Why Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Was Chosen As Bradesco’s CEO

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, 66, holds one of the most coveted positions in the Brazil’s financial industry. He is the CEO of a bank, Bradesco, which ranks number two regarding the value of assets; before 2009, Bradesco topped the list of Brazil’s private banks. According to the people close to the executive, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a soft-spoken individual with exceptional humor and a broad smile. Controlling one of the largest banks in Brazil, many people would mistake him for an economist, an accountant, or even an engineer.

However, the executive graduated in Philosophy, Sciences, and Letters from the University of São Paulo. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is also an alumnus of the Fundação School of Sociology and Politics where he pursued Socio-Psychology.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, whose first official job was at Bradesco in 1969, took over the leadership of Bradesco in 2009 replacing Márcio Cypriano. The latter had served as the CEO of Bradesco for ten years, and during his tenure, Bradesco bought ten banks such as BBVA, Boavista, BMC, etc. He also made it his personal mission to see to it that Bradesco opened new branches across the country. Of course with the new branches, Bradesco’s volume of credit advanced to borrowers would increase.

Replacing a man of Márcio Cypriano’s stature and matching up to his level of performance (or exceeding) is no mean feat, but Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was up to the task. He had amassed a wealth of experience since he first knocked on Bradesco’s door and was given his first job as a clerk. Luiz Carlos Trabuco wasted no time as he embraced his roles with passion. As a results-oriented individual, he quickly got the attention of his superiors who promoted him successively through the various ranks in the institution. Before he became the CEO, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was the head of Bradesco Seguros—an insurance company owned by Bradesco. He had assumed the leadership of Bradesco Seguros in 2003. With a career spanning 40 decades, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was the most qualified candidate to replace Márcio Cypriano.

As a newly elected CEO, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi vowed to continue Márcio Cypriano’s legacy. In an interview conducted at the time with Trabuco as a guest, he stated that he was concerned with improving all Bradesco’s branches regarding service delivery to clients. In reference to recent developments in the industry (Bradesco being dethroned by Itaú Unibanco as the leading private bank in Brazil), Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi affirmed that his administration was unconcerned with market leadership.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi strived to improve Bradesco in different ingenious ways. For example, he established Unibrad Corporate University. The role of the university would be to oversee the personal development and growth of Bradesco’s employees and executives in tandem with the growth of the bank. This year, Unibrad was elected by the GlobalCCU Awards as the “Best Corporate University in the World.” He also stressed the importance of poaching leaders from the firm’s competitors, as opposed to promoting people within, as they would inject fresh ideas into Bradesco’s management.

In 2015, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi made the most significant announcement regarding Bradesco’s growth. With the approval of Lázaro Brandão, Bradesco would take over the management of the Brazilian HSBC in a deal that would cost Bradesco $5.2 billion. The inorganic growth strategy would tremendously boost the company’s control of the financial market. In fact, it would put it ahead of Itaú Unibanco regarding branch network, number of account holders, and total investment funds. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi suggested that the purchase would put Bradesco six years ahead of itself.

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Reconstructing lost lives through philanthropy and volunteer work

Jim and Mike are the co-founders of media houses Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times. They had dedicated their lives to ensure the people of Arizona get the best treatment when it comes to human rights. Politicians in the State of Arizona had put in place laws that infringed the rights of immigrants. These laws were enforced by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey were arrested on October 18, 2007, for one of their articles that looked into the corruption of the local law enforcement. Both Larkin and Lacey were arrested from by Sheriff Arpaio from their homes late at night. What made the case even more appalling is the grand jury asked for the names of people who had read the article online.

Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey had spent all their career lives asserting and defending their rights as per the First Amendment. They later came to sue the country and became successful in doing so. They received $3.75 million in the settlement.

They both decided to dedicate all the money from the case to support groups that defend the human rights of migrants. They both started the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The organization ensures that all civil, migrant, and human rights are adhered to throughout Arizona and along the Mexican border.

Human rights organizations are important around the world as they put their efforts into protecting the rights of every individual and fight human rights abuses. They do so by extensively monitoring government actions and grass-root level actions in relation to human rights.

One of the groups Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund assist is the Owl and Panther Project – Hopi Foundation. Several immigrants get into the United States have suffered or witnessed torture and violence. These immigrants tend to even include children. This ends up leaving them with wounded souls.

Refugees in Tucson seek refuge at the Owl and Panther center. The center was established by The Hopi Foundation in 1985, to treat refugees who were suffering from family issues, community loss, poverty, and general pain. It was incorporated in 1987 as a non-profit organization by the State of Arizona.

The Owl and Panther center assist them through storytelling, nature trips, and artwork. The organization focuses on presenting a nurturing community by ensuring that they feel safe regardless of being in a foreign land. By doing so, they can explore different ways of having the refugees’ brilliant ideas shared with the people around them. Today, various refugee families from Somalia, Nepal, Ethiopia, Iraq, Guatemala, and Congo seek solace at the Owl and Panther center. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The Owl and Panther Project achieve their set goals by putting to use the various donations that they receive from well-wishers. Through volunteer work, they can support their projects and the communities they serve. By honoring the Donor Bill of Rights, they assure all their partners and donors that their contributions are put to good use. The Owl and Panther Project staff are always eager to advise on how best to contribute the projects that you may wish to support.

