas and oil industry firm that has its beginnings during its 2012 founding by CEO Timothy Duncan. The company has been on a steady course of growth and expansion since first opening up shop and 2017 saw Talos Energy enter into a three-way partnership to explore the promising Zama-1 field which is located in the shallows of the Gulf. The expectations of this massive discovery are that an impressive two billion barrels of oil will be extracted when all is said and done. In addition to this massive opportunity that the Zama-1 field presents, Talos Energy has also recently upped its company profile by making two key acquisitions. The company has also recently gone public.

One of the biggest events in the history of Talos Energy LLC has been the recent acquisition of Stone Energy. This acquisition has proved extremely beneficial for Talos Energy on a number of fronts. Perhaps the most significant aspect of this acquisition is the fact that Talos Energy has been able to go public off of Stone Energy’s public listing, thus fast-tracking itself into publically traded status. Talos Energy also inherits the Stone Energy territories in the Gulf which add valuable resources to the Talos Energy portfolio.

A second huge acquisition has been recently concluded by Talos Energy in the form of Whistler Energy II, LLC. This was completed during the month of August in the 2018 calendar year and the move greatly enhances the overall Talos Energy portfolio. Talos gains further interests in the Gulf of Mexico with this move as the company continues to expand its exploratory operations in this region. It is yet more proof that the formula that Timothy Duncan has put in place with Talos Energy is really starting to yield some major results. etc

Alex Hern & His Vision For The Future

Alex HernYear after year, advancements in technology seem to amaze us and benefit us in ways that we never thought possible just a decade or so in the past. At the same time, the technological advancements we’ve have made show us that we might have already broken through into the future. In other words, it is truly amazing to see how we continue to take advantage of and improve upon already incredible pieces of technology. In fact, Alex Hern and his Tsunami XR is a great example of this. What Alex Hern has managed to do with the Tsunami XR is, by all accounts, revolutionary. Although the word revolutionary seems to be thrown around a lot in this day and age, Alex Hern has proved his case with the Tsunami XR. Here is how Alex Hern has made a name for himself with his company.

With Virtual Reality being the popular tech piece everyone is talking about right now, Alex Hern has not only met the demand and expectations that this piece of technology carries but, he has also surpassed them. With virtual reality or augmented reality currently being a jumbled mess with the desperate need for improvisation, Alex Hern has created a blend of all the areas of extended reality that is sure to improve the lives of many people. To think that a few years ago this might not have even been an idea, Alex Hern has also proved to be ahead of the curb when it comes to technology. this alone puts Alex in a class all by himself. With all of that said, it is important to understand why Alex is doing what he is doing with the Tsunami XR. Simply put, Alex Hern has a vision for the future. Worth mentioning, he has a vision for very bright future that may already be here.

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