Knockout Options Are Becoming The Future Says Jeremy Goldstein

The majority of companies around the globe these days have specific plans set up to compensate their employees. This is meant to increase overall production as well as attract good potential employees from other companies on the market. Good talent goes a long way to improve a companies growth. In the past, one of the most common compensation packages for employees were stock options. These stock options were some of the biggest factors for employees when it came down to choosing a specific company often times.


Over the past decade, things have been changing course when it comes to employee incentives, and stock options are quickly becoming a trend of the past. As of late, there are new options on the table for companies that are starting to take over, says Jeremy Goldstein of Jeremy L. Goldstein And Associates. There is currently a knockout option on the table for corporations that most are expecting they will benefit from.


Jeremy Goldstein has published his own information on various sites across the web for people to learn what these knockout options are and what they mean for employees as well as corporations. The most important changes include incentive plans that are beneficial to the entirety of a company’s employee base, offering everyone the same benefits. Another plus for employees is that their normal annual salary goes up, in most cases, giving them more money at each paycheck. This gives employees a clear growth pattern depending on which company they choose to work with.


As a compensation lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein is used to working in compensation law for various corporations, management teams, and individuals. According to Jeremy, the positives far outweigh any negative that could come along with the changes in the incentives offered to employees these days. In his various articles discussing these new knockout options, Jeremy believes employees will be happier with increased salaries and more spending money each week. Learn more:

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Views After Joe Arpaio was Pardon By President Trump

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey teamed up to form Phoenix New Times in 1972. Jim Larkin had just abandoned campus at the Arizona State University. Michael Lacey was brought up in Newark, New Jersey. He then moved west in late 1960’s where he and some students published the inaugural issue of the phoenix new times responding to anti-conservative local media of campus demonstrations.

Lacey works as an executive editor while Larkin heads the advertising department. The bubbly, free weekly newspaper grew its readers touching on various political and social issues developing agenda of the nation’s backup paper.

Larkin and Lacey were arrested on 18th October 2007 at their homes after writing in Phoenix New Times that the jury subpoenas had targeted the editors, writers and the readers, which was an insult to the US Constitution. The detention was done and brought about by Joe Arpaio, the disreputable anti-immigrant sheriff of the county of Maricopa Arizona. Due to public demand, within 24 hours all accusations were dropped. The subpoenas were also crushed ending the grand jury inquiry. Investigations done showed that the jury warrants produced by the vengeful prosecutor were fake which ignored all legal procedures.

Maricopa county compensated Lacey and Larkin with $3.75 million as settlement for the lawsuit of the fault arrest in 2013. The money was used to establish Lacey and Larkin Frontera fund in 2014, with the purpose of assigning produce from the settlements to Latin-American groups all over Arizona State

Village Voice Media Holdings headed by Jim as the CEO and Michael as the Executive Editor gained fame for long-term investigative journalism, magazine-like writing and refined broadcasting of movies, food, art, music and civic events.

They decided to sell VM to a group of longtime business executives in 2012, and it did so well where there were about 9 million prints readers and 56 million online viewers every month and awarded hundred journalistic honors including Pulitzer prize.

The former sheriff of Maricopa, County Joe Arpaio, was detained for criminal content in July 2017. He has been a contended figure both in Arizona and the national stage. Arpaio was among President Trump’s major vocal supporters way back when he started birther movement against President Obama alleging he wasn’t born in the United States, which was a great move by Joe Arpaio as he was granted a presidential pardon.

America’s toughest sheriff, as he calls himself, built his career on being a hard knock to illegal immigrants. In Maricopa County, where there is the largest population of Hispanics and Latinos, the sheriff would do anything to fight illegal immigration. The sheriff, who is now 85 years old, violated every right for his selfish gains. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

After getting away with his behavior, Arpaio felt untouchable to facing the law. He began to change in December 2011 when Judge G.Murray Snow issued a preliminary injunction against him and his office.

The presidential pardon and Sheriff Arpaio release were strongly condemned by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey since Arpaio took place in their illegal detention and how he has been treating the Hispanic and Latino community especially the Latino drivers.