How Boraie Development Helped To Transform A New Jersey City

Cities and towns are like people. Just as human beings progress through the various of development such as birth and adolescence, so too do cities have their various stages of growth and stability. There are times when cities are dealing with the excitement of expansion, economic development and population growth and there are also times when cities can find themselves stalling. One might say that the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey was in a stage in its overall trajectory during the 1970s. According to a local magazine that is known as NJ Spotlight New Brunswick was dealing with some issues that were serving as barriers to its potential growth such as a decrease in the value of the real estate that was located in the city at the time as well as the issue of being overlooked. One of the things that helped to turn things around for the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey was the fact that the global company Johnson and Johnson decided to continue operating an office there. Ever since then, as the magazine NJ Spotlight notes, New Brunswick has begun to make steady if sluggish progress towards revitalization. One of the drivers of that revitalization has been local business Boraie Development LLC which is owned by the New Jersey real estate mogul Omar Boraie.

When Sam Boraie first arrived in New Jersey he saw the issues that were plaguing the local real estate market firsthand. In an interview with NJBiz Omar Boraie noted that there were dozens of properties that had been abandoned and that had fallen into disrepair on a single block. To that end Boraie, who had at one time been pursuing a career as a scientist, decided to purchase the neglected properties. Omar Boraie’s efforts to revitalize old abandoned properties and to turn them into buildings that were sought after by potential commercial and residential renters ended up paying off. He and his company were behind some early development projects that resulted in sophisticated office buildings such as Tower One.

According to Central Jersey Working Moms, Boraie would go on to develop other properties such as Tower Two during the early aughts and the luxurious condos on One Spring Street that were in high demand. More recently Omar’s company Boraie Development, LLC has also been involved in projects that go beyond the scope of real estate and fall into the realm of community engagement. According to New Jersey Stage Boraie Development, LLC co-sponsored a summer movie series during 2016 at the State Theatre. Boraie Development’s support of the State Theatre’s Summer Movie Series made it possible for the State Theatre offer admission to screenings of popular movies to the community for free. For more details visit Central Jersey Working Moms.

Using Securus Technologies to Eliminate Prison Crimes

While it might be wishful thinking to eliminate all crimes from the prison, it is certainly becoming a possibility with the resources now available to officers. My job inside the local jail is trying to maintain order so that the inmates, the staff, all the officers, and even the guests are not in harm’s way. While we try hard each day to eliminate threats, it can be a real struggle when you know the inmates are outnumbering you and have more time on their hands to plan these activities.


When we first heard about Securus Technologies, we discovered they were already up and running in thousands of other jails around the country, and we needed to get on board. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, understands that officers need as many resources as possible to maintain order, and his system is designed to do the work of many officers at once. The thousand employees working for Smith are all aware of the objective of the company, creating a safer planet for all.


Once we contacted Securus Technologies and had the system installed, we were ready to learn how the LBS software worked. The software does the work of half my team, scanning inmate calls for anything related to drugs, weapons, or illegal contraband. If the sytem is picking up on that type of chatter, we get the alert instantly and spring into action instead of waiting for the situation to unfold.


This year already the system has alerted my team to when an inmate is bragging on the phone about doing drugs at night. The system notified us when an inmate asked his mother to sneak him some prescription drugs so he could sell them for money for the commissary. These incidents are on the decline now thanks to Securus Technologies.


Bridget Scarr Continues to Create Innovative Content Wtih Colbri Studios

Bridgett Scarr is known for creating content for many different platforms. She produces content for the Internet, TV, virtual reality, and exhibitions. Her content appeals to large audiences both intellectually and emotionally. She has worked with teams of 5 to 220 people on creative productions. She is in charge of content development and strategy and partnerships of Colbri Studios.


The idea for the studio came when she was a producer and she had to bring ideas to life from other people. She decided to focus on creative aspects of content development. This is when the idea for the studio came about. She wanted a place where she could bring all her content ideas into one place.


Each project she works on is different and how she works on it depends on what it is. Currently she is working on a reality program that uses history as a way for people to connect with each other. This app uses landmarks and monuments to let users know what happened and pulls them into narrative stories.


This gives users a view of what happened at that time in history. The stories are about diverse communities and real people. When she works on this type of a project she has to find a way to use technology to make the experience real for people.


She begins her day by meditating in the morning. This helps her get energized and focused on the projects ahead. She has a light breakfast with her family and only drives a short way to work. A current trend that excites her is using technology for education in a positive way. Virtual reality is a powerful tool that creates interactivity or users.


Virtual reality can stimulate emotions and give a memorable experience. It can be used in the classroom for learning. She thinks that nurturing her creative spirit let’s her continue to grow in her successful business. She liked to play with her son, laugh, and get out in nature.


Advice she would give to younger people is to eliminate your fears and believe in yourself. Trust the journey you are on and believe in the talents God gave you. Always be grateful for everything you have.


Visit http://bridgetscarr.com/ to learn more.